Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today's run was tough. Reaves is like superman out there. We took shots trying to wear him down but to no avail. I even threw a few darts of Kryptonite that simply bounced off of him. The only one able to sustain his might is none other than the silent assassin, Chris Bain.

In all seriousness, unless you guys get injured, you should be able to break 2:30 at Boston.

Keep it up.

My training is going ok. Total miles for this week was about 59. Trying to work out all kinks before the mighty marathon.

Nate Timm, its time to roll.
Money, no more excuses.
Dylan, wear some shorts.
Jarrin____stop obsessing about your inadequacies that do not exist and run a 1:18 half.

peace out.


KLIM said...

Yes. That was a solid run. My confidence was boosted and I am diligently working my angles in order to get into Boston. I kidnapped the race director's kids so I hope he'll play ball.

Reaves and Bain dropped me after my last ditch attempt at staying with them on the last hill. I shuffle jogged it in. They still had to tack on 6 miles!

Melissa said...

Max, I loved your email to the RunWashington list yesterday detailing the reasons why the GRC is so cool. All valid points.

In case you missed it...

"What makes for such a combination?

Its......... .....

1) chemistry. people in the group get along, support one another and are comfortable being themselves.

2) Cool factor. Everyone is cool and easygoing. No egos or control freaks.

3) We all want to see one another do better and stay healthy.

4) There is enough wisdom and intelligence to keep everyone honest and abreast of latest running information."

RM said...

Those are some pretty good reasons, because, let's be honest - how can you put a price on "cool factor?"

JARRIN said...

Maxy,, - Thanks for building my confidence. Truth is I've never been a "serious" runner and the newly found dedication is paying off, not to mention everyone's mentoring. We'll see what we can do at the WireFly Half. Querey: How do I get on the RunWashington list? My e-mail is: