Monday, August 18, 2008

Super Saturday

Does anyone want to get together on Saturday for a lowkey trials watching session? I'd rather watch at someone's pad than a bar (no sound, small TV). I am happy to open up my place and HD TV, cook some pasta and drink a couple beers. Nothing crazy as some of us (not me) have races the next day.

The schedule on Saturday includes the Men's Marathon LIVE, men's 5k, men's 800 and women's 1500m. It's a SLAM DUNK night for track.

8:00pm is when the action starts.


Peter said...

Sounds good.

MAX said...

Looking at the lineup for the marathon it looks to be the most competitive men's Olympic marathon ever. Hall, Lel, Samuel Wanjiru, Baldini, Jaouad Gharib, Hendrick Ramaala, among others make up a star studded field. It should be very tactical. Should be a blast to watch.

Billy said...

I'm interested in the viewing partay.