Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Runs

Saturday from Georgetown @ 9am - I will be there. Any other takers?
Sunday @ 9am - Riley's Lock? Other suggestions?

SUNDAY: Texas Paul to Attempt OTQ in MN, GRC Sends Squad to Wilson Bridge Half

A year and a day after his jaw-dropping marathon debut, “Texas” Paul Guevara will venture back to Minnesota in an attempt to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials by running two hours, nineteen minutes, zero seconds at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday. Last fall, Tex ran the debut of all debuts sparring most of the 26.2 miles with marathon specialist Michael Wardian. His 2:21 finish time is arguably one of the most impressive Georgetown Running Company Race Team performances on record.

“Paul is confident that he will qualify, and his workouts give him every reason to be optimistic. He knows the Twin Cities course, having run his marathon debut there last year, and is looking forward to another outstanding performance,” says GRC Race Team Coach Jerry Alexander.

Alexander adds, “He executed his race plan at the Philly Half perfectly, running precisely 2:19 pace, and if he can settle into that rhythm again, he's got a great shot.”

If Guevara averages 5:19 pace on Sunday, he’ll be the second individual to don a GRC singlet on the starting line in Houston early next year. Karl Dusen also hopes to join this elite club next weekend with a qualifier at Chicago.

Closer to home, GRCers will go head to head with a handful of top notch African elites (including one Moses Kigen Kipkosgei who boasts a 60:38 13.1 mile personal best from last year) and some of the best runners America has to offer at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in Alexandria, VA.

Dave Burnham and Dickson Mercer are listed amongst this laundry list of talented athletes.

Burnham, a sub-30 minute 10k star at Dartmouth, raced well at Cherry Blossom last spring, but has been rather quiet since then. This will be his first real attempt at this distance and aims for a time between 1:07 and 1:08.

“Dave is peaked for this race and this should be his best performance of the year,” said Coach Jerry, “His fitness has continued to improve and he's on the cusp of returning to the extremely high level he enjoyed during his collegiate career.”

Mercer, 30 years old, has been hitting the track hard in recent months and set a personal best in the mile (4:30) in June. After a somewhat disappointing run a few weeks ago at the ING Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon, Mercer looks to better his personal best of 70:11 set in 2009.

Alexander adds, “Dickson is also looking to run his best performance of the year as he prepares for Boston next spring.”

Michelle Miller, who battled an injury earlier this summer, is back to 100% health and this is a good opportunity for her to test her fitness as she begins final preparations for her shot at qualifying for the Olympic Trails at the Philadelphia Marathon in November.

“(Michelle’s) race plan is conservative but even with a controlled early pace, she should run a solid PR,” claimed Coach Jerry.

Before her injury, Miller was in the shape of her life. With the addition of new training partners, her performances at upcoming races will only improve.

Additionally, GRCers Scott Koonce and Annie Scogin are looking forward to serving as guides for visually impaired athletes. Laura O'Hara was the first American finisher last year in this race and she decided not to defend her title this year in order to prepare for the Army 10 Miler, but she was looking forward to returning to the race as a guide. Unfortunately, she will not have the privilege of performing this duty because the athlete she was assigned was forced to withdraw due to an injury.

But first, tomorrow, Charlie Ban hopes to test himself with a hard effort on a rugged course with limited competition at the Freedom's Run Half Marathon in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

"The race gives me an opportunity to run in western Maryland in the fall," said Ban, "and while I would ideally be racing in the mountains near Cumberland (at the Great Allegany Run 15k), a hilly course through the Antietam Battlefield after a few miles on the towpath will be a challenging alternative."

This half marathon comes right on the heals of Ban's fine performance at last weekend's Great Race in Pittsburgh.

"I want to see how well I can close in the race's last three miles after an undulating seven miles prior."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet the GRC: David Wertz

David Wertz considered himself a jogger. In high school, it was a practice that helped the Montgomery County native endure the pain of his wrestling matches. Later, at New York’s University of Rochester and during graduate school at Boston College, Wertz jogged to clear his head and stay in shape. In his 30s, though, this jogger -- rather suddenly -- transformed into a runner.

