Monday, October 15, 2018

Weekend Recap: Battle at Gettysburg, random road stuff

In what has become an annual tradition, a motley crew of men trekked up to Gettysburg on Saturday morning with an aim of capturing a team title over a variety of mostly Division III schools. While they may have lost that particular battle, they haven't yet lost the war, or something like that.

Gettysburg Invitational
Kyle W - 25:48 (winner)
Daniel - 26:27
JLP - 27:02
Luk - 27:03
Mitch - 27:45
Cabell - 27:38
Trever - 27:42
Jordan - 27:56

Chelsea - 23:17
Jackie - 23:47
Angelina - 24:39

Further east, Maura L took home the win at the Inter-Regional Border Battle, followed closely by Caroline and Liz T.

Rowan Invitational
Maura L -21:28 (winner)
Caroline - 22:06
Liz T - 23:17

We also had a handful of stray road results, highlighted by Natalie's third PR in four weeks.

Hartford Half Marathon
Graham - 1:11:33

Border Patrol "5k"
Taylor - 15:27** (this is a Barry Bonds-ian asterisk; does not belong in the record books)

Race Against Heart Disease
Natalie - 18:13

Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekend Recap: Kerry takes over the Twin Cities

Unless you live under a rock, you've likely heard by now that GRC President Kerry Allen laid down a 10-minute PR on Sunday to qualify for a certain high-profile race in Atlanta. Coach Jerry has the scoop:

"At Twin Cities yesterday, Kerry ran an outstanding 2:41:33, a PR of over ten minutes, which is the second fastest time in GRC history, and was good for seventh place in a very competitive field.  I can't overstate what an exceptional run that was, or how excited I am to see Kerry get the breakthrough she worked so hard for.

As I've told Kerry many times in the last couple of years, she's had Olympic Trials qualifier written all over her, but despite several big PRs at shorter distances, she's had bad luck with weather on race day and a series of nagging injuries that had her questioning whether she would ever be able to reach her potential in the marathon.  After another injury setback that scuttled her spring plans, Kerry put in a really good block of training for the past few months, and the weather in Twin Cities was perfect, and Kerry took advantage of her opportunity in a huge way.

Kerry's fabulous performance was the product of years of hard work and unrelenting persistence in the face of daunting obstacles, and I'm really, really proud of what she accomplished.  And Kerry is just getting started, and the best is yet to come in Atlanta on February 29, 2020."

D.C.’s Kerry Allen qualified for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials with a 2:41:33 at the Twin Cities Marathon this...
Posted by RunWashington on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Here's the rest of notable happenings from the weekend:

Twin Cities Marathon
Kerry 2:41:33
Emily P 2:53:10

Chicago Marathon
Keely 3:03:03

Army 10-Miler
Emily d 59:09
Kelly 59:39
Maura L 61:10
Natalie 64:58
Molly 66:17

Thistle (the Missile) 52:29
Sam C 54:09
Max 54:28
Graham 54:47
Kyle 55:33
Sean B 55:38

Monday, October 1, 2018

Weekend Recap: Too much variety

This weekend's race results are like a really long menu at a chain diner: there's a lot of good stuff there, but it's going to take a while to sift through it all.

Here's what we've got:

Navy Mile
Taylor 5:00.28 (#3 All-Time)
Gina 5:05.87 (#5 All-Time)
Jesse 5:23.71

Daniel T 4:19.77 (#4 All-Time)
Mitch 4:37.18

Paul Short XC
Caroline 21:34

Chealsea V 23:06
Liz T 23:34
Angelina 24:24

Great Race 10k
Maura 35:52

Alex A 31:42

Prince William Half Marathon
Natalie 1:23:43 (winner)

Outlaw 1:13:43

National Capital 20 Miler
Evan 2:01:39
Dickson 2:01:40

Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekend Recap: Mostly Clarendon

It seems as though the vast majority of GRCers ran down Wilson Boulevard at least once on Saturday, with several running down it twice. Isn't Clarendon Day a hoot?

Clarendon Day 5k
Paul T 14:59 (winner)
Kyle W 15:02
Sam from Cornell 15:09
Daniel T 15:10
Max 15:24
Luk 15:24
Alex 15:25
Outlaw 15:29
Graham 15:33
Jordan 15:47
Mitch 15:48
Cabell 16:01
Trever 16:01
Evan 16:20
Matt 16:53
Sean O 16:56
Sam D 17:13

Gina 17:42 (winer)
Liz R 18:15
Liz T 18:46
Jackie 18:48
Rebekah 18:52
Angelina 20:01
Theresa 20:50
Jesse 21:15

Clarendon Day 10k
Luke 32:50 (winner)
Graham 34:20
Luk 35:10
Outlaw 35:21
Sam D 35:50
Kyle 36:04
Evan 36:16
Matt 37:16

Natalie 38:20 (winner)

In outside action, TK4 took home the W at the Run! Geek! Run! 5k in 16:16, leaving behind several nerds wearing glasses in the process.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Weekend Preview: Pacers Racers Edition

Our munificent corporate overlords and all-around good guys Pacers are hosting one of the jewels of the local running calendar this weekend, the Clarendon 5k & 10k. The weather is starting to round into shape just as our roadsters do the same. Relative to the question of quantity and also of quality, GRC is bringing the metaphorical lumber this weekend. Here are some reasons why Clarendon Day is great:

1) Saturday race

2) The double!
3) Day drinking
4) Heading eastbound on Wilson

The forecast calls for torrential PRs this weekend on the perennially quick course. On the men's side, there are whispers, nasty little blasphemies about attacking the club record (14:35). Even if many of the men have the talent, fitness, and youth to undertake such an endeavor, one doubts if they have the dashing good looks affiliated with the current record. We'll also have some GRC debuts this weekend, including Liz R, Max P, Alex A, and probably some other ones I'm missing:

5k - Kyle Wagener, Sam Chauvin, Daniel Trettel, Lars Benner, Alex Archer, Jerry Greenlaw,  Max Pedrotti, Cabell Willis, Lukasz Olenginski, Mitchell Abrams, Jordan Psaltakis, Trever Reed, Paul Thistle

10k - Luke Meyer

Double - Matt Hassett, Samuel Doud, Evan Jurkovich, Sean O'Leary

For the women:

5k - Jesse Carlin, Jackie Kasal, Rebekah Hernandez, Liz Reynolds, Angelina Oputa, Annyck Besso, Gina McNamara, Theresa Kennedy, Liz Tawa

10k - Natalie Patterson

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Weekend Recap: Do two halves make a whole?

