Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Rather than try and plan anything elaborate or run in some ultra sleep deprived state, i am running from the G-town Store on New Years day at 10am. Nothing too dangerous. Just a 70 minute run to celebrate the new year.

all paces/all abilities and so on are welcome

peace out and be safe out there!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year in Review

As 2008 comes to a close, here is a look back at some of the many successes the GRC has had this year. With the help of a few others, I’ve listed the accolades below in (roughly) sequential order.

CHERRY BLOSSOM - Caroline White, Jake Klim, Laura Turner and Melissa Tanner all finish in the top 25. PRs by Patrick Reaves, Patrick Murphy, Billy Askey and others. GRC Men finish second in team competition.

BOSTON MARATHON - GRC Men (Reaves, Bain, Klim) place 4th out of 45 as a team at the "Boston Marathon". Top 5 (also including Patrick Murphy, Jason Dwyer) all run 2:36 or better. GRC the only team with three (let alone five) runners to finish within five minutes of each other. Solid performances by Jarrin, Max, and Ernst as well.

FREDERICK MARATHON - Melissa Tanner wins with a time of 2:56:17

The success of the inaugural GEORGETOWN CLASSIC 8K ~ 356 finishers.

GRANDMA’S MARATHON - Chris Raabe is the 13th fastest men's marathoner in 2008 with a 2:17:35

BAYSHORE MARATHON - a sub 2:50 marathon, and PR, by Robert JARRIN (2:49:19)

ANNAPOLIS 10 MILER - Patrick Reaves repeats as the Champion

Peter "Towpath" Silverman wins inaugural RUN GEEK RUN 8K and the SOMERSET 8K. Patrick Murphy and Dyaln Keith follow up in second and third at Run Geek Run, Caroline White second (?) female as GRC wins team title.

- the return of Wilson Komen! 2:22:40!

MARINE CORPS MARATHON - Melisa Tanner wins bronze at "Marine Corps Marathon" running a 5 minute PR of 2:51. GRC Team (Reaves, Timm, Tanner) wins top honors

PHILADELPHIA MARATHON - Matt Ernst PRs with a 3:07

Philippe Rolly wins the NORTH FACE CHALLENE 50 MILER

Domination of GRC at the JINGLE ALL THE WAY 10K. Two teams sweep team awards, Five GRC women in top six.

The first GRC Christmas Party!

The success of the “GRC Media Team” ~ Peter Silverman (camera/editing), Dylan Keith (correspondent) and Robert Jarrin (photos)

The arrival of the NEW singlets!

Last, but not least, the addition of the following new members:
Chris Bain, Patrick Hughes, Alex Eversmeyer, Caroline White, Lindsey Jerdonik, Robert JARRIN, Sam Blasiak, Sheena Dahlke, Johnathan Amato, Diego Miralles, Geir Sølve Sande Lie, Shannon O’Neill…like an acceptance speech, I am likely forgetting a few. If I've forgotten you, I do apologize.

How did YOU do this year? Please feel free to add additional attributes AND please list off your personal 2008 bests along with races where you PR’d.

Thanks Ben, Max, Allen, Sheena, Zach, Chris, Gene and everyone else at both GRC stores for your support!

Auld Lang Syne. Here is to 2009!

New Years Eve Run

New Years Eve DAY Run
8:00am WEDNESDAY @ "The Line"
The "Zoo Loop"
Please RSVP
So far - me, Bain, Max...others?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Track Workout Tuesday

Klim, Bain, and I are meeting at Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS at 6:45pm on Tuesday for a track workout. We plan to run 800m repeats. All are welcome.


I have purchased a new red shirt and red tights to run with.

As for running, I want to do a new year's day run. I am willing to meet at the g-town store, great falls, etc. Please post a comment if interested.

As for whether Jarrin should run Boston, that is a hard question to answer. I have read some of his blog posts over the last few months and something deep inside his inner soul is or has made him borderline obsessive compulsive about working out and overcoming his injuries.

Though i have made reference to my injuries and battles with them, I am not nearly as diligent as Mr. Robert in terms of doing the PT and going to the gym for hrs upon hrs. If this work has indeed paid off, then it shall serve as a model for all.

