Saturday, March 29, 2008


Live from Lockwood and fun in the city

today, i busted it to the national marathon with my bud zach britton who, was running the half. got to the race at rfk and saw the wild and wacky jay wind ordering people about. even caught a glimpse of cookie doing his thing.

i had zero idea of what to expect as i had not tackled anything over 18 since the marine corps and my training has been sporadic, at best. to be honest, i did not even care or think about it. life is short and the present is the time to live.

wardian was there as was merkel, dane, my old friend chris hamley, haaga and many others.

the gun went off and we were thrown into the streets of dc. I ran it slow and easy and felt fine the whole way. 2:47, i think was my finishing time.

  • ran a marathon on limited mileage and no speedwork and did ok.
  • the legs are a bit fatigued but the body is strong. moeser's weight lifting has worked.
  • had fun
  • saw the city


  • could have gotten hurt
  • tight as heck
  • slowest marathon ever
  • got passed by merkel at the end. was feeling good but had no turnover at all.
  • not enough crowd support
its all good

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