Withstanding Mid-Atlantic humidity is remarkably similar to running a half marathon: both efforts last longer than what seems appropriate. Despite swampy conditions on Sunday morning, our crew logged strong efforts and placed well at both the Navy-Air Force Half/5 Miler and the Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half.

NAF Half

Kieran 1:10:56
Sam D 1:11:59
Trever 1:16:21
Mark 1:16:41
Evan 1:17:34

Kerry 1:21:28
Maura C 1:23:05
Chelsea V 1:26:24
Keely 1:31:15

NAF 5-Mile
Paul T 25:19 (winner)
Outlaw 27:03
Jordan 27:15

Emily d 28:34 (winner, course record)
Kelly C 28:45
Maura L 28:47
Hallie 31:36

Up in Philly, Lucas made a valiant run at an OTQ, while Dickson and Hashem placed well in the midst of some hard marathon training.

RnR Philly Half
Lucas 66:34
Hashem 71:23
Dickson 72:09

If you squint really hard, you can see Hashem and Dickson mixing it up with Des and Kellyn Taylor in the photo below.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Weekend Preview: Debonair Debutante Edition

With Florence heading south, no doubt ducking the terrible rage awaiting her were she to delay what promises to be a debut-filled weekend, GRC is ready to roll. Keep your eyes on flooded roadways, though: Coach Jerry's salty tears after a Vanderbilt meltdown on Saturday night could rival what Flo has in store.

Our good friends at the Navy Air Force Half Marathon are hosting the finest half and five-miler around this weekend. Our women's 5 contingent features Kelly C, Emily d, Molly A, Emily P, Hallie F, (and Jerry did not say Maura L, but I'm pretty sure she said she was running at practice on Wednesday?). Holy talent! Not to be outdone, the men will send Paul T, Outlaw, Jordan P,  and late entrant Sean B to the line. Paul's time will need to be converted from lane 4 of Hains Point.

In the half, Maura C, Margaret J, Keely E, and Chelsea V will represent the women, joined by Trevor R, Evan J, Charlie B, Mark H, Sam D, and Kieran O.

Kelly C
Molly A
Sam D
Margaret J
Chelsea V

One seems to recall that RNR Philly will feature some GRC representation, but the ignorance and stubbornness of the author will shroud those participants in mystery until results are available.

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Explosive New Book: RUN (and Hide)!

Fresh off his latest book, FEAR: Trump in the Whitehouse, famed author, Bob Woodward, has penned a non-fiction thriller detailing the GRC during the tumultuous years Patrick Murphy skippered the fledgling team. The book is entitled, "RUN (and Hide): The GRC Administration Under Patrick Murphy". 

Although the book has yet to be released, I've (amazingly) come across a copy, and some of the charges are explosive. Below are a few excerpts. Though you might think I enjoy sharing these snippets, please know that it really pains me to post them here on this beloved blog: 

 On page 1,276 (it's a 3,000+ page epic!), a team member known only as "B. Young" (narrowing the source down to two people) claims Patrick "colluded with PACERS during the 2009 Veteran's Day 10k, essentially handing PACERS the win." This collusion occurred years before the teams officially merged. In 2009, the two teams were rivals. This is by far one of the devastating accusations in the book. 

In an earlier chapter, former President of the GRC, Sam Luff (AKA "Sam from Cornell #2") is reported to have called Patrick a "dumby (sic) face" in April 2012, after a contentious board meeting. 

During that same board meeting, Charlie Ban was drinking a concoction that resembled “a mix of both coffee and beer, two drinks Charlie claims he never touches…” He also, according to one account, wore blue jeans, or, according to another, blue jean shorts (jorts) to this same meeting. 

Kyle Cooke, it’s said in the book, “has hoarded upwards of six to eight different singlets.” 

According to official membership paperwork, current GRC President Kerry Allen's real name is Allen Kerry, and she was named after her father, Allen Kerry Sr. 

Although he joined the team after Patrick’s tenure, the book also claims that Cabell Willis has a “ghost writer, who pens all of Cabell’s Instagram posts.” 

An author known only as Enamanoos (sic) has written the book's Foreword.

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Zak won the Lehigh Valley Marathon this morning, blasting a 2:38:40 to win by a minute and a half. A cursory glance at splits reveals the race story: Zak had gapped the field by 10k, and ran evenly the rest of the way to stretch the margin to its final resting place. Being out front in a marathon is a lonely endeavor, but Zak kept steady and brought home the victory.

There are no confirmed reports that Zak was fueled in his heart and his legs by the pent-up anguish of a thousand Orioles losses, nor that he screamed "Time to slam brews!" at the finish. There are, however, confirmed reports that Zak said it was "'...definitely not an ideal day for a marathon, and the course was pretty sloppy in a lot places, but I was able to send 'em nonetheless."

At Parks Half, Dear Leader Kerry (80:28) followed suit by wrapping up an early season victory, a great indicator of successful marathon pain to come.

On the men's side of the ledger, Sam C (70:52) took home second in his GRC debut, followed by Sean O (77:33) in ninth.

Kyle had a top 10 finish at the City of Lakes Half, clocking in at 71:03.

Emily d broke 5 in the Fifth Ave Mile with a 4:59.

On Saturday evening, Outlaw got the party started with a 2nd place finish in the 9/11 Memorial 5k, blazing a 15:58.


Friday, September 7, 2018

Weekend Preview: Zak Attack edition

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was also really damn hot," is how Dickens probably would have started A Tale of Two Cities were he writing the past couple weeks. And then! Sweet temperate relief on the horizon this weekend, just in time for GRCers to supply the missing heat. Here's what we've got cooking:

Zak takes on the first big US soil (sorry Frances) marathon of the season, in what is probably the Lehigh Valley marathon according to Google but is definitely in Pennsylvania if not.

