Sunday, September 18, 2011

DUSEN: 66:54; RICE: 74:39!

Rock 'n Roll Philly...Rock 'n Roll Philly...Rock 'n Roll Philly...
Dusen and Tex ran as a workout.

Karl Dusen is all smiles and gave the thumbs up just before the 13 mile mark indicating he felt good and might have had something left.

Leaders went through five miles in 22:18, with Sloane 25:45, Dix/Tex 26:18, Logan 27:25, askey 28:20, lavar 29:00, breezy 29:48, dart 30:30, OB 30:4, Amanda Rice in 28:20
*At mile 5 Kim Smith running 1:05:30 pace...finishes behind Dusen in 1:07low

Dusen: 66:54
=PR='s own Chris Sloane 68:40
Tex 69:30
Logan 72:04
Dickson 72:11
Amanda Rice 74:39
Lavar 77:30
Breezy 78:19
Dart 80:19

Two Kenyans will finish circa 58:50!!!


Sam L said...

great job all

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

Well done!!!

Mike C said...

Nice work, team. That Dusen kid has potential...