Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scope It Out 5K / Ashburn 5 Miler

If anyones up for a little speed work I'm running the Scope It Out 5k this weekend. Should be fast seeing as how it is in West Potomac Park. Here is the link http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1489810. Oh BTW, didn't run the 5k in Pitt, three inches of snow this past Saturday, no thanks. But did run Ashburn 5 miler with Billy A. Although we both ran two completely different races, his smart, mine not so much, we finished within ten seconds of eachother. I got 6th and Billy took 7th both running about 5:25 pace. Laura on the other hand lead the entire race blocking the wind for one Alissa Harvey who with 400m to go sprinted on by and took an extra 100 bucks on the way. Laura then decided to run a 10.5 mile trail race the next day and won by about seven or 8 minutes (that's hard core). I guess it was inevitable, 3rd at St. Paddy's, 2nd at Ashburn and 1st at Backyard Burn Trail race. Let me know if anyone is running Scope it Out and we can meet up and warm up together. Peace


Billy said...

I think I'm going to run it as well Dave. What time would you want to meet up?

DaveO said...

Nice, I'm going to warm up around 7:30 for about 15 min and then change my shoes do some striders etc. I'm going to try and run 5:10's till my wheels come off. I think I can keep it together for 5k. Are you trying to run something in the low 16's as well?

Billy said...

Alright, well I'll try and catch up with you for the warmup. I'll probably do a longer warmup, but I'll come back to meet you at 7:30. I'd imagine I'll be around 16:20.