Tuesday, August 12, 2008



I have to start the Saturday run at 8:15 this week because I have to be back at the store early to make sure it is open and staffed by 10am. If people can plan to be at the store at 8:ooish it would be much appreciated. This way we are sure to leave by 8:15 and I can be back in plenty of time.

Also, I know there is the famous Dual ferry loop run that many are going to. I encourage people to try it out.

Contrary to my own advice that I freely lend people, to only offer up one Sunday run, I will be going to my favorite spot, Difficult Run in Great Falls, to do 10-12 miles of hills on the soft trails. I need to be back by 11OO so 8am is the start.

Anybody is more than welcome to come. We meet at the G-town store at 7:30am.

Peace out

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Peter said...

I suggest we get the 20 miler going by 8 or 8:30 to avoid the worst of the heat/sun.