Monday, March 10, 2008


What are people doing for recovery and increasing blood flow to damaged muscle groups? Anyone doing anything cutting edge out there? Kidding about the EPO thing but sometimes I do wonder:) While running on the mill i watched a whole excerpt about Marion Jones and the show highlighted her adamant denial of doing drugs. How tragic.


KLIM said...

On Saturday, I bought a 32 gallon construction trash barrel and filled it 3/4 with water. It sits on my balcony and I dump giant ice blocks in it. I put on some thick wool socks and the sit in there for 101-5 mins. It's great.

For those of us who live in condos/apts and don't have a backyard, but do have a balcony, this trash barrel ice bath is key.

Scott said...

Jake, I assume you have these already but if not, this is the best $16.50 you can spend. I think I found them for around $10 when I bought my trash can.