Monday, March 17, 2008

RCP to CCT to C&O 22

Patrick Reaves and I (and others?) will be running the highly touted RCP to CCT to C&O 22 mile on Saturday morning. I need to get underway by 9am sharp because I'm leaving town that afternoon.

I need to confirm, but I think we'll start at the Barnes & Noble Parking lot in downtown Bethesda and work our way south down the Capl Crescent Trail to the Canal...then south to the Rock Creek Park trail...then north up the RCP trail/Beach Drive past "The Line" up the the Georgetown Branch Trail and back to B&N where, in turn, my dead body will be buried.

You can sort of follow the loop on this map. It's the almost complete oval in the middle of the screen. . "Close up" the oval and you'll see the loop in its entirety.

"Comment" if you are interested in all/part of the run. I plan to take it VERY easy for the first half.


KLIM said...

Also - those who wish to meet at GRC can run with us when we pass by...circa 10am??

bain said...

I've said I would back off mileage this week, but I am up for the 22 miler anyway. Don't want to miss this hyped event.

PR said...

Rest assured that I also plan to go long and easy. I'm might tag on 1 or 2 afterward, depending on how I feel and whether we've already run more than 2:30-40.

P.S. Congrats to Billy, DaveO, Klim, Bain, and Nate Timm on fine runs this past weekend.

Matias said...

I'm in, bringing two bucknell guys

havegoats said...

I'll be out of town for easter.. but I may hide eggs along the canal for you all.

Matias said...

Any interest in starting at/near the store, heading east along Water/K st, north on Rock Creek park, then south on CCT?

Proposed w/ following in mind:
(1) Finishing down Cap Crescent will help train the quads for the downhill pounding at the end of Boston
(2) Water stops at approx mile 10 (park police headquarters on RCP), mile 14 (beginning of CCT), mile 18 (near MD/DC line on CCT)
(3) Those that want to go shorter can call it quits in Bethesda and hop on the metro
(4) Closer to me :)

KLIM said...

I would be game for that, except I really need to zip out fast after the run to catch an afternoon flight. Starting/ending here will ensure I get moving quick. These runs always seem to take longer than planned.

Matias - we could do what we did last year during the "Duel Ferries" loop and meet up half way. You and the Bison could start at the store and jump in with Bethesda Boyz Bain, Reaves and Me at mile 10ish (?) or at 10:10am.

How about that?

Scott said...

Afternoon flight or afternoon delight? I'll try to join you guys this weekend for the first 10-12. Whatever you guys decide, I'll see if I can do the first part and then call it quits near a metro and make my way back to the starting point.

KLIM said...

Looks like me, Reaves, Bain and maybe Brian Baille are meeting at B&N at 8:50am (9am departure).

Scott - are you starting with us or at the GRC?

Matias - are you starting with us or at the GRC?

KLIM said...

One final note - Those who wish to depart from the store should be ready on the tow path below the store at 9:45am...not 10am.

Scott said...

Ok I think my plan will be: 1) Drive to Woodley Park area. 2) Get on metro and take it to Bethesda and walk to B&N at 8:50. 3) Leave with you guys and run down to Georgetown and onto RCP and then make it to the Woodley Park area and call it quits and drive home. I'd like to get around 12 or so, and I think that might work out. I have never had luck meeting people in the middle of a run because they are all warmed up and in a groove and just rolling along.

christiam said...

Scott, I'll tag along for those 12 and depending on how I feel I might stop or add some more.

PS: the dragon invitational got cancelled :(

Matias said...

Klim & co, see you at B&N at 8:50. I'll join you guys until the end of CCT, then the bison boys want to run up the canal to meet up with another bison (I tried to convince to opt for the RC portion to no avail).

If I'm not there by 8:55, roll.