RUN BOSTON JARRIN---I will run it with you and we can suffer together.

take care and happy holidays

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Falmouth Road Race

This is super early, but I know some people like to plan vacation time well in advance...

I plan to trek to Cape Cod again next August for the Falmouth Road Race. The FRR is a 7 mile race run on the western end of Cape Cod. It's a classic in the mold of Cherry Blossom, Bix, Boilermaker and Peachtree. Meb was the top American last year. They cap the amount of runners due to logistics etc and registration typically starts (and ends quickly!) in May. You have plenty of time to decide whether you want to do it, but all are welcome to crash at my pad for a few days; engage in some water sports, drink O'Douls, go clamming and of course run/race. It would be great to get a good squad of GRC singlets at this "away meet". I think the FRR is my favorite race course; majestic views of the ocean, undulating hills and great crowd support. Matt Ernst ran it last year, as did Mike Fleg, Scott Munro and Michelle Sikes.

It also could be a fun road trip (Dylan?) and we would likely need to take only a day or two off for work. All this can be determined later, but below is a tentative schedule (I think 8/9 will be the date):

Friday/Saturday - arrive
Sunday, August 9 - Race party at my house or Matt Ernst's house (Matt - can we have a beach party at your house?)
Monday, August 10 - head home

Does this interest anyone? See the website below for more information.

Last minute time change: Sunday, 8am @ "The Line"

I was going to run from the line at 10am but am now joining an 8am group.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am meeting at the Staples on M st at 8am on Sun for a run. Staples is right next to the store.

If you want to come you can store your stuff at the store. Max

Friday, December 26, 2008


It is supposed to be warm tomorrow so come out and run. I will open the store at 8isham for those in town who want to run and chat.

I am thinking 10 miles as run/speak pace.


If you plan to run the USATF XC Championships, you MUST sign up to be a member of USATF by Friday 1/16. Upon signing up, please e-mail me your name (that you signed up with) and you membership number. Please do this SOONEST.
I will, in turn, sign us up as a team the next day (1/17). Thanks.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


THIS CHRISTMAS DAY MORNING I AWOKE TO 40 degree temps in my hometown of Cambridge, MA. Even though I always tell people I am from Boston I really grew up in the next town over, Cambridge. I grew up on a little street called Inman street, basically between Harvard Square and MIT. All of my friends and neighbors I grew up with were either "wicked smart" or just plain "wicked". None the less, I am still around to tell about such things.

I spent the first 29 years of my existence on earth in the this area.

This morning as I battled a fierce wind on the Charles River during my 90 minute run so many memories and thoughts flowed through the mind. As I ran I looked over towards Beacon Hill and remembered that I spent one whole year working that neighborhood as a US Park Ranger where I was tasked with managing and overseeing a small National Historic Site called the Black Heritage Trail. This trail commemorates the history of the region's first free African American community and their accomplishments. If my memory serves me right Massachusetts was the second colony/state to outlaw slavery, the first being Pennsylvania. One of my jobs was to stand out in front of the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial on State street and talk to tourists about the famed 54th Regiment, the first African American fighting unit commissioned by the North to do battle in the Civil War. The film Glory is about this unit.

Later during the run I recalled working as Park Ranger on the Freedom Trail where I was tasked with talking to the public about the origins of the American Revolution and some of the early philosophical thought behind our great US constitution. I remember giving talks at "the Cradle of Liberty", Faneuil Hall about the famed Sons of Liberty and their exploits. My stint as US Park Ranger gave fuel to my idealistic side as it provided me with insight into the greatness of this country and why one must never take the freedoms and opportunities we have been blessed with for granted.

As I battled the wind on the run i remembered countless times as a little kid riding my BMX out on the Charles and meandering in and out between all of the 'dorky runners' and thinking to myself, what weirdos.

Life goes by fast and running is but a reflection

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and so on


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Day run

I am planning on getting in an easy 5 mile run at RCP tomorrow. The plan is to head down towards the valley and get on the golf course trail (the course is closed Christmas Day so you don't have to worry about getting smacked with a golf ball). Interested parties should meet at 12 noon at the parking lot adjacent St. John's college high school. See map:

View Larger Map

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Last night the Chevy Chase store hosted Ladies Night, a fashion show focused on women's winter running apparel. There were a host of vendors and businesses there to promote fitness and their goods. All in all it was a nice success. Good turnout and pleasant holiday cheer in abundance.

