Thursday, March 13, 2008

Track Workout

We had a solid crew last night at the BCC track: me, Dywer, Murphy, Nate Timm, Reaves, Bain, Christiam and former Univ of MD star Mike Fleg.

The majority of us ran some form of 2 mile repeats (smoe more/less than others), but Christiam was doing 200s (mile training). Below are the rough times:

3200 (10:49) 400m rest, 3200 (10:38) 400m rest, 3200 (10:38) 400m rest, 3200 (10:36)
Dwyer & Reaves did most of the heavy lifting while Murphy, Bain and me sat behind. Murphy and I bailed after one mile (5:23) on the last set.

I'd be Pinocchio if I were to say the workout wasn't rough...definitely tougher than I thought. I was a bit light headed too after the cooldown. Dwyer and I drove to 711 and ate gummy worms, dots and other stupid sugary objetcs. My stomach was a wreck when I got home and I tumbled in my bed for a couple hours last night wondering why and how a gnome with a pointy hat got inside by belly.


DaveO said...

That's great! It makes a huge difference when you have others to do track workouts with. I don't want to cut your numbers down but if people can't get to the track in Maryland I do workouts at Washington & Lee HS with the Pacers guys on Wednesdays (however schedule has been changing as of late) and they are more than willing to add to the group. We usually have 5 to 7 guys that run workouts from about 5 min pace(my slow ass) to 4:40 pace. I am Laura's ride home and I work in Fairfax so it just works out better for me. Email me if you
want to join in. Latersssssssss

KLIM said...

If I lived in No VA or DC I would def go.

What time do you all meet? I can add it to the "weekly w/o" section.

RM said...

Wow, sick workout. Make fun of Mike Fleg next time you see him. Actually, Jake, I'm sure you're aware - he's racing this weekend and has recently put down a 15:42, so I imagine he'll be in 15:30 or better shape at this course.

Also, not that any of you live/work up here, but if for some reason you need to, we do workouts at Gilman High School (few miles north of Baltimore/south of 695 off 83) on Tuesdays at 6:30.