Emily d takes on the mile up the coast in the sub-elite heat of the 5th Ave Mile (club record is 4:49.07, be on the watch?)

Native son Kyle W will return to Minnesota to run in some sort of half marathon, and is likely to return with a sizable PR that won't fit in the overhead.

Closer to home, Kerry, Sam C, and Sean O are running the Parks Half. This will be Sam's GRC debut.

Outlaw will look to stretch his vicious summer speed into the 5k at the 9/11 Memorial race as he transitions to the "hard training" for the marathon.

Other people are also probably running, but due to the idiocy and crippling fallibility of the author, they are not recorded here.


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Weekend Recap: Frances down under, Annapolis 10, Reunion at Carderock

I'd like to say that performances from last weekend were positive signs of a successful fall racing season to come, but unfortunately not all of the weekend's performances took place in the Northern Hemisphere.

Down under, Frances Loeb made her 26.2 debut at the Sunshine Coast Marathon in Australia in a runner-up performance of 2:59:31. A sub-3 debut is impressive by any measure, but as Coach Jerry pointed out, "Frances's home base in Vanuatu is not conducive to running at all, let alone marathon training.  Between the extreme heat and humidity, trails that are so overgrown that they are virtually impassable, and a workout loop that is only 200 meters, Frances had her work cut out for her to get in enough training to think about even attempting a marathon, let alone running it competitively." Our analysts agree that this race was a positive sign of a successful spring racing season to come for Frances.

Closer to home, we had a smaller crew tackle the historically humid Annapolis 10-Miler. Jordan led the way in 5th with a 57:24 clocking, and TK finished 10th in 58:57 despite a scary bout with heat-related illness. Tom is already back on the mend, thanks to the doctors that put the IV in Tom Kelly "IV" (joke credit goes to Charlie). Newcomers Chelsea V (64:58) and Caroline (65:36) also competed well.

In non-race news, we hosted our first ever GRC Reunion on Sunday. The past and present of GRC celebrated club accomplishments, paid respects to Lauren and Nina, and honored individuals who have helped to cultivate our club's culture over the years. Charlie also got to spend some quality time with young Henry.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Weekend Recap: Another track mile, belated Riley's results

Via MCRRC Photos
Most running blogs run the risk of turning into weather blogs during the dog days of summer, so we're just sticking to the facts this week.

On Friday, Outlaw and Dickson closed out their summer mile circuit at the Going Green track meet in Gaithersburg, MD. Semi-professional rabbit Tom Kelly performed his characteristically perfect pacing duties for 1200m before allowing Outlaw to turn on the jets for a 4:29.1 performance. Dickson cruised home with a 4:43 after finding himself in no-man's land.

Since trackside reports suggest that the finish line was placed in lane 6, we've contracted a team of data analysts from FiveThirtyEight to run calculations on whether this would equate to a sub-4:28.3 PR performance for Outlaw.

Last weekend, Kerry defended her title at the venerable Riley's Rumble with a 1:25:53 performance. Ex-pat Kristin "Snakes" Johnson was 3rd in 1:30:37, and Charlie finished 2nd overall in the men's standings with a 1:20:39 run. I'm told that Riley's Rumble has hills but can't personally attest to that fact. It's entirely possible that the photo below is using some camera perspective trickery to create the illusion of a hill.

Via MCRRC Photos

Monday, July 23, 2018

Weekend Recap: Crystal City Twilighter, Midsummer Night's Mile last weekend

In a turn of events expected by none, this year's Crystal City Twilighter was not hot. Temperatures hovered right below a comfy 70° at the start, but with one small wrinkle: nor'easter conditions that dumped over 5" of rain on the DC area throughout the day. Regardless, as anyone with previous experience with the Twilighter can attest, running in the wettest year of the race sure beats running in the hottest year of the race.

Particularly notable performances from Saturday night include 2nd place finishes from Kyle Wagener (15:28) and Emily de la Bruyere (17:38), plus some strong top-10 finishes from Kerry (18:01), newcomer Katie Read (18:05), and Emily K (18:39). Unfortunately, not too many people had their cameras out in the rain, so we'll have to make due with this singular photo that has surfaced on the 'gram.

Full results can be found here: Crystal City Twilighter 2018

Playing catch-up on last weekend's results, Outlaw and Dickson set the track on fire at the Midsummer Night's Mile in Germantown, MD.  Outlaw kicked home to 2nd place in 4:30.7, followed by Dickson in 4:37.8 after 1200m of perfect 67-second laps from expert pacer TK4.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Weekend Recap: July 4th, Emily d in France again

July weather in DC has been known to cause even the most hardened local runner to flee from the city, and race results from the past week confirm that the GRC Summer Diaspora is in full swing.

Up in Vermont, a vacationing trio of Kerry, Hallie, and Greta took time off from picking blueberries and drinking Heady Topper to compete in the Clarence DeMar 5k, running 18:15 for the win, 19:19, and 20:25 respectively. Hallie and Greta's runs were particularly impressive due to the circumstances surrounding their buildups to this race - Hallie is coming off of a long injury-induced layoff and Greta is fresh off a lengthy stint in the Middle East.

Somewhere in France, Emily de la Bruyere had a heck of a weekend at the French Outdoor Championships, which take place around two weeks after the USATF Championships. It's worth noting that Bastille Day is around two weeks after the Fourth of July, and I doubt that the interval of time between these two national championships is a coincidence.

On Friday, Emily ran a club record in the 5000m with a 4th place finish in 16:15.39. While that performance alone would be enough to call the weekend a success, Emily also had the gumption to try her hand at the 3k steeple on Saturday night. Her 10:15.02 performance for 4th was a little ways off of her PR, but taken in total, that's a darn impressive 24-hour stretch of running.

