Sunday, March 30, 2008

Video Coverage of Cherry Blossom

I know most of our runners are racing next Sunday, but if anyone is going to be watching the race, I'd appreciate a second camera unit for a race video. I can provide you with a video camera. Also, I would appreciate suggestions for music for this video as I am currently drawing a blank.

High 63°F...Low 42°F

Weather reports for Sunday, April 6 indicate ideal racing conditions in Washington DC...DEVELOPING...

The Measuring Stick

Melissa dropped Chris Bain and I off at Sycamore Landing (photo) and we warmed up on our way to the towpath. We started our watches at mile marker 27 and continued south towards Old Anglers Inn. The goal was to run 15 at marathon pace and hopefully feel good (not taxed) doing so. We hit a 6:12 first mile and then began to get into the zone. The mile markers are not spot on so that threw us off a bit. We thought we were slow, but we were actually a bit fast and then we picked it up a notch. Chris diligently figured out our spilts (below) but our pace was 5:59 for the first 5, 5:57 for the second and 5:46 pace for the final 5. Or 5:51 pace for the last 10 miles. We hit 1/2 marathon in approximately 1:17:30 and 15 in 1:27:50...or 5:54 pace. I finally can nail down a pace for Boston based on this workout. The mile marker "fiasco" would not have occured during the real race, so I won't think about hitting 5:46 pace so early. We both felt good but agreed we'd feel 100% better when we tapered. I ran my highest week of mileage this week (92) so I am happy with the effort. I am sure Chris is in the midst of taxed legs too, so all and all, this was a good sign. We cooled down a couple miles and call the day 18.5 then drank Stella Artois in parking lot while we waited for Melissa to finish up. A quality run!

Actual "Mile" Distance / Mile Pace

0.98 06:12
1.00 05:57
0.97 05:49
0.97 05:58
0.95 06:00
1.02 06:06
0.95 05:56
1.01 05:59
0.98 05:54
1.07 05:50
1.00 05:50
1.01 05:45
1.02 05:45
1.11 05:41
0.84 05:49

Sunday run

There was another good turnout for today's run.
While stretching at the line after we finished I noticed the following flyer. Hmm...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day at the track

Done for the day!
Originally uploaded by christiam.
Today Patrick, Mike, and I ran at the UMD home meet, Patrick and Mike ran the 5k, I ran the 1500 and 800. While I raced like an inexperienced high school boy and didn't run stellar times, both Mike and Patrick ran PRs on a nice but windy day. Detailed reports are left as an exercise to the runners, but the pics should do some justice in the meantime... enjoy!


Live from Lockwood and fun in the city

today, i busted it to the national marathon with my bud zach britton who, was running the half. got to the race at rfk and saw the wild and wacky jay wind ordering people about. even caught a glimpse of cookie doing his thing.

i had zero idea of what to expect as i had not tackled anything over 18 since the marine corps and my training has been sporadic, at best. to be honest, i did not even care or think about it. life is short and the present is the time to live.

wardian was there as was merkel, dane, my old friend chris hamley, haaga and many others.

the gun went off and we were thrown into the streets of dc. I ran it slow and easy and felt fine the whole way. 2:47, i think was my finishing time.

  • ran a marathon on limited mileage and no speedwork and did ok.
  • the legs are a bit fatigued but the body is strong. moeser's weight lifting has worked.
  • had fun
  • saw the city


  • could have gotten hurt
  • tight as heck
  • slowest marathon ever
  • got passed by merkel at the end. was feeling good but had no turnover at all.
  • not enough crowd support
its all good

SunTrust National Marathon

Camped out in front of my place to watch our Elites run by this morning during the SunTrust National Marathon. Was able to pick out Raabe and Lockwood who were looking strong.

Friday, March 28, 2008



Luke and I and Rolly might need some help out there tomorrow. I am not racing but still will need some push at the end. Some of you guys who are running around town tomorrow morning should swing by Adams Morgan around 8:30-45 to help tug some of us along.

Sunday LR?

Is anyone doing a long run on sunday?
Post your thoughts below!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rock Creek Clean Up

Next Saturday I am going to volunteer to clean up Rock Creek. I run along the creek numerous times a week. For some, including me, it is the only rural haven in this Metropolis...and unfortunately, it gets trashed on by our population. I am going to "do my part" and help for a few hours. Is anyone else interested? We could have a solid contingent of GRCers giving back to the community.

