Sunday, July 31, 2011

Towpath and Paint Skillz

Tow Path was once one of the most formidable "Dutch Masters," much like Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. However, a bout of syphilis left his hands crippled with tremors, ending his oil painting years and forcing him to use technology to produce great works of art.

Here is work from his first period.

FLASH: Tri Results

CULPEPER, VA -- Matias and CTR finish 1 and 2 at Culpeper Sprint

750 Meter Swim
16 Mile Bike
5K Run


Attn: Max Lockwood: GRC Blog etiquette

No need to clutter the blog with personal correspondence; simply use the GRC spreadsheet to access contact information of team members. (see attached explanatory screenshots)

PS: Big City is a busy man. Unless it's a paid gig, which I doubt it is, don't waste his time.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Chuck, i have a graphics question for you. please send me your email address. Max

Friday, July 29, 2011

Saturday running

Angler's inn 8:01 AM sharp in the parking lot. Why 8:01? because you won't forget it



WHO and WHERE? Is anyone game for doing something different like running in the City? Leave from Adams Morgan and go to Capital and then run up to the Hill and come back along Independence Ave all the way to Haines Point. Go around the Point and come back along Rock Creek Park to the Zoo and then up into the Morgan. This is a run that Phil Fenty(famous running store owner) would take people on years ago. Go for coffee after at one of the hip coffee places? 8am?

just an idea.

if anyone else has an idea throw it out there.


Saturday Run

Anyone running from the store on Saturday morning? I'd like to do 70 minutes

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 27 workout

Coach Jerry: Karl had a very solid performance at the Crystal City Twlighter, and I was pleased with Brandon's run as well. Hopefully the next time we have a large contingent ready to race, the conditions will be a tad more conducive. The weather on Wednesday is apparently going to be reasonable, but we'll start at 7:30 to maximize our chance of getting through it successfully.

For the workout, the A group will do what we tried to do last week, 4 x 2k with a 3 minute rest, in 75s on the first rep, then 74s, 73s, and 72s. The B group will do 8-10 x 800. 8 will be sufficient for most of you, but for the overacheivers in the crowd, we'll hold open the option of doing a couple extra. We'll shoot for 2 @ 2:32, 2 @ 2:30, 2 @ 2:28, 2 @ 2:26. We'll keep the rest to 2 minutes 30 seconds, so instead of jogging a whole lap, jog the turn and come back, and that way you can get water and still be on the line within the allotted time. I'll send the women's workout separately. See you out there.

Be at B-CC at 6:45.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Guys, that was a great run this am. I was not sure if I would make the whole thing but your presence inspired me. Dirk, we could not have made it without you giving us water, etc. First class support. You are a true champion and will be missed.

Andy, thanks for hanging with me for a bit and sharing your life story and more. After Mighty Matias, you are now my favorite triathlete..........:)

Awesome times and lots of love from the Beltway.............

Saturday, July 23, 2011


CRYSTAL CITY, VA - Karl Dusen lead a group of men measuring their efforts on a night well into the 90s at the Crystal City 5k in Northern Virginia. He ran 15:36 for 11th. Summer GRCer Paul Zwama via Fresno State via the Netherlands, was next in 16:03. Brandon Laks (16:29)
came in just ahead of Charlie Ban (16:40) and The Chicken Tender Runner (16:58)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Beastman Heading to Flagstaff

BUMP. Dirkfest is ON. Let's celebrate the end of the heat wave and Dirk's trek out west w/ a BBQ and pool time. We'll start at Bethesda metro north entrance and make the slog south. Plenty of water stops along the way.

*** OP ***

Dirk is heading west. Come say goodbye with an epic point-to-point run. BBQ to follow.

Date: Sunday, July 24th, 2011
Time: 8AM - 1PM
Plan: Run from Bethesda to Alexandria along CCT & MtV trail. Showers at apartment building, then BBQ and pool time. Rest & Relaxation.

Let's meet at the Bethesda metro station, north entrance (on Wisconsin Ave next to water fountains). Finish at 850 John Carlyle St Alexandria, VA. Then get our eat on. We're a ten minute walk from the Yellow Line King St metro.

