Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Training for GRC

Last year, Jake, Christiam, and I went paintballing and took down some marines while also protecting a mother turtle lay her eggs. This year, in expanding our friendly rivalry with Pacers, I challenged Bert to muster a squad for an afternoon of paintballing. He agreed and seems to think he can rally his crew.

How does one of the last two weekends up in Frederick, MD? People can come for just the afternoon or longer- campout, run in the mountains, shoot up some Pacers.

In the meantime, we will be bringing paintball guns on our long runs. Bring your own Napalm.


christiam said...

Lieutenant Camacho reporting to combat, SIR!

KLIM said...

Col KLIM of the Maryland Militia Volunteers will be there. is the last two weekends of JUNE.

Peter said...

I used to be really into paintball. My friends and I would play in the woods next to the Captial Crescent Trail. (Bad idea in retrospect)

I'll pull my camo fatigues out of the closet and see if my spyder is still in working order.