Thursday, May 31, 2007


We are still on for the Sat run. Ben Cooke will open the store early for folks to lounge in and meet at. We provide a 5 -10 minute grace period and then we are off.

Melissa, I noticed you got lots of hits on your post. You are a serious runner and are very good so on a serious level, I recommend you take this question of yours to a professional running coach or store that fits a lot of serious runners and has them to a gate analysis and provides top notch advice on types of shoes for distances based on foot type. If you come to the run on Sat, Ben can help you out.

Since you told me you do the eliptical trainer next to one of the greatest american track runners in USA history and current AU track coach, Adam Centrowitz, I suggest you nudge up to him and ask him his thoughts. Susanna K, from our group gets coached by him and has only good things to say.

BTW---this does in no means take away from the comments you received as I am merley adding additional thought.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Laura Turner - RINGER!

Controversy ensnares ‘Dash Gordon’ team

By The Hill Staff
May 30, 2007

Rep. Bart Gordon (D-Tenn.) has been the subject of whispered controversy after his team “Dash Gordon” earlier this month won the ACLI Capital Challenge, a three-mile road race along Anacostia Drive, for the second year in a row.

Rivals were suspicious about a few new additions to his team. For instance, Laura Turner was ranked 10th nationally in the steeplechase at Stanford in 2002. And Conor Lanz, a two-time All-Patriot League cross country runner at American University, was named the Patriot League’s cross country scholar-athlete of the year in 2006.

Neither one works in Gordon’s office.

Gordon plucked Turner from a rival team. In 2004, Turner, who works for the House clerk, helped lead Rep. Jay Inslee’s (D-Wash.) team to a fourth-place finish. (In 2005, she ran for the clerk’s office and last year missed the race.)

Lanz has become a target of scrutiny because his name does not appear in House directories for 2006 and 2007. ACLI rules state that House teams must be chosen from congressional staff or from the immediate family of lawmakers serving as team captains.

The race website states ominously that teams with members who do not comply with the rules “leave themselves open to censure.”

Gordon seemed to incriminate himself when asked about his team at a wine-tasting event hosted last week by the Embassy of New Zealand.

“We had ringers this year,” said Gordon, perhaps emboldened by a few sips of Sauvignon Blanc.

But spokeswoman Julie Eubank defended her boss’s honor, saying that until last Wednesday Lanz was an unpaid fellow who worked in Gordon’s office three days a week while finishing up his master’s degree. She was not sure of his present whereabouts.

Including Gordon, Eubank said that “three of the four members have had affiliation with our office.”

“Brent and Chris have been running with Bart for years,” she added, referring to Chris King, a staff member of the Science Committee, which Gordon chairs, and Brent Ayer, who formerly served as Gordon’s chief of staff and now handles administrative matters for several House offices.

For winning the race, each member of Gordon’s team won a pair of embroidered socks.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Marathon Footwear Poll

I was curious about what kind of shoes you all have worn in your various marathons- regular trainers, lightweight trainers, flats, etc- and what your experiences have been, good and bad. I ran in fairly sturdy trainers (kayanos) for my first marathon but will probably wear a lighter version (nike zoom elite) this time around. I've been doing long runs in them with no problem. I'm curious about what others have done... Don't get me wrong, I'll be wearing whatever shoes I decide emanate the greatest amount love (i.e. whichever come in the prettiest colors) but wanted others' opinions.


Maybe its a good idea to meet at the G-town store this sat for a group run including all comers. 9:00am. fast or slow, people can do their own workouts. I suggest food at dean and delucas after. Fancy coffee place near the store---- there is outdoor seating and food and coffee and such. this will give people a chance to catch up, talk about training and match faces to names, etc.

Jake, I know you like the Riley's loop but mull this over.

also, i am planning on having a few special guest stars come and join.