Significant others plan to show up at 11AM. Only downside is it's pretty much all on pavement, but lots of distance options to choose from.

Here's the route. 17.5 mile option leaves Bethesda at 8AM, 10 mile option leaves at CCT trailhead in G'town at 9AM. Early start since will likely be HOT. Nice thing is there are water stops along the way.

Elevation profile here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

MEN: Your Input Needed!

We are on the verge of ordering NEW singlets/gear for the GRC Race Team. There are three styles we can POTENTIALLY order and these are listed on the poll to the right. Please vote on your preferred option ASAP. Once ballots are cast, I will work to order that option if such quantities are available. This poll will close tomorrow night.

Here are the options:

Those who have "contracts" with other shoe companies need not apply/worry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap & Wednesday Workout


There's no question that the GRC runner of the week was Texas Paul after that outstanding performance at Rockville Twilight. Well done! If there was any doubt that he is back 100 percent and ready to roll, Tex Paul erased that doubt on Saturday. Dutch Paul also looked good out there, as did Andy coming off an afternoon bike race. I'm sure we're going to have more excellent performances this week at Crystal City 5k.

For the workout, note that due to the heat, we will move the start time back to 7:30. Those extra few minutes should make a difference, as there is a noticeable drop in temperature when the sun dips below the horizon. We'll likely stick with 7:30 for the next few weeks, but I'll be sure to specify the start time in the workout announcements. As for the workout itself, the A group will do 4 x 2k with a 3:00 recovery. Rep 1 will be @ 75s, rep 2 @ 74s, rep 3 @ 73s, rep 4 @ 72s. The B group will do a 5-4-3-2-1 ladder (that's laps, not minutes) @ 76s on the 2k, 75s on the 1600, 74s on the 1200, 72s on the 800, and 68 on the 400. We'll take 3:30 recovery after the 2k, and 3:00 on the remainder. I'll send the women's workout separately. See you out there Wednesday, ready to roll at 7:30.



Monday, July 18, 2011


We have until the end of this week to commit or say no to running in the store team competition. So, if people want to do it, do not be shy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


once i get a few more details about the Marathon someone will have to serve as logistics/administrative coordinator for the team. I do not want this burden so anyone else who wants to do it, go right ahead and I will pass the buck your way.


I was speaking to Brian Young this morning about running the Marine Corps Marathon. We can still enter a team. We need at least five people including one woman.

I would like to do it and I believe Brian does, as well. We need one or two more people who can run about 2:35 or so. Paul, you could run it as a Sunday long run and win it. Why not?

Frank you can run it and because it starts real early in the morning it will not interfere with your early morning ways.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested, there is a way in.

Please let me know this week so I can contact the race and assure them we will field a team.

FYI--we won it three years ago but have lost ground to PR Running the last two years.

Peace out

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rockville Twilight Results

"Texas" Paul Guevara and "Dutch" Paul Zwama lead the way for GRC men in 25:12 (6th) and 25:15 (8th). GRC's Wilson Komen finishes between them in 25:13.

For the women, Lindsey Jerdonek takes 9th in 30:15. Laura O'Hara is 11th in 30:26.

Andy Sovonick ("Tenders"), who I believe had a bike race in the morning, runs 27:39. Patrick Murphy runs 27:44.

Lavar Curley: 28:14.
Brian Young: 29:56.
Frank Fung: 30:48.

The races were won by Abiyot Endale in 23:47 and Tezata Dengersa in 27:02.