The conversion started roughly five years ago. Wertz, who is now 35, returned from Boston to the Washington, D.C., area, settling in Northern Virginia. Around the office, he heard some chatter about entering the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run and decided to follow his co-workers' lead. A search for a running group -- some guidance to get him on his feet -- led the environmental consultant to the Northern Virginia Running Club, and his first track workout under the watch of Coach Jerry Alexander.

Last fall, Alexander extended his coaching services to Georgetown Running Company's racing team. A few months later, Wertz -- who in little time has cut his best for 5K down from 17:50 to 15:29 and for 8K down from 28:40 to 25:58 -- showed up to Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School for his first track workout with GRC.

Wertz ran his latest 5K PR at last weekend’s Clarendon 5K. A week earlier he ran 26:04 at the Run! Geek! Run! 8K in D.C. Since 2007, Wertz has lowered his 10K best from 36:49 to 32:03 and his 10-mile best from 1:02:52 to 54:31.

This is a lesson in more than just the benefits of consistent track work. It’s a lesson in what can happen if you mix it up with people who are faster than you are ... and if you set the bar high from the outset.

There’s the pack. Let’s see if I can hang.

THE FIRST TRACK WORKOUT: It was a real eye-opener. I didn’t understand how these people were able to run so fast for so long. But it took only a few workouts for me to become hooked by both the challenge and the social aspect. There are a lot of very nice people in running groups, and most of them are pretty happy -- especially once the workout has been successfully completed.

PROGRESSING: As my weekly mileage and workout intensity has increased (from about 30 MPW to roughly 65 MPW today), my PRs have steadily gotten lower. My reasons for running change every year as I get more serious and learn more about it. Training at the track is exhausting and intense, but it makes you feel tough and accomplished. Racing, in turn, gives you the chance to test your training and give it your all. Afterward, hopefully you feel proud of what you did -- but you also get to assess where you stand, which usually gets me motivated to get back to the hard training at the track.

THE SETBACK: In 2008 I was really hoping to improve on my results from the previous year. I was really hoping, for one, to break 60 minutes at Cherry Blossom. But I wound up hurting my knee, and was barely able to train for 4 or 5 months. I was really bummed out: I was hooked on running by then, and it was a really stressful time at work. I missed have running as that escape, and it ultimately made me appreciate it that much more. I returned to track workouts in the fall and started getting back into it.

WORKING OUT WITH GRC: My first workout at BCC was in February, but I had met GRC’s Wiggy (AKA Joe Wiegner), (Dave) Burnham and Outlaw (AKA Jerry Greenlaw) a month before that and (Ryan) Hanson even earlier. They had been working out at the NOVA track sessions, so I started doing part of their workout with them. This was yet another eye opener: I was only doing part of their workout and was barely hanging on. I knew then that running with people who are faster and can push me must be a sure way to improve. Coach Jerry later recommended and encouraged me to come out to Wednesday night workouts at BCC. After my first workout there, after running with a solid pack of guys and getting through one of the longest workouts of my life, I knew this was where I wanted to be.

COACH JERRY: I would not have improved nearly as much without his guidance. He has encouraged me to set a high bar, but he can also offer a realistic assessment of what you can do prior to a big race. He plants a seed in your mind of what is possible; once you start believing it yourself, good results are likely to follow. Just a few years ago I never, ever thought I'd be able to run in the 32s for a 10k or under 16 for 5K. I think, also, that he promotes a good environment for his athletes, one in which everyone is supportive of each other and works together.

