Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tempo run Wed 8/27

Anyone interested in 3xmile at 5:30, 5minute rest, 3xmile at 5:30, 4 minute rest, 2 mile at 5:20/5:25.

I am fine with Wed evening and can even meet up in the bethesday area. Just toying around with 1/2 marathon pace... not meant to be a "killer" workout.


PR said...

I'm up for it. Would you want to meet at B-CC, and then to the workout on the Capital Crescent?

havegoats said...

works for jog to the 3.5 marker...tempo to the 6.5 marker... jog out 2.5 minutes and loop back to the 6.5, tempo to 3.5, jog out 2, loop back to the 3.5, tempo to 5.5... 2.5 mile cool down... total just slightly over 12unless we do a more than a .5 warmup...

KLIM said...

I ditched the workout this past Wednesday per my achilles, but I should be good for next week.

I'm turning the tide and winning the war against said leg pain.

I will be at the GRC Group run on the morrow and at the LINE on Sunday morning.

bain said...

I should be able to do this workout, work permitting. May have to bail out last minute if something comes up.

I would propose a slightly longer warmup to mile 4 and do this workout from mileposts 4-7; this cuts out one street crossing, though it adds in a slight hill from 6.5 to 7. Note one street crossing remains and this change would add a mile to the total.

Will also be at GRC tomorrow but in Annapolis on Sun.

havegoats said...

moving the start to mile 4 is crazy talk, just plain crazy.

you'll have to carry me the extra mile... I will not allow my feet to touch the ground and go just even one step beyond the designated "just slightly over 12 miles"