Friday, March 14, 2008

Running in Cape Town

There's a quay that leads south out from the Waterfront in Cape Town and hugs the coast towards Clifton Bay and beyond. This is just one of the spectacular views along the way.

All things work ended today around 2pm local time and I was so pumped up I took it out on a long run. 14 miles at a 6:47 pace. Total retard because now my knee is killing me.

I've decided to take next week off and stay in Africa. My first real vacation in a long time. I'm traveling to a game reserve for a few days and then off to some other cool places...details to come (sooner if I have connectivity). Would like to chase a cheetah or something.

KLIM - I'm honored I'm included for Boston but I will disappoint as I'm using it as a slow (like really slow) training run because I'm going for a PR one month later in Michigan.


MAX said...

dude, forget about running, whats the safari like? any cool animals to be seen?

KLIM said...

JARRIN - I'll be mighty pissed if you don't break you know what I had to do to get you on that team?

JARRIN said...

I'm flying out tomorrow to Krueger National Reserve which is purportedly about the size of Israel. I'll be staying in two separate lodges for three days inside the reserve with daily game drives to see the animals. I'm hoping to catch "The Big 5" which include lions, elephants, African buffalo, rhinos and leopards. Hopefully, I'll be able to run while there and not get eaten.