Thursday, March 13, 2008


Just kidding sort of................

Life is getting busy and I need to wake up wicked early on the weekends now. Anyway, I need to start my weekend runs by 8:30am at the latest. Thus, I am bagging the race this sat and the most I could do for sat is a line or store run at 8:30am. On Sunday I am meeting Moeser and some runners from yesteryear from out that way for a CHILL trails run with food at the Diner after. We are meeting at the Difficult Run parking lot at 8am.

Jake and the rest of you guys who are running hard. Aside from the ice bath, I highly recommend active release massage therapy. If you are tight now but not injured, now is the time to go. Don't play around now that you all are on top of your games. All it takes is one muscle to get out of wack due to tightness and fatigue and thats it. Ritz, Meb and even the tier two guys go in for that stuff on a regular basis.

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