Various celebraties decided to crash the party including Alan Webb. I had an opportunity to speak with him about training. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he considers the DC area to be one of the best running areas in the country in terms of providing quality training. He loves Difficult Run, in particular. I will see if he will come out on a run with the GRC gang one of these days.

Thanks to Lauren, Allen and Sheena for working as a team to make the show happen.

Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be careful out there...runner attacked near Key Bridge.

ARLINGTON, Va. -- A man was attacked while jogging near the Key Bridge and the GW Parkway Thursday morning.

He had just run off the bridge into Virginia and accessed the bike path on the south side of the bridge when he was hit with a bottle several times on the back of his head.

The victim was treated and released from an area hospital.

The attacker took the man's iPod, $80 and two credit cards.

The attacker was a white man of medium build in his mid-to-late 30s. He had curly brown-gray hair. He may be homeless, Park Police said.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunday Run @ the line

PR and I are planning to meet up for a long run on Sunday at "The Line" (here) at 10 AM. Please post a comment if you plan to join.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Even though I was sort of injured at a Thanksgiving day race I have been able to run on the Treadmill for long periods with relative ease and comfort. Not sure why

Ran for 2hrs on the Mill and discussed macro economics with a buddy who works at an investment firm on K st. He is ultra smart and is convinced horrific things will happen before our country rights itself. He is already buying a house in the country to retreat to.

None the less, I hope he is wrong as I love running on the Mill. Its borderline surreal. I feel sort of like a caged in animal with lots of creature comforts around me.

Upon conclusion of the run, i stretched and did some interesting hip strengthening work that has really helped the hamstring and glute muscles. I can even touch the toes with ease now.

When all else seems out of whack there is always the run to retreat to.

peace out

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


First and foremost I have always been a firm proponent of DOING THE RIGHT THING and secondly, that chickens will come home to roost or what comes around goes around, etc.

As I did a 97 minute run on the treadmill today I watched ESPN shows that seemed intent on making Terrel Owens seem like the second coming of Hitler and then switched to Wolf Blitzer talking to people about the Armageddon surrounding our economic state.

I have always admired Owens for his football prowess and brilliant athletic ability. Yes, he acts selfish, yes, he has personality flaws and you know what, we all do. So what. He sells tickets and makes owners wealthy and gives the fans something to talk about. He does not beat people up, shoot himself and or others and is a pretty gutsy ball player to boot. Plus, his antics make me laugh.

As for Wolf Blitzer and the onslaught of negativity surrounding our economic state, it is what it is due to greed and poor management and oversight of our financial institutions. Many people saw this coming years ago. Many top level economists predicted such a state would slam us. Either nobody listened or they were too busy buying things they could not afford, playing on MY SPACE and or, lending institutions ignored common lending practices in order to get a quick buck. Its probably a combination of all of the aforementioned and more. Bottom line is this is happening for a legitimate reason and we will have to handle it as mature and responsible citizens and this means handling it head on.

You can absorbe all of this and more during a 90 minute treadmill session so yes, life is indeed interesting.

A day in the life of a runner

Thursday Happy Hour

If any of you are interested myself, some GRCers and some other random people are meeting on Thursday for a Christmas-themed Happy Hour. Details below...

THURSDAY at 6:00 at Chef Geoff's downtown, just off Penn Ave. on 14th or
13th St. (I think?). We'll stay there long enough for everyone to get a
cheap 'uge brew or two and half-price burger, then set out for a
Kringle-mingle around the White House around 8 where we will see the White House Christmas Tree. SLAM DUNK!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Man is Begging People to Buy Stuff

Seriously, did I see 0% - 0.25% target rate? Geeez, if you've ever thought of buying a house/condo/property NOW is the time to do it.

"Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful." - Warren Buffett

Don't be scurrred.

CB10M Online Registration CLOSED


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Prepare yourselves

Jingle All the Way

I posted my race report on my blog -

Thanks to Towpath and JARRIN for taking media and thanks to everyone who came to cheer us on today at the chilly windy "point"; Matt Ernst, Melissa, Dylan...sorry if I am forgetting anyone.

Special kudos to Reaves, Lindsey, Caroline and Jonathan who all set PRs.