Back stateside, Stubborn Mark Hopely took home the W at the Heritage 5 Miler, running a controlled 28:25. Mark is the only club member with photographic evidence of his race (only half credit for post-race watermelon photos). It would be nice if other club members sent along photos of their races.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Weekend Recap: Emily competes well at USATF Nationals, Mark wins shoes

On Thursday evening, distance hurdling superstar Emily d finished 22nd in the 3k steeple prelims at this year's USATF Outdoor Championships in Des Moines, IA. As is often the case in our sport, the end result only tells half the story, so here's an eyewitness report from Coach Jerry: 

"Emily ran a truly courageous race in the semi-final of the steeple.  Emily was in the lead pack, which included Courtney Frerichs, until 800 to go.  At that point Frerichs dropped the hammer, and Emily got separated, but she was still in position to qualify for the final on time with 200 to go.  Then the last water jump happened.  Emily got too close to the barrier, and ended up taking a nasty spill, resulting in her being completely submerged.  She got up quickly, but at that point she was totally out of gas, and barely made it over the final barrier.  Emily crossed the line in 10:16.39 with her head held high.  As Emily put it, if you're going to fail, you might as well fail spectacularly, and she's none the worse for wear.  I was extremely proud of Emily's race--she lined up with the best athletes in the country, and was not afraid to get after it.  She put herself in a position to succeed, and gave it everything she had, which all I can ever ask for.  Emily's season is not over, as she's got the French championship in 2 weeks, and she'll be back, better than ever."

In other news, Mark Hopely won the Battling Cancer 5k last weekend in Fredericksburg, VA. Mark's 16:50 effort netted him $100 and a pair of kicks. While the time is nothing to write home about, we can all appreciate how smooth Mark looks running in sunglasses.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Recap: Neverending Track Season, Lawyers Have Heat

If there's one thing I've learned this track season, it's that track season is not "nearly over" in early May. Each week has brought about a new slate of meets that I am either unfamiliar with or have carelessly forgotten. This week, I'm going to try the ol' reverse jinx method - track season is just getting started (wink wink).

Emily d surely had the track performance of the weekend with her 9:59.33 3k steeple out at the Portland (Oregon) Track Classic. The odds were stacked against Emily, who had reportedly last jumped over a steeple barrier at the 2017 USATF Nationals, but sometimes a lack of expectations is the key ingredient to a long-awaited PR. It's likely that Emily's club record time will qualify her for this year's national championship, so maybe I'm right about track season actually just getting started...

Photo via
On the East Coast, Daniel Trettel just missed out on the club record in the 800m with a 1:53.89 at the newly-established DMV Meet of Champions. Judging from this photo of his finish, it looks like Daniel had an innate sense that he should have run .04 seconds faster. A little further north, Liz raced a mile at the New Jersey International Meet in a strong time of 5:03.12.

In the local road race world, seven brave souls faced the inevitable heat and humidity of the Lawyers Have Heart 10k on Saturday. Maura L fared best in the conditions with a 6th place finish in 35:31, and solid efforts were also logged by Taylor (37:02), Kerry (38:38), Emily (39:41), and Rebekah (40:01). On the men's side, Paul finished 13th in 32:15 and Zak also finished the race, despite some mid-race uncertainty about his prospects to do so.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend Recap: Track in Tennessee

Track season continued its seemingly endless march forward over the weekend, with notable meets in both West Chester, PA and Nashville, TN.

North of the Mason-Dixon line, a fearless trio comprised of Alex, Alyson, and Liz ran the 1500m at the John Hay Invitational. Alex ran 4:34.87 for a 3-second a PR (and a GRC #4 all-time performance), and she was followed by Alyson in 4:38 and Liz in 4:45.61. Despite my best efforts, I can't find any photos from this meet, so please enjoy this thumbnail from a Milesplit video where you can see what appears to be the outlines of Liz and Alex.

At the Music City Distance Carnival, Maura L claimed bronze in the 5000m via a 17:02.2 clocking, and Paul Thistle nearly ran a season best in the 3000m steeple with a 9:07.04. Conditions were steamy trackside, but morale was high, so both Maura and Paul expect to return next year with plans to improve on those performances.

Also in Tennessee, friends of GRC Ryan Lockett (mile, 4:09.09) and Kieran Gallagher (1500m, 4:18.15) ran season-best performances in their respective events.

Speaking of GRC friends, ex-pats Phil Royer and Hannah Rowe ran the Mountains to Beach Marathon in Ventura, CA on 5/27. Hannah performed exceptionally well for her first 'thon (2:54:14), and Phil finished runner-up (2:29:32).

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Long Weekend Recap: Road Mile, Outlaw in Ottawa

Does a race during Memorial Day weekend qualify as a spring race or a summer race? These are the types of questions that keep me up at night. I'm leaning towards summer, but I'm open to opposing arguments.

The major event of the weekend took place on Memorial Day proper out in Winchesta, VA. Our crew of Gina, Emily, and Jackie placed 3rd (5:05), 5th (5:08), and 6th (5:18) at the Loudoun Street Mile. While Loudoun County is a veritable hike from DC, this race has a long history of awarding snazzy backpacks to top finishers, and this year's neon colorway was no exception. By all accounts, Gina and Emily couldn't even wait 10 minutes after receiving the backpacks to start flaunting them about in the streets of downtown Winchester.

Up in Canada, Outlaw closed out his spring season (or started his summer season) at the Ottawa Half Marathon with a 1:14:36.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekend Recap: TK in Green Bay, Mark 3rd at Historic Half

Folks, I've said it before on this very blog, and I'll say it again - you have to escape the DC area if you want to run a fast distance race during the summer. Some may argue that May isn't "summer", but what else do you call a day where the temperature hits the upper 80's?

Always one to heed my advice, TK4 traveled to Wisconsin for the Green Bay Half Marathon on Sunday morning. Tom ran a massive PR of 1:13:40 for 6th place, despite windy conditions and limited competition near his pace.

Never one to heed my advice, Mark Hopely ran a strong 1:14:39 for 3rd place at the MCM Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA. Mark hoped to defend his title, but the combination of a hot morning and a hilly course made that a tall order against a competitive field. I doubt that Mark will start taking my advice anytime soon, so there's a good chance that he reclaims his title at the 2019 edition of this race.