UPDATE: GRC wins team co-ed team competition over rival stores/teams by over 6 minutes!
1.  GEORGETOWN RUNNING CO.           25:12 27:39 27:44 30:13 30:26 = 141:14          Paul Guevara M 24, Andy Sovonick M 25, Patrick Murphy M 27, Lindsey          Jerdonek F 26, Laura O'Hara F 31


Tonight eight GRC runners will hit the roads of Rockville in a quest to capture the title in the co-ed open team competition at the Rockville Rotary Twilight Runfest. Lindsey Jerdonek, Laura O'Hara, Patrick Murphy, Dutch Paul, Texas Paul, Brian Young, Lavar Curley, Frank Fung, and CTR will brave the heat on a rolling eight kilometer course that, even under the best conditions, is more than fair. The forecast calls for 82 degrees with 45% humidity at the start. The gun goes off at 8:45; the after-party at the Wigloo goes off about one hour thereafter (see below). Wish us luck.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Saturday 9am run at THE LINE. Also, info for Post-Rockville Twilighter Party

We have several GRCers lacing up to Rock the ville (that is really lame but will produce good feedback).  Whether you are racing, spectating or don't have any plans finalized for saturday night- Danielle, Sloane and I invite you to our post-race party. 
Our address is:
  6060 california circle. apt 503. Rockville, md. 20852.  We will be getting started around 9:45-10pm. 


For those not racing tomorrow night, can we generate some Saturday options?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grub for Good July 20

This is Liz Elko, you might remember her from such races as the Father's Day 8k, and pretty much any time she has an opportunity to send em. She has kindly asked that we consider the Grub for Good next Wednesday. She recognizes that is concurrent with our workout, but if anyone either isn't planning to be at B-CC to run or knows someone who might be persuaded to participate... well that would just be grand.

Here are the details:

On Wednesday, July 20 we’re launching an education and fundraising effort for the running and athletic communities. It’s called Grub for Good!, and the concept is simple.

Groups (e.g., from area teams, fun runs, clubs and studios, boot camp programs…the list goes on) gather between 4:30 and 7:00 to go for a run, walk, ride, or workout class together

Anytime between 3PM and 9PM, groups head over to Front Page Restaurant in Arlington, VA. For a $5 wristband, you get dinner and drink specials, a chance to win our awesome “Grub for Good” tee and other give-aways, and best of all, games and socializing with others in the athletic community.

Want to join a run/walk group? Click HERE to let us know you’re coming.

Does a group you lead want to come, or do you want to gather a group of friends to come? That’s even easier! Just show up at Front Page with your group. *Group/team leaders who get at least 5 team members or friends to come get a *free* “Grub for Good” t-shirt!

Contact for more information!

Note that this is not the Front Page bar in Dupont Circle that Jake Klim thinks is the cat's pajamas.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Washington Running Report Spring 2011 Rankings


For the men, Karl Dusen has quietly made a name for himself winning low key races so he was looked at as the favorite at the Van Metre 5M. He is confident but he knew he would have a real challenge from David Nightingale. Dusen hummed through the race in 24:03 ahead of former champion Gurmessa Megerssa’s 24:23 but Nightingale [ran] 23:56. All three took an early lead from another former champion Demesse Tefera who had won the St. Patrick’s Day 8K in 24:22.

The Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K was next on the hit parade and last year’s ranking’s champion Abiyot Endale just missed his 10K PR finishing third there in 29:18. Ricky Flynn of Lynchburg would take seventh in the rankings with his 29:53 there.

The following day we would see if Nightingale was all we heard. He did not disappoint moving ahead of the pack as second American at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M in 48:39. Dusen finished two places back in 16th overall with 50:06 to take eighth in the rankings. Bert Rodriguez, who had finally popped 15:00 for the 5K as runner-up at the Scope it Out 5K, just missed he goal of 50:00 with 50:25 to take tenth on the list.