1 1/292 17 Susannah Kvasnicka 36 GREAT FALLS VA 36:14 36:14 5:50 18:13
2 1/325 4 Caroline White 23 COLLEGE PARK MD 36:31 36:31 5:53 18:29

3 1/603 35 Erin Swain 26 ARLINGTON VA 36:35 36:34 5:53 18:17
4 2/292 15 Hilary Cairns 38 WASHINGTON DC 37:41 37:41 6:04
5 2/603 9 Laura O'Hara 28 WASHINGTON DC 37:45 37:44 6:05 18:52
6 2/325 13 Lindsey Jerdonek 24 SILVER SPRING MD 37:56 37:54 6:06 19:00
7 3/292 3594 Mary Davison 36 BRISTOW VA 38:13 38:11 6:09 19:02
8 1/401 1368 Dionis Gauvin 34 WASHINGTON DC 39:24 39:22 6:21 20:05
9 1/186 3968 Samantha Kirby 40 ARLINGTON VA 39:45 39:43 6:24 19:46
10 4/292 2412 Jeanette Dumbrell 39 FALLS CHURCH VA 39:49 39:46 6:24 19:51
11 2/401 2127 Sari Stenholm 30 COLUMBIA MD 39:53 39:51 6:25 20:03
12 3/603 4130 Laura Ramos 29 N BETHESDA MD 40:05 40:04 6:27 20:04
13 3/401 2489 Kelly Green 32 WASHINGTON DC 40:23 40:19 6:30 20:11
14 3/325 3957 D Melani Hom 23 WASHINGTON DC 40:24 40:22 6:30 19:58
15 4/603 4092 Jenny Fitzgerald 29 ALEXANDRIA VA 40:26 40:25 6:31 19:23
16 5/603 4345 Julia Speer 28 WASHINGTON DC 40:54 40:32 6:32 21:20
17 6/603 3388 Kristin Andrews 27 BETHESDA MD 40:45 40:45 6:34
18 1/125 4311 Win Persina 48 WASHINGTON DC 41:42 41:38 6:42 20:56
19 2/125 3738 Patricia Zerfas 46 KENSINGTON MD 42:16 42:13 6:48 20:48
20 7/603 4301 Jenny Goransson 25 ARLINGTON VA 42:15 42:13 6:48 21:16
21 8/603 4245 Linda Johnson 25 WASHINGTON DC 42:34 42:28 6:50 21:32
22 4/401 3230 Krystal Boxeth 31 WASHINGTON DC 43:00 42:45 6:53 21:17
23 9/603 2359 Ansley Erdel 28 WASHINGTON DC 43:06 42:53 6:54 21:46
24 2/186 3870 Brooke Curran 40 ALEXANDRIA VA 43:00 42:54 6:55 21:47
25 5/401 3075 Cristina Burbach 34 WASHINGTON DC 43:10 43:05 6:56 21:57
26 3/186 2948 Diana Lazarus 41 WASHINGTON DC 44:47 43:11 6:57 23:44
27 4/325 3862 Lauren Willy 23 ALEXANDRIA VA 43:37 43:12 6:58 22:04
28 10/603 4110 Melissa Wisner 25 WASHINGTON DC 43:22 43:12 6:58 21:44
29 11/603 7 Sheena Dahlke 25 GERMANTOWN MD 43:17 43:14 6:58 21:06
30 1/70 2979 Megan Dunn 19 WASHINGTON DC 44:13 43:23 6:59 22:51