Let me know if anyone is interested. Maybe we could run after? It's the day before Cherry Blossom so I'll be taking it super easy anyways.

I hope the weather stays a bit cool...I don't want to run into any black snakes emerging for the spring freshlet.
Help Clean Up Trash in Rock Creek Park!
April 5 is the Annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup. There will be cleanup sites all over the area, and many of them will be along Rock Creek and its tributaries. To find a cleanup site on our interactive map of the Rock Creek Watershed,
select this link. Sites will be added frequently, so check back often.

To sign up as a volunteer, please
click here to register through our listing on Volunteer Match.
This is a fun and rewarding way to help the parks!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ON A WHIM.....................

I decided to run the National Marathon on Sat. If you all want to come out for the cause and throw a gell my way or even a water baloon, its all about the love.

much ado about nothing

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

planning ahead

assuming most of the marathoners survive, which they will, i am planning some shorter races for this summer for the team. In early June, there is the LHH and in mid- May there is the Capital Hill Classic. Both are 10ks.

I am also in the midst of organizing a race that will be our version of the Battle of the Boulevard. At present, the location is top secret. However, upon disclosure of the locale and time, I will hope to recruit a few of you for the cause. I will say this much. It is going to be a summer evening 10 miler with hefty cash prizes.

PS. Jarrin, i apologize for not showing up this am. I was out until 2am and needed some extra ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs. Life is short and running is tiring and there is just too much to do and too many things to enjoy.

somewhere down the road i will make it up to you.

peace out

Scope It Out 5K / Ashburn 5 Miler

If anyones up for a little speed work I'm running the Scope It Out 5k this weekend. Should be fast seeing as how it is in West Potomac Park. Here is the link Oh BTW, didn't run the 5k in Pitt, three inches of snow this past Saturday, no thanks. But did run Ashburn 5 miler with Billy A. Although we both ran two completely different races, his smart, mine not so much, we finished within ten seconds of eachother. I got 6th and Billy took 7th both running about 5:25 pace. Laura on the other hand lead the entire race blocking the wind for one Alissa Harvey who with 400m to go sprinted on by and took an extra 100 bucks on the way. Laura then decided to run a 10.5 mile trail race the next day and won by about seven or 8 minutes (that's hard core). I guess it was inevitable, 3rd at St. Paddy's, 2nd at Ashburn and 1st at Backyard Burn Trail race. Let me know if anyone is running Scope it Out and we can meet up and warm up together. Peace

Workout tomorrow

This is the second thread, I just wanted to bring it back up to the top. Since many of us are doing a longer MP run over the weekend... we are altering tomorrows workout at 6:30 to:

2x mile sub MP
4 miles MP
2x mile sub MP

We can decide whether or not we want to go cap cresc or track. Patrick expressed interest on the track with the intent of setting up a water station.

Also, we may grab some dinner/snacks afterwards in bethesda. Klim mentioned something about his frequent buyers club card at Rock Bottom. I will be abstaining until monday evening/night of boston and then I will be a beer slut for a month or so.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Boston Numbers...are OUT!

Jason just sent me an e-mail notifying I'm notifying YOU:

BAIN - 1147
REAVES - 1275
KLIM - 1279
MURPHY - 1483
DWYER - 2138
JARRIN - 2481
ERNST - 4660

As a BM virgin (awaiting jokes), do any of you "studs" (sticking with analogy) have an idea as to where to meet pre-race...before we enter corrals. And what time? Bain, Murphy, Reaves and me will be in the same corral...Jason you will need to run 4:30, catch us and then begin a 25.2 miiles race...or we can simply do what you said in your e-mail.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Seems like all of you should run the marathon fine. You have been doing races and quality long runs for a long time.

Klim, get healthy. Go and get a massage or two to work out the kinks and or tears.

When i was running my best marathons I did not run as hard as you guys are now.

The key ingrediant for my limited success was LOVE. You need to have the love energy going in all alspects of life. This leads to confidence which leads to a great run.

BTW---Love comes in many forms and faces. Love Thyself, love the body and love others.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Patrick's Day 5k

Jake and Chris both had good races up in Baltimore this Sunday. Check out the photos I took in the comment section.