PL Name, Age, Hometown, 10K=

1 Endale, Abiyot 24 Silver Spring, MD 28:19
2 Nightingale, David* 25 Washington, DC 29:16
3 Towett, George** 26 Virginia Beach, VA 29:44
4 Berdan, Dave 29 Owings Mills, MD 29:32
5 Feysa, Birhanu* 29 Silver Spring, MD 29:35
6 Tefera, Demesse* 29 Washington, DC 29:44
7 Flynn, Ricky** 23 Lynchburg, VA 29:53
8 Dusen, Karl 28 North Bethesda, MD 30:09
9 McDougal, Jordan 23 Culpeper, VA 30:21
10 Rodriguez, Bert** 31 Arlington, VA 30:20
11 Flynn, Brian 27 Weyers Cave, VA 30:17
12 Komen, Wilson* 33 Washington, DC 30:21
13 Wardian, Michael*** 37 Arlington, VA 30:23
14 Megerssa, Gurmessa** 31 Washington, DC 30:31
15 Luff, Samuel* 24 Rockville, MD 30:32
16 Hutchinson, Seth** 27 Charlottesville, VA 30:39
17 Wiegner, Joe 29 Rockville, MD 30:42
18 Baressi, Matt 28 Falls Church, VA 30:48
19 De Heer, Dirk 30 Silver Spring, MD 31:04
20 Hurt, Charlie 27 Richmond, VA 31:03
21 Burnham, David 26 Arlington, VA 31:11
22 Saunders, Rich 22 Alexandria, VA 31:30
23 Condit, Adam 28 Ashburn, VA 31:34
24 Sloane, Christopher 27 Rockville, MD 31:28
25 Meeker, Dustin 29 Baltimore, MD 31:35
26 Mercer, Dickson 29 Washington, DC 31:41
27 Carr, Allen 27 Washington, DC 31:42
28 Renjifo, Carlos* 28 Columbia, MD 31:59
29 Cherry, Brandon* 28 Washington, DC 32:04
30 Miller, David 27 Arlington, VA 32:03
31 Wertz, David 35 Arlington, VA 32:04
32 Grout, Alexander* 24 Williamsburg, VA 32:05
33 Burke, Edmund* 41 Burtonsville, MD 32:07
34 Foster, Ryan* 25 Arlington, VA 32:15
35 Belford, Luke 28 Nottingham, MD 32:15
36 Sovonick, Andy* 24 Gaithersburg, MD 32:18
37 Wingo, Joey 24 Mechanicsville, VA 32:21
38 Henry, James 28 Silver Spring, MD 32:26
39 Murphy, Patrick 26 Washington, DC 32:28
40 Viviani, Will*** 29 Arlington, VA 32:32
41 Whitlow, Dustin 24 Arlington, VA 32:31
42 Aramayo, Ed 24 Baltimore, MD 32:41
43 Buschman, Mark 26 Ellicott City, MD 32:41
44 Carroll, Ryan** 28 Portsmouth, VA 32:52
45 Hryvniak, David 26 Chesapeake, VA 32:53
46 Brown, Karsten** 37 Front Royal, VA 32:53
47 Toland, Hugh*** 30 Fairfax, VA 33:00
48 Fitzgerald, Jason 27 Silver Spring, MD 33:02
49 Deak, Ryan** 25 Burke, VA 33:06
50 Boyd, Wyatt* 26 Washington, DC 33:07
51 Wegner, Michael* 14 Columbia, MD 33:12
52 Ciarfalia, Andrew 28 Reston, VA 33:23
53 Nevarez, Elias 27 Arlington, VA 33:39
54 Colaiacovo, Mike 41 Ellicott City, MD 33:33
55 Ethica, Kumsa 27 Washington, DC 33:49
56 Green, Jake* 26 Reston, VA 33:48
57 Logan, Matthew 25 Washington, DC 33:51

On the women's side, Michelle Miller was coming off a third place winter ranking and stepped up to race with the elite field, finishing seventh overall wining big cash as the second American in 59:20, taking seventh in the rankings. Susan Hendrick ran five major races spanning the spring, including the Capitol Hill 10K to finish 18th in the open division.

