Friday, August 22, 2008

Saturday Night Viewing

I assume people will have eaten by the time they arrive, if not some of us can order via delivery. I will have the 42" HD set tuned in at 7pm so come anytime after that. There are a few bottles of beer in my fridge, but bring a 40oz or a 6 pack if you feel the need. Also, I will make sample "Dark n' Stormy" drinks for anyone who wants one. They are a Cape Cod classic.

I'll likely throw everyone out to the mean streets by 11pm in order to rest up for the Sunday Long Run.

- The Worstest Host

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KLIM said...

I suppose I should give out my address:

10201 Grosvenor Place, Apt 1119
North Bethesda, Md 20852

Park anywhere and then come into lobby and sign in (LP #, etc).

See you at/around 7pm.

C: 508-364-4980