Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Towpath... my trail of choice for the Sunday long run. Flat and fast, it is an efficient way to get your long run in and get on with your day. Some people ask me if I get bored of running there. My answer? Never. When you run on the C&O towpath, the trail stretches out before you with no obstacles in your way. Where else can you run in the city for 2 hours without stopping for traffic? The wide, dirt path is easy on the legs and allows a group to run 3 abreast.

The towpath is in my blood, I literally grew up exploring the banks of the Potomac and the woodlands between it and the canal.

But enough about my infatuation with the towpath. Here is the plan:

Location:Lock 5 (Milepost 5, aka Brookmont lock).

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Distance: 8-20 miles (Drinks and gels are recommended and can be placed along the route)
Pace: 7:30-6:40/mile
Time: Run will commence at 8am

The varying distance and pace options should make this run viable for people at a variety of different fitness levels


Melissa said...

I'm going to be leading the AU women's xc team's long run on Sunday. Otherwise I would be there. Look out for us on the towpath!

I'll be at the store on Saturday though.

KLIM said...

I am away this weekend so will miss the Sunday run.

If anyone wants to run on Monday afternoon/evening (Labor Day) let me know. I will be returning to DC around 2pm.