Workout NEXT Weekend

I am doing my Sycamore Landing to Old Anglers Inn run NEXT weekend. My goal is to run this at marathon pace btwn 5:50-5:55. It's 15 miles straight; no stops, no recovery...but it should feel easy, or at least somewhat comfortable. I'll get dropped off there and run straight back.

Last year I did this workout solo and it was a great mental boost. I truly need one of these right now. If anyone is interested in joining, please let me know, but this is NOT a race. It's steady. I can do either Saturday & Sunday...there is slight possibility I'll challenge the kitten-killer Bert at the Scope-it-Out 5k on Sunday, so I'm leaning towards Saturday. If I don't do the 5k (speedwork for Cherry B) I'll make Saturday's run closer to 20 (15 "hard" + 5 w/u & c/d).

TRAINING UPDATE - I've been feeling like "shit run over twice" lately. My knee is okay, but my shins...and now even my feet (!) hurt. I have a feeling this will all pass, but running isn't much fun right now. I hate feeling aches and pains while running, but one needs to keep his eye on the prize. That prize is April.

Let me know about Sycamore...

Nowhere to run...

Milage for the week: zero. Not only is it impossible to run, it's illegal. Forgive me for momentarily turning the blog into animal planet but...

I've been in Kruger National Park in South Africa since Sunday afternoon. This is the largest natural park in South Africa rumored to be approximately the size of Israel.
There is nowhere to run because wild animals live, breed, roam and die here. There are no fences, no control mechanisms and no security for the stupid.
I've stayed at three separate game lodges/camps and have now gone on 7 gaming expiditions. Been outside of cell phone range and with zero connectivity until today. I've seen lions hunting impala at night, a pissed off young bull elephant charge a car, hyenas drink their bath water and a startled rhino getting into a full sprint barely missing our Landrover.
Few more days of vacation and considering blowing off a second London excursion and coming home instead. What's the plan for next Sunday?

Workout, next wed.

In an attempt to bring us all together for a united workout, I will post a week in advance. surely things may come up between now and then... but, I'll toss out:

Wed, meet at BCC, 6:30- run on cap cresc... 3x3 mile @MP (marathon pace), mile recovery. finish with 10 striders. (mile up, mile down... total of 14.5 miles.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Do any of you think that a local/citizen runner- road racer would ever embark on such a journey in order to win, say, the V-Day 10K?

I can't fathom it but sometimes I hear things that make me wonder.

What all say the masses?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Workout at BCC this Wednesday?
Congrats to Klim and Bain on their 5K performance and everyone that ran over the weekend.

RCP to CCT to C&O 22

Patrick Reaves and I (and others?) will be running the highly touted RCP to CCT to C&O 22 mile on Saturday morning. I need to get underway by 9am sharp because I'm leaving town that afternoon.

I need to confirm, but I think we'll start at the Barnes & Noble Parking lot in downtown Bethesda and work our way south down the Capl Crescent Trail to the Canal...then south to the Rock Creek Park trail...then north up the RCP trail/Beach Drive past "The Line" up the the Georgetown Branch Trail and back to B&N where, in turn, my dead body will be buried.

You can sort of follow the loop on this map. It's the almost complete oval in the middle of the screen. . "Close up" the oval and you'll see the loop in its entirety.

"Comment" if you are interested in all/part of the run. I plan to take it VERY easy for the first half.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Running in Cape Town

There's a quay that leads south out from the Waterfront in Cape Town and hugs the coast towards Clifton Bay and beyond. This is just one of the spectacular views along the way.

All things work ended today around 2pm local time and I was so pumped up I took it out on a long run. 14 miles at a 6:47 pace. Total retard because now my knee is killing me.

I've decided to take next week off and stay in Africa. My first real vacation in a long time. I'm traveling to a game reserve for a few days and then off to some other cool places...details to come (sooner if I have connectivity). Would like to chase a cheetah or something.

KLIM - I'm honored I'm included for Boston but I will disappoint as I'm using it as a slow (like really slow) training run because I'm going for a PR one month later in Michigan.


The Holly Grail. Monty Python might be a bit passe for some of you but I came of age on that stuff.

Anyway, seems like many this weekend are like knights on a quest. There is O Hara and Askey heading to Ashburn to battle it out in some industrial park at the Van Metre Five miler.

Klim and Bain heading to B-more to run and drink.


then there is fearless Nate Timm running the Shamrock Half in Virginia Beach.

Others going for Glory?

If someone actually wins a race they get a prize of some sort.


