Friday, August 8, 2008


If you are relatively healthy, running wise, I suggest you get a massage on a bi-weekly basis. Compare it to something like going to the dentist for a tooth cleaning and scraping. Its preventative care on an item, in this case the legs, that are constantly being abused/used(just like the teeth)

Since you all run 1 million times more than the average human you owe it to yourselves to spend the $$$$$$$$ and invest in this little but very important maintenance item.

If I had it to do all over again, i would have done them religiously when I was on my game and feeling the groove.

Water under the bridge now.

peace out


Matias said...

That reminds me, I should go to the dentist :)

How about I put that $$$$$ in my 401K?

I'm gearing up for the mother of all running relays, the Nike Hood To Coast Relay stretches 197 miles near the top of Oregon's majestic Mt. Hood down to the beautiful Pacific Ocean beach in Seaside, Oregon. Two weeks to go. The guys I ran with in college do it every year and usually place in the top 5. Used the Tom Ausherman 5 mile race this morning as a guage to see where the running legs are.

5:15 (176)
5:16 (187)
5:17 (190)
5:21 (191)
5:21 (190)
26:30 (avg 187, 193 peak)

Winner went 22:40 (holy crap)

Dane said...

I could not agree more with, Max. (Write THAT one down). Most people see them as a luxury. they are not. they are a necessity.

As for money, don't eat out for two nights and eat at home. Blam. There's your $60 for a massage.