Pl, Name, Age, Hometown, 10K=
1 Delecha, Yihunlish* 29 Washington, DC 33:20
2 Dengarsa, Tezata* 30 Washington, DC 33:39
3 Hallissey, Claire** 28 Arlington, VA 33:49
4 Infeld, Maggie* 25 Washington, DC 34:07
5 Akbar, Samia 29 Herndon, VA 34:29
6 Calle, Maria Elena* 35 Richmond, VA 34:49
7 Miller, Michelle 30 Damascus, MD 35:39
8 Jefferson, Laurel* 25 Silver Spring, MD 36:04
9 Thomas, Lisa** 35 Alexandria, VA 36:08
10 Waters, Kara* 36 Ellicott City, MD 36:06
11 Schrank, Brenda* 39 Winchester, VA 36:18
12 Swain, Erin 29 Arlington, VA 36:40
13 Schandevel, Vicky* 25 Charlottesville, VA 36:56
14 Knudson, Louise 25 Charlottesville, VA 37:01
15 Markowicz, Kristi* 41 Arlington, VA 36:56
16 Rittenhouse, Melissa* 35 Harrisonburg, VA 37:04
17 Knickman, Denise* 42 Baltimore, MD 37:02
18 Hendrick, Susan 25 Washington, DC 37:10
19 Nelson, Martha* 29 Washington, DC 37:13
20 Young, Elizabeth* 31 Washington, DC 37:28
21 Harvey, Alisa** 45 Manassas, VA 37:45
22 Heiser, Diane* 27 Baltimore, MD 37:43
23 Yetman, Peggy*** 42 Leesburg, VA 37:40
24 Davison, Mary* 38 Bristow, VA 37:39
25 Ackerly, Maureen* 42 Richmond, VA 38:06
26 Axisa, Meredith 30 Richmond, VA 38:12
27 Dart, Kate** 31 Arlington, VA 38:21
28 Rehwald, Christine 31 Arlington, VA 38:20
29 Chilcote, Lisa 40 Oakmont, VA 38:30

Also, Scott Koonce ranked 13th in the 35-39 AG, and Jordan Snyder 5th of Masters runners.

Lisa Chilcote is also ranked 5th in the master's division.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap & Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

We had some very nice performances at the Midsummer Night Mile on Friday, led by Texas Paul. Paul stunned trackside observers, who had been led to believe by the pre-race media blitz that he would drop out at 1200 meters, by throwing caution to the wind and going for the victory. Paul came up short of the win, but there's no shame for a marathoner getting outkicked by a guy who ran sub 1:48 this year, and who ran sub 3:59 less than two years ago. Jake and Dickson also looked good out there, and running this fast this early, off of no speed work, demonstrates that there are big things to come from all three of them in the coming months.

The weather on Wednesday should be tolerable, so we can continue to transition into some longer intervals. The A group, which will likely be Karl and Dutch Paul, will do 2 x 2 miles in 10 minutes. The B group, which includes several folks who are racing this weekend, will do 2 x mile, 2 x 800, 4 x 400. The miles will be @ 5:05, 5:00, the 8s @ 2:26, and the 4s will be 2 @ 70, 2 @ 68. We'll take a 3 minute recovery on all of it, and we can add in a little extra recovery if necessary. I'll send the women's workout separately. See you Wednesday.


2011 Badwater Ultramarathon

Michael Wardian currently at 9th in 2011 Badwater Ultramarathon, you can track him at

Time Station
Miles into
the Race
Avg Speed
Time from
Last Station
Avg Speed From
Last Station (mph)

Furnace Creek

Stovepipe Wells

Panamint Springs


Lone Pine

Portal Road


Video and pictures at

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Team for City of Pittsburgh Great Race

Sam and I are going to try to get a team together to run the Great Race 10k on September 25th. Let me know if there is any interest in running this race. Charlie is on board.

FINAL TEAM for Crystal City 5k?

Jake Klim
Brian Young
Andy Sovonick
Dave Wertz
Charlie Ban
Karl Dusen
Dirk de Heer
Dickson Mercer
Matt Logan
Paul Zwama
Jason Meyers

Kate Dart
Lisa Chilcote

Am I missing anyone? I need to know ASAP.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

GRC Multi Sport Action

REPORT: LJ finishes 4th in Minneapolis tri
MORE: Ex-Pat Matt Ernst is 5th in AG in Half Ironman debut, records time of 4:51:40.


SUNDAY: Rileys at 9am

Aside from the Difficult Run option, I am going to meet folks for a less hilly run at Riley's Lock at 9am. Distances will be 13, 15 or longer. "Comment" if you are interested.