RACING PLANS: In the spring I dropped my times in everything from 5k to 10 miles, and I was able to close down my season in satisfactory fashion (with a 15:30 5000 at Swarthmore College’s Tuppany Twilight). The fall season has just started and I’ve raced three times, which should help me sharpen up for the Army Ten-Miler, Veteran's Day 10k, and USATF Club Cross Country Nationals. I'll also probably do a couple more 5Ks for fun, around Halloween and Thanksgiving. For now, though, I like the idea of having a loose outline for the season and just going with it.

Height: 5' 8"
weight: 142
Sign: Scorpio
Spouse: Caroline Brown Wertz, married since March 21, 2011
Mileage: 60-65 miles per week.
Workout Schedule: Sunday: 12-14 miles; Monday: 7.5 miles relaxed; Tuesday: 7.5 miles relaxed; Wednesday: TRACK; Thursday: 7.5 miles relaxed; Friday 7.5miles relaxed; Saturday: 9 miles total with 4 at tempo pace

Dickson Mercer

Weekend Wrap & Workout Wednesday

We had another big weekend of racing with excellent performances in the 10k in Pittsburgh and the 5k at Clarendon. Sam shook off the rust and ran a very solid 31:15, followed by Ryan Hanson in a PR of 31:38 which bodes well for a great season for him when he moves down to the distances that are his strength. Laura also ran a very strong season opening time of 36:49, and she is getting ready for a huge year, even by her very lofty standards. But the performance of the day belonged to Charlie who ran an excelllent 32:26, coming off a week of extremely high miles. On Saturday, Ryan Witty won the 5k in 15:02, followed by Dave Wertz in a PR of 15:29. Witty is going to challenge for top 5 at Clubs and Wertz continues to amaze with his dramatic improvement. Well done to all!

Karl is doing his final hard workout on Wednesday before his sure-fire Trials qualification in Chicago, which will be 4 x mile with a 3 minute rest in 5:15, 5:00, 4:45, 4:30, and he's going to need help to get through this. Men, if you love your country, this is your chance to stand up and be counted. The B group workout will be 2 x mile, 5 x 800, in 5:15, 5:00 (which by happy coincidence will allow you all to run the first two reps with Karl), then the 8s in 2:26, 2:24, 2:22, 2:20, 2:18 (with a 2:30 rest). I need at least one patriotic volunteer for the 4:45 and the 4:30. I realize the field of eligibles for the 4:30 is limited, so don't be shy if you think you can handle it. A grateful nation thanks you in advance. Who's in?

We're back at BCC this week and we can roll at the normal time of 7:15.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

GRC Men Win Pittsburgh's Great Race

GRC slaps the taste of out Ban's old team's mouth, wins by 3.5 minutes. Duffle bags for all.

2011 Pittsburgh Great Race OVERALL TEAM RESULTS


00125 Sam Luff 2 in MALES 20 TO 24 00:31:15
00090 Ryan Hanson 4 in MALES 20 TO 24 00:31:41
00011 Charlie Ban 6 in MALES 25 TO 29 00:32:36
00083 Jerry Greenlaw 6 in MALES 20 TO 24 00:33:16
07921 Joseph Senchak 241 in MALES 20 TO 24 00:57:09

Hounds A

00036 Gregory Byrnes 4 in MALES 25 TO 29 00:32:25
00077 Brandon Gillingham 8 in MALES 20 TO 24 00:33:34
00234 Tim Wu 3 in MALES 30 TO 34 00:34:02
00252 Heath Piper 8 in MALES 30 TO 34 00:35:53


00241 James Hommes 1 in MALES 40 TO 44 00:33:24
00245 Hans Rottman 2 in MALES 40 TO 44 00:35:02
00070 Steven Garand 1 in MALES 50 TO 54 00:35:44
00098 Dan Holland 4 in MALES 40 TO 44 00:35:58

Dick's #1

00149 David Mock 2 in MALES 25 TO 29 00:31:04
00132 David Masse 16 in MALES 25 TO 29 00:36:12
00209 Bill Shepardson 4 in MALES 50 TO 54 00:38:20
00210 Bill Shepardson Jr. 61 in MALES 25 TO 29 00:41:14

Temperatures in the low 70s widway through the race were compounded with high humidity and a slight tailwind that kept runners in a moving envelope of body heat. Luff was part of a pack of five hitting 5k in 15:34. By the fourth and fifth miles, Luff, Hanson and Ban were all stuck in their own no-man's-lands.