I got a message from Cherry Blossom asking me to confirm some things, etc.

Anyway, everyone is on a team except for Dylan. According to the Cherry Blossom database there is no Dylan Keith signed up.

Dylan, whats up?


I have signed everyone who is registered at Boston as a team...including the International Esquire, JARRIN.

Men's Open Team
1 Bain, Christopher C. ()
2 Dwyer, Jason ()
3 Ernst, Matthew ()
4 Jarrin, Robert ()
5 Murphy, Patrick ()
6 Reaves, Patrick ()
7 Klim, Jake ()


Click "Play" next to Friday:

Steve Meinelt article

Leading Edge: Steve Meinelt
Capital Talent
By Douglas Eldridge

In 1964, Mick Jagger sang: “Time is on my side. Yes it is. Time, Time, Time is on my side.” That was 19 years before Steve Meinelt was born, yet those timeless lyrics ring true for one of the youngest men to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials this November. For Meinelt (who turned 24 in May) time is definitely on his side.Originally from Topsfield, MA, Meinelt attended the University of New Hampshire for the first three years of college, where he anchored the track and cross country programs. With eligibility remaining, he made the decision to transfer to Georgetown University. He ran both cross country and track for the Hoyas before receiving his degree from the storied D.C. institution, in May 2006.

Upon graduation, Meinelt surprised a lot of people by opting to stay in the nation’s capitol, as it would serve as a proving ground for what would be the biggest athletic experiment of his young career: stepping off of the track and onto the road for the marathon. For Meinelt, however, the decision to stay in the nation’s capital after graduation was an easy one. “The training is actually really great in the D.C. area. There are numerous, well-kept trails which are readily accessible from almost anywhere. And even though I do most of my training solo, there are several groups to train with as well as some of my former teammates at Georgetown.”

In 2006, Meinelt excelled soon after transitioning to the road race circuit, posting several wins and numerous podium performances. This continued into 2007 when he finished 11th overall at the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler in April, top American in a field that stacked with foreign distance racing talent.

Yet despite success at the shorter distances, both Meinelt and his coach, Robert Hoppler, agree that he has finally found his event in the marathon. “I’ve always been intrigued by the marathon and I knew that some day I would like to move up to that distance. I feel like my body and training style are geared more toward the longer distances—both in training and in racing. But the best thing is that I’m nowhere near my peak. That could be several years away.”

If that bears true, Meinelt, and US distance running in general, are in good hands. In his debut effort at the distance, he ran 2:18:15 at the Chevron Houston Marathon. “I was just concerned about hitting the qualifying time. I know that in my next marathon, I’m capable of running a much faster time.”

Others concur with Meinelt’s potential and this spring the Road Runners Club of America selected him as a recipient of the prestigious 2007 Roads Scholar Award. In typical fashion, Meinelt smiled, laughed, and tried to defer credit. “I work really hard. I’m honored by the award and I feel I’ve got a lot to prove. In the end I just need to be patient in my preparation. All I’ve got is time.”

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Just kidding sort of................

Life is getting busy and I need to wake up wicked early on the weekends now. Anyway, I need to start my weekend runs by 8:30am at the latest. Thus, I am bagging the race this sat and the most I could do for sat is a line or store run at 8:30am. On Sunday I am meeting Moeser and some runners from yesteryear from out that way for a CHILL trails run with food at the Diner after. We are meeting at the Difficult Run parking lot at 8am.

Jake and the rest of you guys who are running hard. Aside from the ice bath, I highly recommend active release massage therapy. If you are tight now but not injured, now is the time to go. Don't play around now that you all are on top of your games. All it takes is one muscle to get out of wack due to tightness and fatigue and thats it. Ritz, Meb and even the tier two guys go in for that stuff on a regular basis.

2 videos to share

one video is of Ritz's marathon training:

the other is a photo montage of Pre to music which is a little odd, but gets going after 2 minutes:

I've been reading Bowerman and the men of oregon, and absolutely love the book. Kenny Moore is actually a good writer, in contrast to Parker... who tells a good work of fiction... Moore is at a bit of a disadvantage with the genre of biography.... book club anyone?

Track Workout

We had a solid crew last night at the BCC track: me, Dywer, Murphy, Nate Timm, Reaves, Bain, Christiam and former Univ of MD star Mike Fleg.