Monday, May 28, 2007

Vermont Marathon Race Report

Well, I'm back in DC, a bit sore from yesterday. It was a great day for a race, overcast, around 55 at the start. The plan was to run with my friend from college, who was running his first marathon. His original goal was 2:40, but he hurt himself at the start of May playing softball, and as his training suffered the time got slower: 2:45...2:50. We actually started out on pace for 2:40. By mile 10 he couldn't keep it up, and told me to go ahead. I went through the half in 1:20, right on pace. (He did the half in 1:23 then crashed and burned and finished in 3:08). I stayed on pace for 2:40 through mile 20, and then hit the wall big time. I am going to try to erase the memory of those last six miles permanently from my mind. As bad as I felt, I am surprised I only lost 6 minutes to finish in 2:46. The goal for training for Chicago is going to be to concentrate on being able to follow through on those last few miles. I'll try to post photos soon.

Marathon Training Update

Less than three weeks to go for me (and Melissa & Jason)!
I peaked last week at 94 miles with a 21.5 mile long run yesterday. My body feels strong but I definitively felt tired in the last 2 miles of my was my hardest long run yet. The two others, both 20 miles, were tough but manageable.

Does anyone have any advice for tapering? I am thinking about the following for the next two weekends.
This upcoming week - day off, mileage at/around 65-70
I plan to run circa 15 sometime next weekend at 5:55 pace in the same flats I plan to run the marathon in. I'll probably start at Riley's Lock and run back to Old Angler's Inn. I could use all the help I can get, though the goal will be to simply feel comfortable...not "race". I may pick it up in the last 2 miles, but I don't want to stay fairly consistent. The other weekend day will likely be a 12 mile run. Maybe a team run at the store or the "Line"?

The following week - mileage at 50-55
I want to practice drinking water from cups and may simulate a marathon pace on the track while drinking every 2 laps or so for 5 miles. I won't be drinking a lot of water each "stop"'s more practice than anything.

Marathon week - 40-45 miles (including race)
Not sure if I'll load up on carbos or not. I posted on LetsRun and got various opinions on whether or not to carbo deplete or carbo load.

Let me know if anyone thinks any of the above good or bad...

Klim, the Red Fox

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vermont marathon

Results are up. Winner 2:19, Wardian second at 2:25, our own steve $ 30th at 2:46. Congrats Steve- we look forward to your race report. Hope you're kicking it back and enjoying a nice cool one!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I need a few folks for a run tomorrow. this is a simple training run of 10-12 miles. only catch is you have to listen to max talk about life according to MAX! No seriously, i can meet DC/MD line or somewhere in DC like Adams Morgan, etc. I would like to do this at 8:30 or 9:00 as it is getting hot. If interested, e-mail me by 10 this eve at

Also, I think Jake is doing some monster run out at Riley's Lock, which i would do but its too much for me at this point. contact jake if you want to run long with him.

peace out


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reebok Grand Prix in NYC Road Trip?

Anyone up for a road trip to NYC on Saturday the 2nd? One of only two IAAF Grand Prix meets on US soil. It should be sick with the likes for Webb, Lagat and Mottrman all running the mile. Other start lists are not up but no doubt they will be sweet. I'm going no matter what but if anyone wants to join, I've got a purple beetle (shut up I hear you through the information super highway) that fits 5'ish with your name all over it. Later
Dave O

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paintball Reminder

Christiam, Jason and I are hitting up Paintball on Saturday...if anyone is interested? If you do go, please let me know.

Saturday, 0830 - Bowie, Md

Monday, May 21, 2007

Lawyers do have hearts/Grandmas and other Babble


you both need to get your PA butts in the game. we are getting smoked by PACERS left and right. Now, I know folks are injured or do not want to race much, etc. but its a good time to come out and join the fray.

You folks doing Grandmas cannot hurt yourselves running a 10k before. Its a speed workout before the marathon. cannot hurt.

Anyway, the LHH 10k is a good one. Anyone who can, let me know and we can get an entry.

BTW----Did anyone see the results of the Happy Kidney 10k? That guy Ritz got the course record in 28:08, which is damn fast for Central Park.

Chris Raabe and Wilson Komen from the G-town store are running Grandmas. Thats G-town and a slew of Pacers runners there.