Friday, July 8, 2011

MCRRC Mile: Tex Paul Runs 4:24

After running 11 miles on Friday morning, Texas Paul made an afternoon decision to jump in the mile and pace teammates Klim and Dix who were aiming for a 4:29 effort (2:14 at the half). Here, roughly, is how the race unfolded:

Tex shoots to early lead and Klim covers move. Dix, and PR's Sloane just back as is Myers who just notched a 15:43 track PR. Tex and Klim hit 400m in 67, Dix in 68-69. At 800m
Tex (2:12) and Klim (2:13) are quickly overtaken by two or three runners, including Myers, who really start to hammer. With 400m to go Tex is still battling for the lead, but cannot match the speed of former UVAer Jessien who goes from 2nd gear to 5th gear with about 250m to go. Meanwhile, Klim and Sloane hit 1209m (400 to go) at 3:20 and begin an all out drive to catch those who went with half mile to go. Tex, like his ancestors at the Alamo, fights until the end for a solid 2nd place. Klim and Sloane pass flailing runner on back stretch and set sites on Barnard, but there is too much real estate to make up. Dix runs very, very even and hits the tape on his 30th birthday with a PR of 4:30. Myers fell back after an aggressive move at 800m and runs 4:34. Frank Fung crosses line in 6th heat in a PR of 5:22.

1 Andrew Jesien 4:19.3
2 Paul Guevara 4:24.0
3 Chris Barnard 4:26.0
4 Jake Klim 4:27.2
5 Chris Sloane 4:27.8
6 Kevin Meehan 4:29.5
7 Will Palmer 4:30.1
8 Dickson Mercer 4:30.6
9 Jason Myers 4:35.4
10 William Orndorff 4:35.9

33 Yukun Fung 5:22.2

Wiggy's preview:

A 4 lap battle... The Mid Summer Nights Mile at Rockville h.s will be the place to be at 8pm tonight. Several GRCers as well as other top area runners will be lacing up the spikes to throw it down. You have the speedsters who salivate just thinking about running the rubber oval...hearing the final lap bell is go time for these guys. Then, there are the strength runners. The boys with the gas tank who will welcome a quick early pace... just try shaking these guys- no easy task. Who knows how this battle will unfold tonight.
races start at 7PM with the seeded race at 8PM.


I would like to meet the largest body of folks to run with, wherever that might be. Maybe a different person should pick the spot every week and people just go with it??? This might throw someone's individual schedule off but it might be the easiest way of doing the run with the least amount of confusion. I do not really know but someone might think it over. I am completely indifferent so long as there is consensus and its done a few days in advance.

this being said I can run at Difficult Run, the Line or Rileys so long as there is one big group going.



Does anyone want to hit Difficult Run or somewhere that is different and trails oriented but not more than 30 minutes away? 9amish. Frank, this might be unchartered territory if you can do 9am two weeks in a row......

the area offers parking and two running routs. In one direction there is soft trail that is fairly flat and then in the other direction there is tough hills.

I am looking to run two slow hrs.

Race calendar

I have updated the race calendar on the GRC spreadsheet through December. Please update it if I missed any key races or if you are planning to run a race I posted.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am not sure if anyone works in public health policy but this is an interesting article on obesity rates. Very telling info on what is happening to American youth.

Friday Night Mile

Who is running the MCRRC mile tomorrow night? I've heard rumors of the following:

- Dix
- Texas Paul (or rabbiting?)
- Dutch Paul (or rabbiting?)
- Chuck ?
- Benedict Sloane

I am likely running and looking to dip under 4:30, hoping to go out in 2:14-2:15.

Anyone else running?


Midsummer Night's Mile

Friday, July 08, 2011 - Rockville

  • 7:00pm 1mi race (CS,JP)

Dust off those spikes for the Midsummer Night's Mile at Rockville High School. It is a track mile, run in heats, and part of our Championship Series.

