Thursday, August 7, 2008



Recently I received some news on Mighty Chuck Moeser. As some of you know, every summer he takes one of his kids on some sort of pilgrimage to a remote place or places. This year he took his son Lee on a cross country bike trip. From what I gather, they were doing great things and seeing mother nature at her best when Lee busted his leg on a run in the Grand Canyon.

As legend has it, Moeser picked him up, carried him out and threw him on a plane back home and continued on the quest. According to recent news, he is now going solo and was last seen on a mountain top in southern Colorado.

More to come


Dane said...

I admire the desire to continue but one must wonder why he didn't accompany his own son home, given he had a broken leg for heaven's sake.

MAX said...

Dane, under normal circumstances, I would totally agree. However, you do not know the Moeser clan. When it comes to athletics and adventures, they seem to treat each other as equals and thus, the parent-child relationship seems similar to how peers of the same age work together. In some instances Chuck acts younger than all of the kids. Also, Lee is a grown man is built like a Mack truck so I am almost certain he had no problem with letting Chuck go on his merry way.

RM said...

Like in that movie Vertical Limit, Chris O'Donnell had to cut his dad loose in order to save him and his sister.

No need for two people's journey to end, I can understand the rationale there.