Kerry also continued her sneaky spring (summer?) comeback tour, running the Capitol Hill Classic 10k in 40:38.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Weekend Recap: Swat, Zak runs a 5k

For reasons unbeknownst to us, club runners aren't permitted to compete in college conference meets. The Swarthmore Last Chance Meet is the next best thing, and despite its inconvenience for your standard non-NCAA runner (whose idea was it to have a meet on a Monday?), a good chunk of our track crew made the trek up to Delaware County for some fast late-season times. Particularly notable performances include Alex Morris running a 3-second PR in the 800m for a new club record plus Paul Thistle continuing to chip away at his club record in the 3k steeple.

 Swarthmore Last Chance Meet

Alex - 2:08.87 (GRC Club Record)
Jesse - 2:11.11

Alyson - 4:36.45
Jackie - 4:41.94

Lars - 3:57.35
Craig - 4:02.15
Mitch - 4:03.96

3000m Steeplechase
Paul T - 9:00.52 (GRC Club Record)

Maura L - 16:41.25
Rebekah - 17:58.26

Jake - 15:12.49
Witty - 15:23.14
Alex A - 15:23.78

Outside of Swat, Lucas Stalnaker won the 5k at the Montevallo University Last Chance Meet in 14:30.78, and Emily d logged a solo 4:36 1500m at a low-key meet in Paris. Expect her to shred up the track once she returns stateside in the near future.

Zak also won the Police Week 5k in 15:55. Good job, Zak.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Weekend Recap: Some marathons, other races too

Summer showed up early to the party last week, and our distance crew responded with a mad rush to fit in as many races into this weekend as possible. It's either now or never, folks!

On the marathon front, Natalie claimed both victory and a PR at the Kalamazoo Marathon, crossing the line in 2:59:10. Up in Pittsburgh, Maura C completed her hometown marathon in a two-minute PR of 2:52:26.

Down in Philadelphia at the Broad Street 10-Miler, Tyler replicated his strong performance from Cherry Blossom with a solid 53:20, and Mark Hopely knocked out two PR's in one race with a 25:42 5-mile split en route to a 52:16 finishing time. I would think that there was a 10k PR in there too, but let's be honest, who cares what a lowly blog writer thinks.

Closer to DC, Steph won the Frederick Half Marathon for the third year straight in 1:20:19. That's an impressive streak of victories, but even more impressive is Steph's ability to perfectly replicate her breaking-the-tape pose year after year. 

Our track crew also joined in on the weekend fun by running quick times at the UMD Kehoe Twilight Invitational. Standout performances include a pair of 2:13's in the women's 800m from Alex and Jesse, a pair of 1:55's in the men's 800m from Craig and Daniel, and a near-PR in the 5000m from JLP.

2. Alex 2:13.24
3. Jesse 2:13.59
6. Craig 1:55.31
8. Daniel 1:55.87

5. Alyson 4:39.55
6. Jackie 4:43.37
7. Liz 4:45.52
13. Elyssa 5:09.47

15. Mitch 4:07.69

3. JLP 15:22.50
4. Lars 15:29.81
6. Jake 15:47.15
7. Wertz 15:53.64
9. TK 16:00.82
11. Luk 16:02.68

1. GRC 4:06.29 

Monday, April 30, 2018

Weekend Recap: Dix 4th in NJ, Pair of 6th's at Penn Relays

Like a fine wine, or maybe a nice cheese, or perhaps a cast-iron skillet, Dickson only seems to improve at the marathon with age. Dix ran 2:31:58 for 4th place at the New Jersey Marathon on Sunday, with bike assistance from Evan and pacing help from Outlaw.

Earlier on in the weekend (or the week, depending on how you view a Thursday evening), Paul Thistle and Maura L logged 6th place finishes in the 3k steeple (9:03.58) and 10k (34:44.7) respectively. Our four-year streak of coming back to DC with an Olympic Development race victory unfortunately came to an end, but if Jordan's run with the Bulls showed us anything, sometimes you need an off year in order to establish a dynasty.

In other action, Gina won her road race debut at the Nike Women's 8k in 30:42, Liz ran 4:41.19 for 1500m at CNJ, and Hashem ran 16:02 for 6th at the Red Hook Crit 5k in Brooklyn.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Weekend Recap: Pacers races, a little bit of track

Pacers' event staff was busy working double duty this weekend, with both Crystal City Friday 5k #3 and the Parkway Classic on the docket. Charlie was also busy running double-duty, but that was by choice.

On Friday in Crystal City, young Lars seized the lead early and broke the tape in a road PR of 15:43, followed closely by Jake Roberts in 16:01. Down in Alexandria on Sunday, fresh off the momentum of a PR at Cherry Blossom, Keely took the win in 63:08. Keely was stoked to break the tape in the biggest win of her career, and equally stoked to get a free sticker and breakfast from District Taco after the race.

On the men's side, running retiree Kieran was second in the 10-mile in 52:11, and TK4 won the 5k in 16:12.

Crystal City 5k # 3
1. Lars 15:43
2. Jake 16:01
14. Fridge 17:03
17. Charlie 17:51

Parkway Classic 10-Mile
1. Keely 63:08

2. Kieran 52:11
6. Outlaw 54:50
10. Tyler 56:03
18. Charlie 59:27

Parkway Classic 5k
1. TK4 16:12

3. Rebekah 19:39

On Saturday at various venues, our speed-inclined trackies logged impressive performances on the oval. At Princeton, Alex won her heat in the 800m, Liz ran a solid tune-up in the 1500m, and Trettel put forth an encouraging performance after a few injury-laden weeks of training. Further to the south, Mark and Ryan #PanhandleCrew Speir competed well in the 5k at Widener and Georgia Tech respectively.

