Sunday, May 20, 2007


Some of you folks should have come out to run/watch the capital hill classic 10k this am. One of the great races in the area and runs though the hill. Heck, I was out frolicking last night and did not run once last week but was not going to miss it.

Got up at 5:30 with a tight right leg and proceeded to loosen up. Ate some French Toast and listened to Jame Brown. I was certainly not in the mood to do a race but images of the generic "warrior" athlete kept appearing in my head and said to myself, the show must go on.

Took off out of the house and jogged to capital hill. Saw homeless and hungover people everywhere.

Got to hill and the crowds were out and about. the adrenaline kicked in and the leg pain went away. Saw Mike(ENERGIZER)Wardian, Philippe Rolly, and then about 10 pacers people. They are everywhere. An army, perhaps.

Anyway, they have recruited mighty Ryan Deak to be on their team so we are indeed, in trouble.

I ran this one to have fun and get some leg speed in. Did the first mile in an easy 5:50 and pretty much maintained with no effort. The breathing was easy and the bod felt strong.

After the race, my gluteus medius(upper butt) tightened up and i had to get the massage people to kill it. Once they did, I could walk.

Eventually, the parts will come back into alignment(i hope). If not, I can always take up Bridge or Birkham Yoga(which i tried and is a great workout).

FYI----Edmond Burke and all of those pacers guys at the race today are running Grandmas.



Havegoats said...

Good stuff max! Running is a good reason to get oneself out of bed. I wonder about the french toast- got egg, but how much syrup- doesn't that mess with your sugar levels... whenever I have syrup it makes me very sleepy.

sorry I haven't been racing much- but 5/6 weeks have been in the 90s with high intensity- most days the runs are at 6-6:15. Today was 15 no mile slower than 6. Two more weeks in the 90s and then tappering begins.

Grandmas' seems like the last real shot for most americans- and this area is such a hot-bed that everyday I hear of another ace heading up. All the merrier!

Matias said...

I know a few guys who hit the qualifying time are heading to Grandma's for the half. Should make for an interesting race... but I just checked, they launch the half at 6:30 am, hour before the main event.

Good luck with the last couple of weeks of training. The hay is in the barn, the deposits have been made, enjoy the next couple of weeks and get ready to slay the Duluth dragon...

An entry from Ryan Hall's training log leading up to London.

"[My legs have been feeling good. I am ready to go. Now it is just a matter of getting to the line. I have never anticipated a race as much as the London marathon. I love the whole marathon experience.] I love that you pour yourself into something, beating your body until it can't take any more, and then you rest, and wait, and wait, until you are completely recharged and then there is just one final 26.2 mile trial ahead. I feel like I am about to slay the dragon that I have been preparing the last four months to fight. And then in the end you just get out there and take your swing."