4.Luff - 31:15
6.Hanson 31:41
10.Ban - 32:36
13.Greenlaw - 33:18
Dave O'Hara sneaks in right behind Outlaw

5.Laura O'Hara - 36:49

- GRC Wire Service

Ex-Pat Hunt Runs 2:53 in Berlin, Fung runs 3:05 in Ohio

Carlos was aiming for mid-2:30s, but it's not a bad result for his virgin 'thon. Nice work Carlos (if you still read this blog).

Split time of day time diff min/km km/h
5 km 09:19:39 00:18:45 18:45 03:45 16.00
10 km 09:37:57 00:37:03 18:18 03:40 16.40
15 km 09:56:29 00:55:35 18:32 03:43 16.18
20 km 10:15:19 01:14:25 18:50 03:47 15.92
Halb 10:19:37 01:18:43 04:18 03:56 15.31
25 km 10:35:16 01:34:22 15:39 04:01 14.97
30 km 10:55:54 01:55:00 20:38 04:08 14.54
35 km 11:19:00 02:18:06 23:06 04:38 12.99
40 km 11:43:45 02:42:51 24:45 04:58 12.12
Finish 11:54:47 02:53:53 11:02 05:02 11.94

Frank's recap from his race is HERE

Saturday, September 24, 2011

FLASH: GRC's Witty Wins Pacer's 5K

Witty, AKA Ryan Witters, won the CLARENDON 5K with a time of 15:02. Dave Wertz PRs with a 15:29, good for 4th.

GREAT RACE results from Pittsburgh coming in the morning...


Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend racing along I-76

Saturday morning, Frank Fung will take on the Akron Marathon. What's wrong, Frank, the East St. Louis Marathon was sold out?

Ryan Hanson, Charlie Ban and Dave O'Hara return to their hometown to run Pittsburgh's Great Race, where Sam Luff will be defending his title. Jerry Greenlaw visits for the first time and Laura O'Hara takes another swing at a race in a city where she's scored some significant 5k wins and fifth place at the 2009 Pittsburgh Marathon.

Sam, Jerry, Ryan, Charlie and Ryan's friend Joe will likely be taking on whoever the West Penn Track Club bugs at the expo to join their team at the last minute.

Weekend runs, as apparent below, are at 9 am from the Georgetown store on Saturday and Chevy Chase on Sunday.

Saturday @ Georgetown

I plan to head down for a 9am start. Anyone else?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday Run from Chevy Chase

The Chevy Chase Running Company is hosting a strength/stretch session with local gym Equinox on Sunday morning. Free coffee and bagels will be provided and everything in the Store will be marked down 15%.

8:45am - arrive at CCRC
9:00am - run
10:00am - stretch/strength session starts

Naturally many of us will still be running come 10:00am, but...

The CCRC is a mile or so from the Capital Crescent Trail. We could do an hour loop from there to Bethesda to Rock Creek Park and then back to the Store. Others can tack on if needed.

Anyone game?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Recap & Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

What a great weekend of racing! We had excellent performances in the Philly half and in the Run Geek Run 8k. In Philly, Karl and Paul both sharpened up for their upcoming attempts to qualify for the marathon Trials. Karl ran a very comfortable 1:06:53, and Paul ran exactly on goal pace at 1:09:30. Paul’s shot is less than 2 weeks away at Twin Cities, while Karl has an additional week before Chicago. Both of them executed their race plans perfectly yesterday, and they’ve both got great shots to qualify. Amanda Rice had already qualified for the Trials, but for good measure she ran 1:14:39, well under the qualification standard for the half. Amanda is in superb shape and could make a major splash at the Trials. The performance of the day in Philly may have been Kate Dart’s huge PR of 1:20:19. Kate is going back to Philly in November for the full, and based on her result yesterday, combined with the fact that she has barely begun her hard training cycle, she will be shooting for a major breakthrough.