Princeton Invitational
Alex Morris 2:13.86

Trettel 3:55.16
Liz 4:47.09

Miscellaneous Track 5k's
Mark 15:25
Ryan 14:57

Last, but certainly not least, Greta ran 3:18 at the Zurich Marathon. As is often the case, the time alone doesn't tell the story of Greta's performance. Coach Jerry recapped Greta's bumpy marathon buildup in his weekly recap:

"Working as a consular officer in Kabul probably isn't the worst possible job on the planet for marathon training--scientists at the research station on the South Pole and refugee resettlement officials in Myanmar likely have it slightly worse--but it's way up there on the list.  The air quality in Kabul is so bad that it's impossible to run outside most days, and even on those rare days when the air is borderline tolerable, the only place available to run is comparable to a prison yard.  And Kabul is located at over 6,000 feet of elevation, making workouts on the treadmill extremely difficult.  Add to that very long and stressful work days and sleepless nights due to occasional artillery fire into the compound, and it all adds up to Greta having to deal with an exceedingly difficult training environment.  Despite all of these impediments, Greta worked very, very hard to be ready to compete in Zurich, and I was extremely proud of her preparation.  While the race didn't go the way she hoped, she gave it her absolute best effort, and that's all I can ever ask for.  Greta's next assignment is in Bern, Switzerland, which is an excellent place to train, and I'm fully confident that she will run a well-deserved PR within the next year."

Monday, April 16, 2018

Weekend Results: More Track, Cold Bahstun Marathon

While we're still waiting on a final ruling from our highly-paid team of experts, it's safe to say that our marathoners in Massachusetts experienced the worst weather of a very weather-filled April weekend.

Congrats, Graham!
Weather be damned, Graham's 23rd place finish at the Boston Marathon was the performance of the weekend. Graham ran somewhat close to even splits (1:14:02/1:16:04) on a day when many elites dropped out before Heartbreak Hill. Since photos of Graham have yet to surface (and since he chose not to reply to this author's text of "Dude you are a legend. Got any photos of yourself during the race?"), we'll have to make due with a photo of Graham looking lost on a much warmer day.

Boston Marathon

Graham Tribble 2:30:06
Chris Van Es 2:53:27
Chris Bain 2:56:45
Kyle Cooke 3:06:47
LTO 3:26:14

On Saturday, our track crew split time between the George Mason Spring Invitational and the Bison Outdoor Classic. Highlights include Maura L notching a solid W/PR combo in the 5000m at Bucknell, as well as the dynamic mid-D duo of Alyson and Alex logging top-10 finishes in the 1500m at Mason. Unfortunately, summery conditions in Pennsylvania were not conducive to fast long distance times.

George Mason Spring Invitational

6. Alyson 4:35.98
7. Alex 4:37.64

20. Craig 1:58.28

Bison Outdoor Classic

1. Maura L 16:27.34 (invite heat)

5. Rebekah 18:33.61
6. Emily K 18:33.64

26. Stewart 14:46.92 (invite heat)

26. Lars 15:26.27
30. Alex Archer 15:44.18

42. Kyle Wagener 31:43.59

Lastly, Mitch and Kerry broke the tape at Friday's Crystal City 5k. With ~30 minutes to go before the start, Kerry was still undecided between volunteering at the turnaround water stop and "jogging" the race. It looks like Kerry made the right call.

Crystal City 5k Friday #2
1. Mitch 16:45

1. Kerry 20:08

Friday, April 6, 2018

Weekend Results: Hopkins 1500's, Friday 5k SZN kickoff, Jerry Blossom, etc.

There's no doubt about it, folks - this is a capital-B Big weekend of racing.

Our track crew got an early start on the weekend up at the Hopkins Invitational in Baltimore. Highlights include Alyson and Jesse's 1-2 finish in the women's 1500m, as well as young Lars breaking 4:00 in the men's race.

Hopkins Invitational

1. Alyson 4:39.2
2. Jesse 4:42.5

2. Lars 3:59.4

4. Rebekah 18:27.3

4. Jesse 58.61

Closer to DC, Kieran and Witty replicated Alyson and Jesse's finish order in the first Crystal City 5k of the season. Kieran's performance is notable in light of his repeated claims of having "retired" from running, despite regular attendance at workouts over the past few months. You can only say you've "retired" so many times before people stop taking you seriously, Kieran...

Crystal City 5k
1. Kieran 15:28
2. Witty 15:39
4. Alex Archer 16:25
8. Fridge 17:29

2. Erin Sicher 18:42

On Sunday at the Jerry Blossom 10-Miler, Paul Thistle led the men to a first-place finish in the Men's Elite Club competition. The women took a close second in their respective club competition, with Taylor leading the charge in an impressive debut.

Cherry Blossom 10-Miler

29. Paul Thistle 50:32
41. Nick Posada 52:58
47. Tyler Dye 53:16
48. Outlaw 53:23
56. TK4 54:01
59. Wertz 54:13
84. Sean O 57:03

26. Taylor 59:37
31. Maura C 60:09
40. Keely 62:25
46. Natalie 63:24
160. Marianne 70:16
178. Elyssa 70:53

Saturday, March 31, 2018

FLASH: All-Time list assault down south

A wise man once said that if you want to run a fast time on the track in March, it's best to go south. Sure enough, this adage held true at both Raleigh Relays and Fred Hardy.

Raleigh Relays

Men's 10000m
14. Lucas Stalnaker 29:27.93 (#1 GRC All-Time)
50. Stewart Reich 30:23.37
69. Ryan Speir 30:55.86

Fred Hardy Invitational

Men's 5000m
10. Mark Hopely 15:28.21

Women's 1500m
3. Alyson McGonigle 4:34.06 (#4 GRC All-Time)

Men's 800m
5. Craig Morgan 1:56.57 (#4 GRC All-Time)

Women's 800m
5. Alex Morris 2:13.58 (#2 GRC All-Time)
8. Jackie Kasal 2:16. 02 (#5 GRC All-Time)


Monday, March 19, 2018

Weekend Recap: UMD Invite, TK vs. Teddy Roosevelt

Despite lousy Smarch weather, our track crew opened up the outdoor season with a bang on Saturday at the Maryland Invitational. Highlights include impressive early season PR's from Maura L and Kyle Wagener in the 5k, a victory in the 1500m from Alex Morris, and a club record performance in the 1500m from Daniel Trettel. It's safe to bet that Daniel will break this record again in the not-too-distance future.