Take care and remember to consider Birkham Yoga. It improves flexibility, core strength and there is a 10 to 1 female to male ratio.


Sunday, May 20, 2007


Some of you folks should have come out to run/watch the capital hill classic 10k this am. One of the great races in the area and runs though the hill. Heck, I was out frolicking last night and did not run once last week but was not going to miss it.

Got up at 5:30 with a tight right leg and proceeded to loosen up. Ate some French Toast and listened to Jame Brown. I was certainly not in the mood to do a race but images of the generic "warrior" athlete kept appearing in my head and said to myself, the show must go on.

Took off out of the house and jogged to capital hill. Saw homeless and hungover people everywhere.

Got to hill and the crowds were out and about. the adrenaline kicked in and the leg pain went away. Saw Mike(ENERGIZER)Wardian, Philippe Rolly, and then about 10 pacers people. They are everywhere. An army, perhaps.

Anyway, they have recruited mighty Ryan Deak to be on their team so we are indeed, in trouble.

I ran this one to have fun and get some leg speed in. Did the first mile in an easy 5:50 and pretty much maintained with no effort. The breathing was easy and the bod felt strong.

After the race, my gluteus medius(upper butt) tightened up and i had to get the massage people to kill it. Once they did, I could walk.

Eventually, the parts will come back into alignment(i hope). If not, I can always take up Bridge or Birkham Yoga(which i tried and is a great workout).

FYI----Edmond Burke and all of those pacers guys at the race today are running Grandmas.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Upcoming Weekend Runs

This is my rough upcoming w/e running schedule if any of you are interested in running part of any of these runs. Each run listed below is my "main" run of the weekend...probably on a Sunday. On Saturday I am also game for the standard 10-12.

May 27 - 20-22 miler (probably at Riley's Lock)

June 1 or 2 - good hard tempo (with racing flats I intend to wear in marathon) on the canal ~ maybe 5:55 pace for 10 and then 3-5 hard, like 5:40 pace.

June 8 or 9 - 6 miles on the track at marathon pace but practicing water cup drinking every two laps. I may try this the previous weekend I lack practice here.

June 16 - (gulp) it's showtime

June 17 - Emergency Room

South Pacific Running

Hey, I'm back from Australia/New Zealand. Went on some great marathon training runs down there, especially in NZ. Dirt roads in the mountains are perfect for 20 mile runs. Vermont marathon is less than two weeks away! I don't know if I'll see any of you before then (shorter long run this weekend 12-14). If not, we'll catch up soon.

Have a Heart?

I'm certainly not a lawyer, but I figured I'd test my post-marathon legs in the June 9, Lawyers Have A Heart 10k. Anyone else interested? It's in Georgetown, so we'd be defending our turf.

Oh, and no pressure for those of you who are on training schedules. As someone who maps out my marathon training on an Excel spreadsheet (yes... I am a nerd), I completely understand.


Monday, May 14, 2007


I did not run in college or high school. I always played team sports of other types such as tennis and basketball and soccer. Bottom line, at this juncture, running is a hobby that i find lots of fun. I have no particular goals with it. The goal, if i have one, is to help others enjoy it and develop training and nutrition methods to compliment it. Going out for a race on sunday is like going bowling or playing golf or whatever. No big deal. Sometimes you are on your game and sometimes not. This applies to all aspects of life.

If I had to force myself to adhere to schedules and rigorous plans and such i would not like it as much------------M

Sunday, May 13, 2007

depleation and carbo-loading

Per conversation on the run today, I am posting the diet of a young, new marathoner who is also a vegetarian.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


To those who slept in and dreamed about attaining their goals and staying true to methods to achieve greatness, you missed a grueling run this sat at the Battle of the Boulavard 10K. I certainly should not have run it as my legs felt like logs from time i woke up. Too much biking this week left them heavy, I suppose.

Got up at 5am and did some easy rope jumping and stretching to get loose. Listened to vintage James Brown and worked up a sweat. My buddy Paul Rades picked me up at 7:30am and we headed to Arlington.

