Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kentlands 5K

Rumor has it that many of us will be running the Kentlands 5k this weekend. Is anyone up for a slow, long (10-12 miles) cooldown after the race? Also, I've never run this race before so any suggestions about good cooldown routes in the area would be most welcome.


rwitters said...

I don't know about 10-12 after the race. I might do 10-12 total including the race.

Joe Wiggy said...

I am game for a longer cooldown but not quite 10-12. I think we should all meet at the packet pickup pavillion ready to warm up at 7:45-50. We can get our warm up going, come back to use facilities, get racing shoes on and roll to the line with time to spare. The packet pick up is near the starbucks and diner (adjacent from the start/finish area). If you park at wholefoods (most parking available), you would walk directly in the opposite direction from whole foods and you will see the tables, etc set up.