Sunday, May 13, 2007

depleation and carbo-loading

Per conversation on the run today, I am posting the diet of a young, new marathoner who is also a vegetarian.


Havegoats said...

** After dinner last night, I began a depletion phase of 3+ days. Had a normal dinner last night, but will be having ~100g (or less) of carbohydrates daily till after my AM run on Friday.

Day 1:
B: 3 eggs w/ cheese
L: Cheddar cheese and hummos with veggies
Snack: Almonds
D: Garden Salad with Hummos

Day 2:

B: 3 eggs w/ cheese
L: Garden Salad with hummos
Snack: Mixed nuts
D: 3 eggs w/ peppers, mushrooms and cheese

Day 3

B: 3 eggs with cheese
L: Garden Salad and 2 egg whites
Snack: Almonds
Dinner: 2 Veggie Dogs and Steamed Veggies

He then carbo loaded for the last two days.

Matias said...

Do you know what his mileage was during those three days? When I imaging trying to attempt that, I see myself starving, I don't know if I could do it.

Maybe his snack was 4 pounds of almonds, then maybe I could do it. (I kid).

Matias said...

One unrelated comment... you and Klim looked real strong during today's run. If you're able to get to Grandma's in one piece and mother nature is forgiving, I see good things...

Havegoats said...

Here's his log. A quick look suggests he was feeling week during these days... but he did come back to run sub 2:29 at boston this year- which is pretty impressive.

Jake did seem very strong... my breathing was off, and apparently I was snoring last night too- which I don't often do.

MAX said...

everybody is different. every diet effects each person differently, every run and race yields different results. live and learn as there is no right answer. whatever works in the moment, works. max's zen

FYI---just finished reading an autobiography by Gary Sheffield about his baseball career. pretty interesting chapter on what its like to train with Barry Bonds.

I suppose if you guys want to become invincible and live forever you can always order some secret vitamins from the Balco company.