Got there in plenty of time. Nice place, Clarendon, as I have never bothered to really check it out.

Upon walking around, I saw Mike Wardian with his stroller and wife, too boot. Saw Ted Poulos and loads of other regulars(this is why i like to go to races---I like the people and have known them for years). Anyway, I saw Big Bert R. and George Buckheit, etc.

Also, I picked up three new solid runners, Pavel Frelich, Martin Lanz and Paul Rades.

As for the race------------

We hit the starting line and boom, we were off. Crane and Wardian darted to the lead. The first two miles were all downhill. I mean, really steep. My hammies were hurtin! At the 2.5 mile mark it was pretty flat but my legs had no turnover at all. They felt/feel ok but not running-wise. I kinda just ran in slow motion the rest of the way. Talked with Erik Kean about Wyoming and some other guy about his side stitch. The last two miles were deadly. Steep up hill with very little relief. I felt like just stopping and running under a hose of cool water or jumping into a swimming pool.

I sloshed my way to finish line in 36 minutes. oh well. Paul did great and came in 4th and Martin and Allen did 6 and 7th, respectively.

Good training run----

The after party was great. Good food and free massages. I got two. I also worked with a chiropracter who told me my spine and hip are totally all out of wack and thats why the hamstring/glute/butt, issue is there.

From every experience there is something to be learned(great quote)

FYI--Saw Munro. He ran it with Meagan. They are both rounding into shape.


Friday, May 11, 2007


Oh Well,

I have a team of old men and one young rising star, Allen Carr.

I could not get one of the young and invincible stars to shine for tomorrow's race. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.............

This is like the shootout at the OK Corral Man, do you think Wyat Earp and Doc Holiday had a choice when they were called out by the Cantons to have it out at the OK corral? Heck, what about the little snotty kids down the street who challenged you to pick up b-ball on a school night? Maybe I am an anomaly but I love to compete and have fun, even in defeat.

OK, nuff said. you guys and gals can stick to your meticulous schedules and do your set training runs.

Life is short and moments are meant to be siezed------M


Just heard from Pacers. They have a stacked deck including Steve Crane and Wardian. Philippe Rolly has to do something with his kid so can't make it. Where is the love? I Need a Klim or a Dwyer or Matias or..........................Wiggy, Munro-------If I get desperate enough I might need to go out to Oxen Hill or Bowie or wherever Gurmessa lives and see if I can convince him to run for us.

They also have some solid women. Melissa?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Paintball - May 26

I am meeting a friend from college on Saturday, May 26 for some paintball in Bowie, Md.

Paintball is hellla fun and quite memorable. We go to Outdoor Adventures where they have lots of different courses on 80 acres of property (all outside) complete with forts, trenches and dugouts. It might be a fun alternative (or addition) to your Saturday run. I'll probably run later in the day.

You do not need to own your own gun to do well and have a good time...obviously having your own (such my Blastmaster 673x Data 56) can be helpful.

Let me know if you are interested. I can drive anyone from Md/Beltway to Bowie.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


So far I have as 100% racers this Sat the following:


We have room for one more free entry. Timm--are you game?

Make sure you get to the race by 7:45am to pick up your packet and bib.

Loooong Run THIS Weekend

So I am going to try AGAIN to get out to Whites/Edwards Ferry on Sunday for a long run. Again, it's a 10 mile loop...ALL of it on the towpath/dirt road. I plan on doing it twice. Some can join in for 10, for 13 (there is a mini-loop) or somewhere in between.

PLUS - beautiful country.

MINUS - it's approx 10 mins further away than Rileys Lock. I need to make these long runs "adventures in exploration" in order to get through them!

Last Sunday I ended up running 20 at Rileys...doing our normal loop but then going RIGHT (instead of left) when we hit the towpath (after River Rd/corn field section). I jogged the first mini-loop with Melissa then hit my first mile on the towpath in 6:30...dropped down comfortably to 6:15s, 6:00s and then hit miles 18 & 19 in 11:47, before cooling down. The goal was to run it comfortably without exerting too much energy.