The majority of us ran some form of 2 mile repeats (smoe more/less than others), but Christiam was doing 200s (mile training). Below are the rough times:

3200 (10:49) 400m rest, 3200 (10:38) 400m rest, 3200 (10:38) 400m rest, 3200 (10:36)
Dwyer & Reaves did most of the heavy lifting while Murphy, Bain and me sat behind. Murphy and I bailed after one mile (5:23) on the last set.

I'd be Pinocchio if I were to say the workout wasn't rough...definitely tougher than I thought. I was a bit light headed too after the cooldown. Dwyer and I drove to 711 and ate gummy worms, dots and other stupid sugary objetcs. My stomach was a wreck when I got home and I tumbled in my bed for a couple hours last night wondering why and how a gnome with a pointy hat got inside by belly.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I might be doing a race with Dave O and Billy A on Sat. I still need to do a long run on Sun.

For those doing a long run on Sun where are we going? Difficult Run, the Line, etc. Someone take the lead.

Weekend Runs

Per the 5k race on Sunday, I am forced to run long on Saturday. I was planning to hit up Riley's Lock for an easy 15-18. Maybe 9:30am. 75% of the run is on natural terrain; the towpath and dirt roads. Those of you who want to venture away from Metropolis can meet me there for 10-20 (I have suggestions on how to go longer/shorter).

There ALSO may be a run from the store on Saturday? For those who want to stay closer to home.

On Sunday I head to Charm City and go for the "W". Post-race I'll run a solid cooldown then drown myself in sweet sweet Guinness.

NOW I UNDERSTAND.....................


AS....... MR. X

Foot injury clinic tomorrow night

The NRH Regional Rehab Health Running Lecture Series
Presented in partnership with:
Georgetown Running Company
The Sports Club/LA
Medstar Sports Health

Everyone from the avid to novice runner is faced with a myriad of training related injuries which can be prevented with proper education, shoe wear, cross-training, and running technique. Access to medical and training experts is limited and can be difficult. So, we at NRH Regional Rehab, and our partners in fitness and medicine decided, “Why not bring the medical experts to the public?”

Why should you attend? It’s a series of quick, free, and informative lectures designed to help you understand your body to better prevent training related injuries. Did I say that it was FREE!
If not to learn about your body and training, come by to meet some fellow runners, pick up some free giveaways (Like tech-shirts form the Running Company), maybe even win a pair of new shoes!.

RSVP Today!

Week 1: Erica Schwartz, DPM. “Common Foot Injuries and how to Prevent them.”
Wed 3/12, 6-7 PM
Hosted by: Georgetown Running Company @ Chevy Chase,
4461 Willard Ave. Chevy Chase, MD (301)215-6355

New Training for GRC

Last year, Jake, Christiam, and I went paintballing and took down some marines while also protecting a mother turtle lay her eggs. This year, in expanding our friendly rivalry with Pacers, I challenged Bert to muster a squad for an afternoon of paintballing. He agreed and seems to think he can rally his crew.

How does one of the last two weekends up in Frederick, MD? People can come for just the afternoon or longer- campout, run in the mountains, shoot up some Pacers.

In the meantime, we will be bringing paintball guns on our long runs. Bring your own Napalm.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brentwood Half Marathon...

...outside of London, UK.

I ran the Equity Brentwood Half Marathon
about an hour outside of London, this past Sunday March 9. The lonely course takes you through windy and rolling fields that are occasionally interrupted by townships that boast a pub or two. The scene prior to the event was chaos: a staff of 10 people with 10 port-a-johns servicing 2,050 frantic people fighting to get bibs, drop bags and hit the Head all at once. Ridiculously my former PR (1:23:25) qualified me as an "elite" (ha!) which after waiting with some friends for half an hour, I lamely used to get to the front, score my bib and part the sea of runners and get to the corral thirty seconds before the gun went off.


The organizers put up a nice kitty for this race ($1,000.00) which apparently attracted some of England's finest. The winner (Phil Sly) ran a 1:07:07, with the top woman (Susan Patridge) running a 1:16:21. I ran a new PR at 1:21:37 (6:13 pace) placing me 48th out of 2,051. Although that would qualify as slow for 98% of our compadres, this is a nice accomplishment for me. I had more gas in the furnace though, so expect a new PR soon. More importantly, my finish qualifies me for NYC 2008. To the right is a picture after the race with my old friend Jany (R) who's living in London and my new friend Nicola (L).

