Monday, March 10, 2008


I need to find Chris's(the vegan) e-mail. anyone have it?

also, what do people think about training on the treadmill? pros and cons.


Matt Ernst said...

PR said...


1.) Can control your pace.
2.) Good for inclimate weather.
3.) Get to watch "Jeopardy" or "NBC News with Brian Williams," and/or "Sportscenter"...all while running.
4.) Relatively soft surface.


1.) Can control your pace. Treadmills can make you run faster than you should if a certain predetermined pace "is your easy pace." This holds true the most on recovery days.

2.) Can throw off your gait. Treadmills are ultimately an unnatural motion.

3.) If you forget your headphones, get ready to be bored out of your mind.

4.) You're not outside...and feel like a lab rat.

5.) You sweat buckets without air resistance.

6.) They make you soft (*Grrr!*). As yesterday reminded us, sometimes braving the elements is necessary.

KLIM said...

I've also read/heard they are bad when you have a cold or are getting sick...something about the air circulation.

In my dozen plus years of running, I've run a total of maybe 30 miles on the treadmill. I use them only when needed (icey roads or lots of freak bear attacks).

Peter said...

I find treadmills useful when coming back from injury when the duration of your run is insufficient for a thorough aerobic workout (< 60 min).

For example, as I am coming back from a layoff, I'll run on the tread mill for 30 min, then hop off and get on a stationary bike while my heart rate is still up and spin for another 30min.