Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend racing along I-76

Saturday morning, Frank Fung will take on the Akron Marathon. What's wrong, Frank, the East St. Louis Marathon was sold out?

Ryan Hanson, Charlie Ban and Dave O'Hara return to their hometown to run Pittsburgh's Great Race, where Sam Luff will be defending his title. Jerry Greenlaw visits for the first time and Laura O'Hara takes another swing at a race in a city where she's scored some significant 5k wins and fifth place at the 2009 Pittsburgh Marathon.

Sam, Jerry, Ryan, Charlie and Ryan's friend Joe will likely be taking on whoever the West Penn Track Club bugs at the expo to join their team at the last minute.

Weekend runs, as apparent below, are at 9 am from the Georgetown store on Saturday and Chevy Chase on Sunday.

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