This would be my first Blog. I travel internationally pretty much every week and on occasion will post something interesting. I've been running with the likes of Chris, Christiam, Dylan, Klim, Patrick, Patrick M., and of course the irascible Maxfield Lockwood since October of last year. I credit all of you for making me more like a runner.

Four hours after the above picture was taken on Sunday I was on an overnight flight to Cape Town, South Africa. On Monday I hiked up Table Mountain towards Devil's Peak and ran down near the Water Front early this morning. South Africa is gorgeous and is hosting an ultra-marathon Easter weekend (34 miler).

Hope everyone's running strong...

Tuesday evening runs?

Is anyone running this evening from the Chevy Chase GRC store tonight? I vaguely remember this being the case.... is it at 7pm?

Track Workout - Wednesday evening

If anyone is interested, P. Murphy and I are running a track workout tomorrow evening after work at Bethesda-Chevy Chase high school in downtown Bethesda. It's a great place to run workouts because it's well lit, even in the dark (which it will be by the time we finish).

This week I wanted to do something longer and more marathon-specific: something like 3-4 x 2 mile @ HM pace OR a 5k-4k-3k-2k-1k cutdown. I still haven't quite nailed it down, but I'm leaning toward the latter.

We'll meet at 6:30 in the parking lot to warm up. If anyone wants to join, leave a comment here or drop me an email ( so we know how many folks to expect before we get going.

Monday, March 10, 2008


What are people doing for recovery and increasing blood flow to damaged muscle groups? Anyone doing anything cutting edge out there? Kidding about the EPO thing but sometimes I do wonder:) While running on the mill i watched a whole excerpt about Marion Jones and the show highlighted her adamant denial of doing drugs. How tragic.


Now that it is staying light out for longer, I will doing fartlek runs every wed from the M street store at 5:30PM. All abilities are welcome.

The objective is to build strength and endurance for long races 1/2 marathon and up.

2x1 mile warm up and then 3 minutes on and 1 off and 2 on and 1 off and 1 on and 1 off and repeat this 8 times with a cool down of 2 miles.

Starting time is next week.


I need to find Chris's(the vegan) e-mail. anyone have it?

also, what do people think about training on the treadmill? pros and cons.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ashburn Van Metre 5 Miler March 15th

Hey guys my plan is to race my *ss into shape so I'm going on a three week Irish Racing Tear, St. Paddy's (ouch that hurt), then I next weekend LT and I are running Van Metre 5 miler in Ashburn here's the link , then I'm heading back to Pittsburgh to run the Shamrock Shuffle on the 22nd. If anyone is up for the Ashburn race and needs a ride I can accommodate. Later and thanks to those that were out there cheering it was frick'n cold man!

St. Patrick's Day 8K

It was cold, but its looks like our team put in a solid effort.

Interview with Bert (Pacers)


I woke up with a sore throat and wimped out and slept in.

I hope people ran well. Someone who ran the 8k please post a report.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Meeting for the 8K

What time is everyone want to meet for the St. Pats 8K for a warm up?

Working at the run co.

Guys we are looking to ad a semi full time to full time person. If anyone knows someone that might be interested please pass along this message. Several of the people in the group now work with us, Max Jason, Allen, Wilson, Chris. We are looking for a minimum of 25 hrs per week and are willing to work around school/races. Good environment, with great discounts, opportunity for advancement. Requirments are simple; a fit person who is willing to work one day on the weekend and is comfortable interacting with fellow runners.

Ben Cooke
201887 2884

Filming the 8K

I can film tomorrow's race on my company's good miniDV camera but I don't have a way to edit it or put it on YouTube that I can post it on the blog.

If I film this and hand the tape to someone (cough - Peter Silverman), would that someone be able to put it online? I think I can do a pretty good "news package" piece tomorrow.

PS - here is something I put together a 1/2 decade ago before the 2002 NCAA Cross Country Champs in Terra Haute, IN. We went around the mid-western town quizing the local gentry about the championships before asking fans at water holes who they thought would win. Funny stuff...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Don't forget Daylight Saving Time!

Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night... or you'll miss the race!

