Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I just got word from my friend Susannah K that she is back on the mend from back surgery and itching to get back to running. Made me think of all of the running gods and goddesses out there that will do anything to get back to running when injured, etc. I think they(we) feel sort of like pent up race horses when we cannot run. Horrible. There are so many stories. Ray Pugsley had to get two surgeries, one to the Plantar area and one on the lower back, Wilson took 8 months off of running to mend his hamstring, Ed Burke has been in hibernation with multiple injuries, I think Jim Hage sleeps with an air cast on(not 100% sure) to deal with his gimpy Achilles, I am not sure about Robert Jarrin. I think I saw him yelling some profanity at me on his bike the other day. Must be injured and not running!

I get a better first hand look at this stuff than many as I witness first hand, the bundles of runners who line up to get fixed up by Terrel Hale every Saturday.

What a runner will do to stay on the roads

peace out

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JARRIN said...

Yes Maxy, that was me on a bike not running yelling profanities at you...