Men's 5000m
1. Paul Thistle 14:29.05 (#5 GRC All-Time)
3. Stewart Reich 14:37.97
4. Kyle Wagener 14:47.09
5. Witty 15:09.71
6. Lars Benner 15:11.47
7. JLP 15:21.38
8. Mark Hopely 15:27.75
15. Luk Olenginski 15:58.01

Women's 5000m
1. Maura Linde 16:36.48 (#4 GRC All-Time)
4. Emily Koehle 18:07.50
6. Rebekah Hernandez 18:42.20

Men's 1500m
3. Daniel Trettel 3:52.64 (#1 GRC All-Time)
9. Craig Morgan 4:03.04

Women's 1500m
1. Alex Morris 4:46.45
4. Jackie Kasal 4:53.70
14. Alexa Squirini 5:01.70

Men's 800m
3. Daniel Trettel 1:57.97

On Sunday, TK4 took home the win at the Scope It Out 5k in 16:10. Former President Theodore Roosevelt supposedly had the lead with less 200m to go, but unfortunately DNF'ed after being tackled by a rogue Easter Bunny in the finishing straight. While these circumstances would put most Presidents in a sour mood, Teddy personally congratulated TK on a hard-fought victory after a short stint in the medical tent. He even posed with him for a post-race photo, free of charge.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Recap: RnR, no track

A sizable pack of our long distance junkies braved the Calvert Shoreham Drive Hill on Saturday morning at the Rock 'n' Roll DC Half Marathon. One would think that ideal weather conditions would offset any negativity brought about by the prospect of running The Hill, but as Charlie's pre-hill photos show, nobody looked very happy in the immediate moments before beginning the climb.

Hannah and Dickson were the stars of the morning, respectively, with Hannah logging an impressive 1:20:05 finish for her GRC debut and Dickson running 1:12:34 in preparation for next month's New Jersey Marathon.

6. Graham 1:11:05
12. Evan 1:12:23
13: Dickson 1:12:34
15. Sean 1:13:43
16. Tyler 1:13:48
21. Zak 1:14:27

9. Hannah 1:20:05
18. Maura C 1:23:06
20. Hallie 1:25:00
22. Natalie 1:25:34
34. LTO 1:28:38

Just outside of DC, Paul Thistle took the win at Pacers' Four Courts Four Miler, with Outlaw not too far behind.

1. Paul 20:09
2. Outlaw 21:12
6. Jordan 22:11

Lastly, our beloved Panhandle Crew™️ of Lucas and Ryan Speir put forth a pair of strong performances in a highly competitive field at the Gate River Run 15k in Jacksonville, FL. Unfortunately, Lucas is now 0-for-2 against Jared Ward in direct competition. Maybe next time, Lucas.

14. Lucas 46:22
22. Ryan S 48:03

Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Recap: St. Pat's 5k/10k

The roads crew was back in action at the St. Pat's 5k/10k on Sunday.

Photo c/o SwimBikeRunPhotography
2. Lars Benner - 15:49
4. Dave Wertz - 16:00
6. Tom Kelly - 16:06
22. Kyle Cooke - 17:33

5. Alexa Squirini - 19:39
10. Theresa Palmisano - 20:46

7. Jordan Psaltakis - 34:52

Eyewitness reports indicate that Lars was in contention for the win in the 5k until sub-4 minute miler Jack Bolas unleashed the type of kick one would expect from a sub-4 miler.

Maybe next time, Lars...

Monday, February 26, 2018

Weekend Recap: Trophies Galore at Winter Clubs

The roads crew brought home the hardware in four team categories on Sunday at the RRCA Club Challenge 10 Mile, including Overall Coed, Overall Female, Overall Male, and Female Under 40.

4. Stewart -53:02
5. Kyle - 53:48
11. Mark -54:37
12. Outlaw- 55:00
14. Graham - 55:12
15. Evan - 55:19
16. Sean- 55:31
17. Tom - 55:49
18. Charlie  55:55
20. Tyler - 56:00
21. Luke - 56:04
24. Dickson - 56:47
26. Austin - 57:11
30. Jordan - 57:28
32. Zak - 57:39

2. Steph -61:14
5. Maura C - 63:58
7. Natalie - 64:35
8. Hallie - 64:51
19. Rebekah - 67:40
22. LTO - 68:15

The track crew was in action on Sunday as well, bidding indoor track farewell at both the George Mason Last Chance Meet in Fairfax, VA, and the Fastrack Last Chance in Long Island, NY.

1. Jesse - 2:13.23
3. Alex M - 2:13.93

4. Paul - 4:16.66
6. Craig - 4:20.18

3. Liz - 5:01.39

Much further south, the splinter cell "Panhandle Crew" went 1-2 at the Pensacola's Finest Relay 5k in Florida.

1. Lucas - 15:24
2. Ryan S - 15:27

Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekend Results 2/17

Most of the track crew spent a snowy Saturday inside the bubble up in Princeton, NJ.

400m -- Theresa 66.78

800m -- Jesse 2:15.39

1000m --Alex 3:00.06, Jackie 3:05.6

Mile -- Liz 5:08.35

Social media suggests that the highlight of the meet was Jesse's dominant victory over her younger sister.

Down in North Carolina, Stalnaker notched a comfortable victory in the 3k and moved into 2nd on the GRC All-Time list.

3000m -- 1. Lucas 8:22.3 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Recap: Men's DMR Victory at Millrose

Coach Jerry recapped the underdog story of the men's DMR victory at Millrose on the Pacers blog today. Hit the link for the scoop, and don't forget to smash that "like" button.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Weekend Preview: Millrose Magic Strikes Twice?

Millrose Games 2017
One year after claiming victory in the Club DMR at the illustrious Millrose Games, the GRC women are aiming to defend their title tomorrow morning in NYC. Unlike last year, the women will have two shots at victory this time around. That's how you diversify risk, folks!

Relay 1 will consist of Gina (1200m), Alex (400m), Jesse (800m), and Taylor (1600m), while Relay 2 will include Alyson (1200m), Jackie (400m), Liz (800m), and Maura Linde (1600m).