The anticipated heats are:

  1. Runners with expected times greater than 8:45.
  2. Runners with expected times greater than 7:50 up to 8:45.
  3. Runners with expected times greater than 7:00 up to 7:50.
  4. Runners with expected times greater than 6:15 up to 7:00.
  5. Runners with expected times greater than 5:45 up to 6:15.
  6. Runners with expected times greater than 5:20 up to 5:45.
  7. Runners with expected times greater than 4:50 up to 5:20.
  8. Runners with expected times of 4:50 or less.

The race is part of our low-key club race series and is free for MCRRC members, $10 for non-members 18 and over, and $5 for non-members under 18. Registration is race-day only starting an hour before the race.

Location & Directions

Rockville High School
2100 Baltimore Rd, Rockville, MD 20851

From I-270, exit onto Rte 28 toward Rockville. Cross Rte 355. Turn left to stay on Rte 28/1st St. Turn right at the traffic light onto Baltimore Rd. Continue for 1.1 miles. Rockville High School is on the left.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time trial review and 7/6 workout

Thanks to everyone who participated in the All American Time Trial on Saturday. I thought it was an unqualified success, and it certainly proved to me that we can do this again in the future when it's appropriate and get good results. It's a lot cheaper than sending everyone to a road race, and we know for sure the course is flat and accurate, so we should keep this arrow in our quiver for use as needed. Mazel tov to Jason Myers on a huge PR of 15:43. We also had a big breakthrough on the women's side as Kate Dart shattered her old 5k PR and broke the 18 minute barrier. Both Jason and Kate have come back from serious setbacks in the past six months, and I'm thrilled for them both.

For the workout this week, the A group (which may be composed of Karl and Dutch Paul as our other A groupers continue to recover from their long spring seasons) will do 3 x 1.5 miles at 5 minute pace with a 3 minute recovery. The B group, which will be considerably larger, will do 5 x 1200 also with a 3 minute recovery, 2 @ 76s, 2 @ 75s, 1 @ 74s.

Fall Race Plans


We need to get a sense of what everyone's (tentative) fall race schedule is, especially the BIG races you intend on running. I've heard rumors of:

RnR Philly Half Marathon - 9/18
Chicago Marathon - 10/9
Army Ten Miler - 10/9
USATF Club XC Champs - 12/10

EVERYONE on the team please "comment" what your basic fall racing season might consist of so that we can begin the long arduous plans of creating teams/working logistics. Also, include the date of the race in case it's not one of the aforementioned events listed above.


Vote for Matias

Matias, he of big frickin calves, is up for becoming the new face of ACCEL® Recover bar, and that face will be featured on a full page ad in Triathlete magazine. He is using his EPIC 2:34 at Boston to demonstrate why he should be selected.

Go to this link to vote:

You can vote once for each e-mail address you have, so if you have a lot of e-mail addresses, vote a lot. This guy has earned your vote. So dig deep into your suitcase of courage and get the job done.

Monday, July 4, 2011

HAPPY 4th---Celebrate your independence by being BOLD

That was a great run today. The humidity is a bit much but its good to get back to running after flirting with Ping Pong. I will figure out a way to share the two.

Matias, go West and become one with the wind. Your job and life will always be safe and sound in the Beltway for when you return. You can become world Champion and we can say we knew you.

The West represents, in a way, the true meaning and actualization of Independence as is coined in Americana----The open space, the endless trails for running, the great mountains for biking, the streams and rivers for fishing, the freewheeling nature of the people, the entrepreneurial spirit and more.

anyhow, if I was 25 or 30 I would do it.

Hope everyone enjoys cookouts, laughter and so on.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

4 July Run @ The Line

UPDATE: ATTN all Americans, please report to The Line at 9am for a run!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

SUNDAY: The Line at 9am

Anyone game?

Kate Dart and Lisa Chilcote set new 5k PRs

Dart crushed her 5k PR this morning, running 17:58 en route to winning the Semper Fi 5k held in Anacostia. Not far behind, Lisa runs a personal best 18:37 to take second place for the women.

GRC All-American 5K Time Trial Results


Jason Myers 15:43
Dickson Mercer 16:02
Matt Logan 16:21