In related news, DST actually causes the consumption of more energy according to a University of California study.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Saturday Run

I am meeting Patrick Murphy (and others?) at "The Line" on Saturday at 9am for a long run. Those who want to run less (due to the race the next day) can do that too. You'll get to hear my jokes and stories of heroism for half the time.
Note - "The Line" means the DC/Md line of Rock Creek Park on Beach Drive...or where we meet for half our runs. Pretty soon I'll open a trading post there.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I suggest we get coffee sometime after the race on Sunday. There are a million Starbucks and such around.

Is there interest?



A & B

I forget who all is on which. In a few days you can look it up on the Cherry Blossom site.

I took my name off a team so that young Zach Britton can run. He told me he is going to run 53 minutes.

Zach you owe me bud

Should be fun

PSSSSSSSS.......Jake, I told the Race Director you will break 51 minutes and PR

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Back in the days of yesteryear this was the race to be at. I remember a young Erik Kean breaking the course record in 30 something. I remember a not so young Jim Hage surging past me with quarter of a mile to go and maybe about 4 years ago, a fleet Steve $ coming up on my rear end and passing me with less than a half of a mile to go. Its the best 10k in the city in terms running through a neighborhood.

I highly recommend it_________

Long Run on....Saturday?

Due to the race on Sunday, I was thinking or doing my long run on Saturday. I am NOT racing Sunday, but have a better chance of getting some company for 18 miles on Saturday.

I will be at the race cheering on Sunday and will join those running on a cooldown (I'll simply tack on extra and get in 10 or so).

Does anyone want to run 18 on Saturday?


People have been running hard. Take it easy and let the muscles recover. don't run more than two days in a row on the pavement or down the road you will regret it.

youth is wasted on the young or something like that

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dragon Invitational

Is anyone interested in running at the Howard Community College Dragon Invitational on 3/22? I'll be running the 800m and 1500m, I believe they also have a 5k and 10k, maybe even relay races? If interested, you can register at, the meet code is 46261 (you have to register as an individual).
Post a comment or drop me a line if you're going!

Regarding the 8k this weekend.................

please be reasonable. I have received more than my fair share of e-mails today asking for in an ever so apologetic tone, can i join the team? the team roster has been posted for a while so you know the deal.

anyway, with that off my chest, we will have an army out there so people better run well.

also, i am assuming that only those who contacted me and were not on the original roster, faxed in registrations.

if i find out they received 20 additional registration forms i will be a bit ticked.


Boston 08

What are people's logistical plans, like when are you heading up to boston and how? when are you returning. where are you staying? How are you getting to the line? what are you doing that night?

I will be staying in Brockton, MA. 20 miles or so due south of Boston, 45 minutes away from hopkinton. We probably will have a spare bedroom and ample sofa/floor space for an airmatress or sleeping bag.

I am considering having chrissie drop me off at hopkinton state park (.7 miles from the start and there will be a shuttle) or at the "south street industrial park?" also about a mile away. looks like roads in the vicinity close around 7/7:30? I don't know how much i want to explore this... has anyone done either of these, and in particular last year... since it was the year they changed the times?

Is anyone driving up and would like some company/gas money?

Please go to this website, fill out the form and fax

this is for all running the 8k this sunday. do not pay. please write Georgetown Running Company and Kathy/Comp in that general area on the form.


In honor of Mighty Chuck Moeser, who introduced me to this running spot, i might do this.............Difficult Run Cross Country 8kSat 4/5, 9:00amGreat Falls, VA

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today's run was tough. Reaves is like superman out there. We took shots trying to wear him down but to no avail. I even threw a few darts of Kryptonite that simply bounced off of him. The only one able to sustain his might is none other than the silent assassin, Chris Bain.

In all seriousness, unless you guys get injured, you should be able to break 2:30 at Boston.

Keep it up.

My training is going ok. Total miles for this week was about 59. Trying to work out all kinks before the mighty marathon.

Nate Timm, its time to roll.
Money, no more excuses.
Dylan, wear some shorts.
Jarrin____stop obsessing about your inadequacies that do not exist and run a 1:18 half.

peace out.

Mt Washington Race

Anyone interested in the Mt Washington Road Race? It's a unique experience, 7.6 miles long with nearly 5,000 feet of climb (nearly 12.5% avg grade). I've done it before, and for some reason I kind of want to do it again. It's in June, in NH, and there's a lottery to enter. The lotto closes on March 15. The deal is, if there's a group of us who want to go, we can sign up together and have a "shared fate" in the lotto--all in or none in. Supposedly the chances are identical to individual entry, but if we all get in, it might be a cool group trip.