Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Recap & Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

What a great weekend of racing! We had excellent performances in the Philly half and in the Run Geek Run 8k. In Philly, Karl and Paul both sharpened up for their upcoming attempts to qualify for the marathon Trials. Karl ran a very comfortable 1:06:53, and Paul ran exactly on goal pace at 1:09:30. Paul’s shot is less than 2 weeks away at Twin Cities, while Karl has an additional week before Chicago. Both of them executed their race plans perfectly yesterday, and they’ve both got great shots to qualify. Amanda Rice had already qualified for the Trials, but for good measure she ran 1:14:39, well under the qualification standard for the half. Amanda is in superb shape and could make a major splash at the Trials. The performance of the day in Philly may have been Kate Dart’s huge PR of 1:20:19. Kate is going back to Philly in November for the full, and based on her result yesterday, combined with the fact that she has barely begun her hard training cycle, she will be shooting for a major breakthrough.

Not to be outdone, the GRC 8k contingent not only dominated their competition, they set numerous meet records, led by Anna’s 28:29, which broke the existing record set last year by 4:10 1500 runner Maggie Infeld. Like Kate, Anna has barely begun her hard training, so great results are in her future. Michelle made a strong return to racing with her 28:53. Michelle is starting to gear up for her shot at the Trials in Philadelphia, and she is well on her way to being ready to qualify comfortably. The men were led by Ryan Witty, who also set a meet record of 25:25. Dave Wertz ran a very solid 26:04, setting a new 35 and over age group record to go along with his 30-34 record set last year. Jason made his 8k road debut in 26:41, and while he was hoping to run faster, it was an excellent start to what promises to be Jason’s breakthrough season. Read all about it HERE

This week, we are going to be at GEORGETOWN PREP. BCC is not available, and AU has no lights, which would mean a very early start time, so Prep is the best option. Please note that Prep is a private school that would have every right to kick us off the track. To avoid that unhappy fate, let’s be sure to behave like respectful and appreciative guests. Prep is close to the Grosvenor/Strathmore stop on the red line, and there is plenty of parking. When you get to the gate, security may ask you where you’re headed. Please tell them that you are using the gym and don’t mention anything about GRC practice, as we want to keep as low a profile as possible. Let’s meet on the track at 6:30 for the warm up, and roll at 7:15.

For the workout, we should be able to keep the vast majority of the men together. The basic framework will be 4 sets of 4 x 400, with a 1 minute rest within the sets, and 4 minutes between sets. The first set will be 72s, the second set 71s, the third set 70s, and the 4th set 69s. We can make modifications as necessary for any of you who have special needs based on your race schedule.

I will send the women’s workout separately.

If you have any questions, give me a holler. I’ll see you at Georgetown Prep on Wednesday.

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