Coach Jerry is bullishly optimistic at the prospect of a repeat victory. "While the field looks to be much more difficult this year," he explained, "we won't relinquish the title without a fight."

The guys are also joining in the fun this year, with Stewart (1200m), Craig (400m), Daniel (800m), and Paul Thistle (1600m) fielding a squad in the men's race. Victory might not come as easily for this group, but Coach Jerry still sees potential in the crew. "They're hoping to finish in the top half of a very competitive field," he reports.

A few miles to the south, our resident Marines Sean Barrett and Lucas Stalnaker are taking another crack at cross country at the USATF National XC Championship in Tallahassee, FL. Coach Jerry has the scoop on our Florida-based star: "Lucas is rounding into excellent shape, and he's looking for a measure of redemption in xc after what was, by his lofty standards, a disappointing performance at Clubs. The field is loaded, and he'll have a chance to take some impressive scalps if he can stay patient early."


Monday, January 22, 2018

GRC Team Awards 2017

At our annual winter meeting on Saturday, Coach Jerry took the time to recognize our top performers and notable contributors during 2017.

Women’s MVP—Stephanie Reich

Steph had another great year, and continued to prove her versatility, toughness, and commitment to her team. Among her achievements on the track in 2017, Steph successfully defended her Penn Relays Olympic Development 10,000 meter title, and set new GRC club records at 1500 (4:27.82), 3000 (9:36.03), and 5000 (16:25.19). On the roads, Steph defended her title in the Frederick Half Marathon, running 1:16:14 on a hilly course, with no race-specific workouts, less than 36 hours after setting the club record in the 1500, and won a seemingly endless string of races at shorter distances.

Steph’s health limited her training in the fall, and despite knowing that she was not anywhere close to ready to race at the level she expects from herself, she competed at Clubs XC to the best of her ability in order to help the team. Steph has big plans for 2018 as she continues her trajectory to national-class status, and we’re going to see many more great performances from her in the future.

Men’s MVP—Stewart Reich

Stewart continued his remarkable development from GRC “walk-on” to star, with breakthrough performances at numerous distances. On the track, Stewart ran PRs of 3:56.9 for 1500, 8:34.2 for 3000, 14:30.4 for 5000, and 29:46 for 10,000, which is fifth on the GRC all-time list. Stewart’s performance in the 10,000 was particularly noteworthy, as it was his first serious attempt at the distance, and puts him within striking range of the club record in 2018. In the fall, Stewart won several road races including Navy 5 mile and Vets Day 10k in a road PR of 30:45. Stewart finished the year with another breakthrough performance, finishing 70th at Clubs XC, which puts him eighth on the GRC list. Stewart is just getting started, and he will continue to build on his momentum going forward.

Women’s Newcomer of the Year—Maura Linde

Maura had a fantastic rookie year, running multiple PRs, and making the GRC all-time list in numerous events. On the track, Maura ran 9:37.8 for 3000, which is third on the all-time list, 16:39.8 for 5000, which is fourth on the list, and 35:31 for 10,000, which is third on the list. On the roads, Maura ran 16:45 for 5k, 27:31 for 8k, and 34:15 for 10k, all of which are second on the all-time list, and 59:11 for 10 miles, which is fifth on the list. Maura saved the best for last, capping off her year with a superb 20th place finish at Clubs XC, which is the second best performance ever by a GRC athlete at Clubs. Maura is poised to ascend to national-class status in in 2018, and she just might break a club record or two in the process.

Men’s Newcomer of the Year—Lucas Stalnacker

Lucas joined GRC after graduation from the Naval Academy, fresh off his fifth place finish in the 10,000 meters at the 2017 NCAA championships. Lucas raced sparingly in the fall because of his military duties, but when he got on the starting line he made it count. Lucas made a truly memorable GRC debut at the Philadelphia Rock N Roll Half Marathon, finishing fifth in 1:05:26 on a hot day after going toe-to-toe with an elite professional field that included Galen Rupp. At the Army 10 Mile, Lucas again locked horns with top-flight pros, finishing sixth after running in the lead pack with the Army’s squad of Olympians for 7 miles. Lucas set the club record for 8k at the Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot, running an outstanding 23:46. Lucas concluded his season at Clubs, leading the team to a stellar eighth place finish, our best ever, coming in 60th, which is fourth on the all-time list. Lucas has much, much more running ahead of him, and we’re sure to see more national-caliber performances from him in the months to come.

Nina Brekelmans Award—Julie Tarallo

Julie has earned this award for her years of dedication to GRC, both as an athlete and as a board member. Julie is an outstanding marathoner, and her PR of 2:51:55 is fifth on the all-time list. In 2017, Julie ran a huge PR of 1:20:40 in the half marathon, and in her first cross country race since college, she finished a strong 134th place at Clubs.

As a board member, Julie contributions have included serving as women’s team captain, and as sponsorship director for the Fathers Day 8k. Julie’s dedication to service extends far beyond GRC. Julie is Communications Director for Senator McCain, and her extremely prominent and demanding position has frequently limited her ability to race and train. But despite the severe restrictions on her time, Julie has continued to compete at a high level, and no matter how busy she is, has made the time to fulfill her duties to the team.

Lauren Woodall Roady Award—Maura Carroll

Maura was one of the founding members of the current iteration of the women’s team, and she has been one of our best and most reliable athletes for more than six years. During her GRC career, Maura has shown great range, as her PRs of 17:27 track 5000 (which was the club record when she ran it), 29:24 8k, 35:45 10k, 59:56 10 mile, 1:19:46 half marathon, and 2:54:32 marathon amply demonstrate. Even as Maura has shifted her focus to longer road distances, she has continued to be excel in cross country, and her 60th place finish at Clubs in 2016 is seventh on the all-time list.

Maura has also been a long-standing member of the board, and has held several positions since 2012. For the last two years, Maura has served as race director for the Fathers Day 8K, which is an extremely difficult, time-consuming, and thankless job. Without Maura’s dedication and hard work on behalf of the team, both as an athlete and as an administrator, GRC would not be what it is today.