Not to be outdone, the GRC 8k contingent not only dominated their competition, they set numerous meet records, led by Anna’s 28:29, which broke the existing record set last year by 4:10 1500 runner Maggie Infeld. Like Kate, Anna has barely begun her hard training, so great results are in her future. Michelle made a strong return to racing with her 28:53. Michelle is starting to gear up for her shot at the Trials in Philadelphia, and she is well on her way to being ready to qualify comfortably. The men were led by Ryan Witty, who also set a meet record of 25:25. Dave Wertz ran a very solid 26:04, setting a new 35 and over age group record to go along with his 30-34 record set last year. Jason made his 8k road debut in 26:41, and while he was hoping to run faster, it was an excellent start to what promises to be Jason’s breakthrough season. Read all about it HERE

This week, we are going to be at GEORGETOWN PREP. BCC is not available, and AU has no lights, which would mean a very early start time, so Prep is the best option. Please note that Prep is a private school that would have every right to kick us off the track. To avoid that unhappy fate, let’s be sure to behave like respectful and appreciative guests. Prep is close to the Grosvenor/Strathmore stop on the red line, and there is plenty of parking. When you get to the gate, security may ask you where you’re headed. Please tell them that you are using the gym and don’t mention anything about GRC practice, as we want to keep as low a profile as possible. Let’s meet on the track at 6:30 for the warm up, and roll at 7:15.

For the workout, we should be able to keep the vast majority of the men together. The basic framework will be 4 sets of 4 x 400, with a 1 minute rest within the sets, and 4 minutes between sets. The first set will be 72s, the second set 71s, the third set 70s, and the 4th set 69s. We can make modifications as necessary for any of you who have special needs based on your race schedule.

I will send the women’s workout separately.

If you have any questions, give me a holler. I’ll see you at Georgetown Prep on Wednesday.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

DUSEN: 66:54; RICE: 74:39!

Rock 'n Roll Philly...Rock 'n Roll Philly...Rock 'n Roll Philly...
Dusen and Tex ran as a workout.

Karl Dusen is all smiles and gave the thumbs up just before the 13 mile mark indicating he felt good and might have had something left.

Leaders went through five miles in 22:18, with Sloane 25:45, Dix/Tex 26:18, Logan 27:25, askey 28:20, lavar 29:00, breezy 29:48, dart 30:30, OB 30:4, Amanda Rice in 28:20
*At mile 5 Kim Smith running 1:05:30 pace...finishes behind Dusen in 1:07low

Dusen: 66:54
=PR='s own Chris Sloane 68:40
Tex 69:30
Logan 72:04
Dickson 72:11
Amanda Rice 74:39
Lavar 77:30
Breezy 78:19
Dart 80:19

Two Kenyans will finish circa 58:50!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday: The Line - 8:30

Hanson and I will be going 15 or so tomorrow from the line. Join us, won't you?

FLASH: GRC at Run Geek Run 8k

Winning team with race bounty -- bobbleheads and broken team trophy

GRC men and women in action at Hain's Point this morning. Women take top 2 spots, all 3 men within the top 6. Results and photos courtesy of race day reporter Brian Miller.

1. Ryan Witters, 25:25
4. Dave Wertz, 26:04
6. Jason Myers, 26:41 (and his longest run ever)

1. Anna Holt-Gosselin, 28:29
2. Michelle Miller, 28:52 (3rd place about 3:30 behind!)

GRC also won the team award, earning this slightly-worn trophy!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend race and birthday action

Karl, Tex, Dickson, Logan, Panther, Breezy and Dart are headed to the half marathon formerly known as the Philly Distance Run Sunday, and Quick Wit (Fast Ryan Witters), Usain Holt, Dangerous Dave and Michelle Miller are racing the Run, Geek, Run 8k Saturday at Hains Point. There are surely others, too.

