Friday, July 8, 2011

MCRRC Mile: Tex Paul Runs 4:24

After running 11 miles on Friday morning, Texas Paul made an afternoon decision to jump in the mile and pace teammates Klim and Dix who were aiming for a 4:29 effort (2:14 at the half). Here, roughly, is how the race unfolded:

Tex shoots to early lead and Klim covers move. Dix, and PR's Sloane just back as is Myers who just notched a 15:43 track PR. Tex and Klim hit 400m in 67, Dix in 68-69. At 800m
Tex (2:12) and Klim (2:13) are quickly overtaken by two or three runners, including Myers, who really start to hammer. With 400m to go Tex is still battling for the lead, but cannot match the speed of former UVAer Jessien who goes from 2nd gear to 5th gear with about 250m to go. Meanwhile, Klim and Sloane hit 1209m (400 to go) at 3:20 and begin an all out drive to catch those who went with half mile to go. Tex, like his ancestors at the Alamo, fights until the end for a solid 2nd place. Klim and Sloane pass flailing runner on back stretch and set sites on Barnard, but there is too much real estate to make up. Dix runs very, very even and hits the tape on his 30th birthday with a PR of 4:30. Myers fell back after an aggressive move at 800m and runs 4:34. Frank Fung crosses line in 6th heat in a PR of 5:22.

1 Andrew Jesien 4:19.3
2 Paul Guevara 4:24.0
3 Chris Barnard 4:26.0
4 Jake Klim 4:27.2
5 Chris Sloane 4:27.8
6 Kevin Meehan 4:29.5
7 Will Palmer 4:30.1
8 Dickson Mercer 4:30.6
9 Jason Myers 4:35.4
10 William Orndorff 4:35.9

33 Yukun Fung 5:22.2

Wiggy's preview:

A 4 lap battle... The Mid Summer Nights Mile at Rockville h.s will be the place to be at 8pm tonight. Several GRCers as well as other top area runners will be lacing up the spikes to throw it down. You have the speedsters who salivate just thinking about running the rubber oval...hearing the final lap bell is go time for these guys. Then, there are the strength runners. The boys with the gas tank who will welcome a quick early pace... just try shaking these guys- no easy task. Who knows how this battle will unfold tonight.
races start at 7PM with the seeded race at 8PM.


Andy said...

Very exciting but I am not racing and never planned on it (will be at the race as a hired spectator). Not after last year's debacle.

Chris Vames Sloane said...

from England tho...

KLIM said...

Chuck is also out. He is in NC.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

Correction: Current record is 4:22:06.

I will run the 6th heat, then sit back to watch last two heats.