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Went out to race the Sallie Mae 10k this am. Totally beautiful day. woke up and ate french toast lathered in butter and syrup. Listened to Red Hot Chilly Peppers and took off jogging towards West Potomac Park.(4 mile warm up) We had a team of Pavel Frelich, Jim Hage, Philippe Rolly and myself. Only problem is Hage had to pull out and the registration folks did not connect with the race managers today to get sub, super Allen Carr, in the thing. Oh well.

There were a number of top flight Kenyans and Ethiopians as well as top local talent.

the Gun sounded and we made our way to Haines point. I was hoping to run 540s as my confidence is still not where it needs to be to really push it. the hammy and butt and whatever it is, is still tight. None-the-less, I ran it as a tempo and did fine.

I spent the whole time running alone and into the wind so this was not to be a fast race. I finished in 35 and some change but felt good.

the Mighty Gurmessa battled it out with some Kenyan runners from Chapel Hill and he came in number 2.

After the race, we ate organic apples and had the usual post race chatter and such.

I am getting stronger and feel like the juice is coming back into the legs. most important, the confidence that was taken away, is seeping into the brain. Confidence and phychy are way more important than sheer talent and ability.

hope others ran/trained/raced well

enjoy the great weather----------------M

Saturday, May 5, 2007




Thursday, May 3, 2007


For those who are truly dedicated fans, come watch our team as well as a slew of other outstanding runners attack the Sallie Mae 10k this Sunday on Haines Point. This is by far, the most competitive 10k in the DC area as it attracts several world class kenyans among other greats.

We need cheer and I will be signing autographs after the race at no charge:(

the race is at the usual time 8am down at west potomac park.


Race videos

Watch Joe's mile at the Penn Relays here:

Also, a former teammate of mine and proud Pittsburgher (James Carney) met the 'A' Standard with a 27:43 10k at Stanford last weekend. It is a very exciting 10k to watch.

Weekend Runs

I am planning on running 10 at the GRC AT 9:30AM on Saturday - anyone in?

I'm also planning to do a whopping 20 miles on Sunday in upper MoCo (my Edwards Ferry - Whites Ferry loop). This is about 10 minutes further away than Riley's Lock. It is a 10 mile loop on natural terrain (Canal Towpath and dirt roads) that I'll do twice...stopping mid-way for gels, water and cigarettes. Those who want to go but not run 20...can easily do that. It's beautiful country especially this time of the year. Start time 10:00am. I could definitely use some companionship...
Picture - start of last year's "Park's Half Marathon"

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Come celebrate the life and times of Jake Klim...

Yesterday was Jake's 27th birthday. He's been kind of upset since he is now as old as Jason Dwyer. Therefore, a celebration is in order to lift his spirits. Join us at Rock Bottom in Bethesda on Friday night around 8:30 for the festivities. You may be surprised to learn some obscure Klimisms, including the fact that he owns two cockatiels (the kind of bird pictured here) and has flown a bi-plane. Hope you can make it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I need to get my buddy Moeser on the blog and we can have some fun.

For the time being though, I or we, need some men and women to participate in the BATTLE OF THE BOULEVARDS 10k the week after this. Its sponsored by Pacers and they are putting together a squad to do battle with us.

This is for pride and bragging rights (officially)

Spoke with Klim and he is undecided. Not sure about Dwyer or Mighty Matias and the rest.

Wiggy is doing some track event that weekend so he is out.

So far I have myself, Philippe Rolly, Ben Cooke and maybe this fella Allen who works at the store. Women are more than welcome to join the fray. I have not heard about awards but I am sure there will be one.

I know folks have marathons and such coming up but perhaps you can save yourselves and use this as an end of week workout. Look at Wardian, if he can run 3 races a day, you folks can run a 10k every week:(

Its official, btw, Wardian is going for the world record for running a marathon with a little baby. He is doing it this weekend in Frederick, MD. Good luck to iron Mike.

think it over and please let us know.


Falmouth Road Race

For anybody thinking about running Falmouth this year, registration opens today. The race is August 12th. Go to their website....