Today is Jordan Snyder's birthday. In his honor, we will have a "shop run" from the Georgetown Store Saturday morning, leaving at 9. Along our route, we will try to find little road races that offer money prizes for masters. Show up by 8:45 to be sure you don't miss anything!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Life is but a little journey and the moments are few and far between.

I noticed that Chris Raabe and Wilson Komen finished two and three at this past Sunday's Parks Half marathon. These two cats are part of the original cast of the runco team from yesteryear. When I met them back in the early 2000s they were in their early to mid 20s just paving the way. They were young, powerful and ambitious. Wilson was the seasoned runner who ran races for a living and Chris was the shy kid just hanging on.

I had a different life and different career and at the time, as soon as work was over, would bolt over to the RunCo on M st on hot summer evenings and venture off with Chris, Wilson and Ben for long long runs. During this juncture we were enamored with Wilson and followed his lead.
Out of all of us Chris took the reigns and ran with Wilson religiously. I was game but approaching my mid 30s and had other things to contend with., namely father time.

We ran and ran. We would do 15 mile fartlek runs on the Canal in mid summer, with Wilson dawning the sweatsuit and the silent Raabe in tow. Classic all or nothing training. All during the run Wilson would guide the flow and let us know the art and treachery of the Kenyan training regimine. It was all or nothing or sink or swim; Either run well and move on to the the USA or Europe or go back to the village.

At the end of each workout Wilson would give us a little pat and let us know that to run hard is to feel like dying.

Raabe owes much to the Wilson's nourishing ways. I do as well as when I met him I was simply running for recreation. He brought me into focus and got me to run 2:33 at age 36 in Boston.

Raabe came out of nowhere to run and win Grandmas Marathon in 2:15. Injuries and life took over for a while but based on Sunday's performance, it seems that they might be back.

Once a runner feels success and understands their essence, it never leaves. Run bold and run knowing history is behind you


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday Workout

Yasso was here
8 x 800 with 2:00 rest 
A group: 2 @ 72s, 2 @ 71s, 2 @ 70s, 2 @ 69s.
B group: 2 @ 73s, 2 @ 72s, 2 @ 71s, 2 @ 70s.

We'll start the B group first and then everyone will run together for 6 reps, and the A group will finish the final 2 reps.

Athletes not racing this weekend are welcome to do all 10 reps. For those having trouble with the 6:30PM start time, please read this.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Boston Marathon Registration is OPEN

Registration for the 2012 Boston Marathon is now OPEN for all runners with a qualifying time more than 20 minutes faster than their age-group qualifying time.  This should apply to most, if not all of you GRCers.  Please post a comment if you plan on running Boston this year.  So far, I know Bain, Jarrin, and I are planning on it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Registration for the Boston Marathon opens tomorrow and if you plan to SEND in a registration form, or just want to get in the spirit of Marathon Monday, you should pick up a copy of "Duel in the Sun" by sports writer John Brant. The book tells the story of the 1982 Boston Marathon and its chapters alternate between a mile-by-mile account of Alberto Salazar and Dick Beardsley's legendary showdown and biographical vignettes of the runners' race preparation and the struggles that they faced in the years that followed. It's written in a descriptive, straight forward style and is very entertaining. If you don't want to read the book, but would prefer to cut straight to the chase, you should watch this VIDEO of the race's last three miles.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Rain Check Time Trial

After last night's deluge precluded any fast running, Karl Dusen, Ryan Hanson and Sam Luff took to the BCC track at seven this morning for a time trial with the aim of hitting 15 flat. With the air soaked with humidity and a light, but not cooling, rain, the intrepid harriers set off.

