Monday, July 4, 2011

HAPPY 4th---Celebrate your independence by being BOLD

That was a great run today. The humidity is a bit much but its good to get back to running after flirting with Ping Pong. I will figure out a way to share the two.

Matias, go West and become one with the wind. Your job and life will always be safe and sound in the Beltway for when you return. You can become world Champion and we can say we knew you.

The West represents, in a way, the true meaning and actualization of Independence as is coined in Americana----The open space, the endless trails for running, the great mountains for biking, the streams and rivers for fishing, the freewheeling nature of the people, the entrepreneurial spirit and more.

anyhow, if I was 25 or 30 I would do it.

Hope everyone enjoys cookouts, laughter and so on.


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