Karl started his last month of training before the Chicago Marathon with a 14:59.9 clocking for 5k. According to Coach Jerry, he had to work for it.
"Karl is treating Chicago as his one shot to get to the trials, and it will be make or break that day, and he is doing everything possible to be ready," he said. "The workouts are going great, and I am extremely optimistic that he will get the job done on race day."

Hanson followed in 15:27 and Luff ran two miles in 9:45.

"I'm also looking for big falls from Sam and Ryan, both of whom will kick off their seasons at the Great Race in Pittsburgh September 25. Sam will run the Army Ten Mile and then focus on preparing for USATF Cross Country Club Nationals. Ryan will also run a full season to prepare for clubs. "I expect to Sam to continue his progress from the spring, and be ready to make an impression on the national level at clubs. Ryan is going to show that his range extends beyond 5k and run some big PRs at 8k and 10k this fall."

Other GRC runners looking to have a good fall season can start it off by meeting at the Georgetown Store at 8:45 tomorrow. We leave at 9 a.m.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One big happy GRC workout, the warmup for which starts at 6:30

This week we're going to eschew the separate A and B group workouts and have all of GRC moving as one. The workout will be 6 x mile @ 5:08, 5:04, 5:00, 4:56, 4:52, 4:48, with a 3 minute rest. I recognize that not all of you can or should attempt to run the full workout, but everyone can benefit by working into basic framework. For instance, some of you may want to do 3 x mile, 3 x 800. Others may want to do 4 x mile, 2 x 1200. I encourage everyone to go into the workout with a plan. If you have any question about what your plan should plan be, give [Jerry] a holler.

The warmup starts at 6:30.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dusens Don Singlet in NJ

Karl wins 7 miler running 5:15s

Emily finishes 2nd in 5k, 19:48

Labor Day Run @ Old Angler's Inn?

Anyone else interested? 9am?


Hey Guys, that was a great run today. You get into your 40s and the runs where the legs are fully on board are less frequent. You inspired me to move and push beyond my norm and comfort zone. 2 hard hrs of running makes you feel solid.

Most, if not all of you should make the trials and do fine.


Peace out and take care


Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Line at 9?

Anyone? I am only running 30 minutes, but I am sure others will go longer...


YO FINISH LINE.....ooops mean RunCo is anyone meeting manana for a long run between 15-20 miles at 7 minutes or so? If so, where? Line, etc?

According to the press the Gene Mitchell era has ended and so on. For those who are thoughtful of such matters you might send him a thank you email as his generosity was the reason for the liberal terms and longevity of the team. Don't know the particulars of the sale but Gene was the driving force behind the business and he sold it.



Ban runs 15:46 at Richmond Alumni XC 5k

KENTLANDS: Wiggy 3rd, Holt-Gosselin 4th

The fall season begins this morning in Gaithersburg.

Joey Wiegner with Coach Jerry before warming up

TRACKER: Wiggy hits mile in 3rd, 4:41...Sloane is 4:48...Wertz/Dix are 4:57


3rd - Wiggy, 14:58
6th - Witters, 15:45
8th - Wertz, 15:51
9th - Mercer, 16:09
17th - Young, 17:29

4th - Holt-Gosselin - 17:18


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ragnar Relay


A few of my teammates from college are pulling together a crew for the Ragnar Relay on September 23-24.  We are short 2-3 intrepid youths, in case anyone is interested in a fun overnight relay race.  The individual relay legs vary, but are roughly 3 x 6 miles reaching from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC.

It's $81 per person, plus $27 for gas and van rental, but you will get a free singlet from, which is a run logging site that my college roommate created, as well as a 10% discount off the normal race price.

If anyone is interested, let me know.


P.S. I'm almost back into shape after an extensive fight with my peroneus longus tendon (dating back to February...), so expect to see me out again for team runs in the next week or two.

Kentlands 5K

Rumor has it that many of us will be running the Kentlands 5k this weekend. Is anyone up for a slow, long (10-12 miles) cooldown after the race? Also, I've never run this race before so any suggestions about good cooldown routes in the area would be most welcome.