1 1/134 3574 John Butler 24 SYRACUSE NY 31:04 31:03 5:00 15:56
2 1/297 34 Bert Rodriguez 29 ARLINGTON VA 31:13 31:13 5:02 15:56
3 1/257 36 Aaron Church 33 SOUTH RIDING VA 31:36 31:36 5:06 15:57
4 2/257 33 Wilson Komen 30 WASHINGTON DC 31:42 31:41 5:06 15:56
5 2/297 8 Jake Klim 28 N BETHESDA MD 31:46 31:46 5:07 15:56
6 1/232 32 Ray Pugsley 39 POTOMAC FALLS VA 31:54 31:54 5:08 16:00
7 2/134 16 Patrick Reaves 24 SILVER SPRING MD 32:18 32:18 5:12 16:03
8 3/134 31 Justin Fritzius 24 PURCELLVILLE VA 32:41 32:40 5:16 16:20
9 4/134 3825 Greg Lane 22 ARLINGTON VA 33:06 33:05 5:20 17:15
10 5/134 30 Christopher Sheaffer 24 PURCELLVILLE VA 33:18 33:18 5:22 16:40
11 3/297 12 Billy Askey 25 ARLINGTON VA 33:25 33:24 5:23 16:43
12 1/143 4458 Andres Wright 42 FREDERICK MD 33:32 33:30 5:24 16:47
13 3/257 3768 David O'Hara 32 WASHINGTON DC 33:44 33:43 5:26 16:48
14 6/134 6 Patrick Hughes 22 WASHINGTON DC 33:48 33:47 5:27 16:54
15 4/297 14 Allen Carr 25 WASHINGTON DC 33:55 33:53 5:28 17:10
16 1/108 39 Mark Stickley 46 WINCHESTER VA 34:02 34:01 5:29 16:59
17 2/232 2126 Pekka Stenholm 36 COLUMBIA MD 34:05 34:04 5:29 16:55
18 3/232 38 Eric Makovsky 35 WASHINGTON DC 34:10 34:10 5:30 17:00
19 4/257 3 Christopher Bain 31 ROCKVILLE MD 34:12 34:11 5:30 17:24
20 5/297 3430 Chris Sloane 25 N POTOMAC MD 34:16 34:16 5:31 17:20
21 5/257 3389 Steven Moore 30 BETHESDA MD 35:18 34:30 5:33 17:54
22 7/134 3921 Jimmy Daly 22 WASHINGTON DC 34:46 34:46 5:36 17:01
23 6/297 10 Nathan Timm 28 MONTGOMERY VILL MD 34:51 34:50 5:37 17:12
24 7/297 3570 Rodee Schneider 27 WASHINGTON DC 35:07 35:03 5:39 17:59
25 6/257 3134 Ken Walker 30 BETHESDA MD 35:13 35:11 5:40 17:42
26 8/134 5 Patrick Murphy 24 WASHINGTON DC 35:33 35:33 5:44 17:33
27 2/143 2529 Bill Bray 43 FAIRFAX VA 35:42 35:41 5:45 17:58
28 1/42 4075 Michael Kerrigan 17 FAIRFAX VA 36:07 36:06 5:49 17:52
29 9/134 2821 Justin Withoff 22 ORONO MN 36:12 36:09 5:49 18:03
30 10/134 53 Joe Devine 21 WASHINGTON DC 36:09 36:09 5:50 18:13
31 4/232 3045 Jon Torrance 37 WASHINGTON DC 36:21 36:20 5:51 17:45
32 8/297 3757 Matthew White 25 STAFFORD VA 36:27 36:25 5:52 17:52
33 7/257 3891 David Wertz 33 ARLINGTON VA 36:29 36:28 5:52 18:17
34 5/232 4418 Rich Hayes 37 BURKE VA 36:43 36:41 5:55 18:51
35 9/297 2141 Steve Hammel 27 ARLINGTON VA 37:10 37:08 5:59 19:02
36 8/257 3606 Brian Forsgren 31 WASHINGTON DC 37:18 37:12 6:00 18:49
37 2/42 2598 Kyle Gutierrez 19 WOODBRIDGE VA 37:17 37:17 6:00 18:08
38 11/134 352 James Blackwood 24 ELLICOTT CITY MD 37:21 37:19 6:01 18:28
39 9/257 1683 David Bernand 33 MCLEAN VA 37:22 37:20 6:01 18:55
40 12/134 3665 Michael O'Rourke 24 GAITHERSBURG MD 37:23 37:20 6:01 18:33
41 10/297 2194 Ray Maker 26 ALEXANDRIA VA 37:23 37:21 6:01 18:17
42 13/134 450 Joseph Sheffield 21 ANNAPOLIS MD 37:33 37:23 6:01 18:57
43 14/134 2865 Andrew Sovonick 22 GAITHERSBURG MD 37:27 37:26 6:02 18:28
44 11/297 60 Brian Savitch 29 WASHINGTON DC 37:30 37:27 6:02 18:35
45 12/297 4050 Douglas Hickey 25 ARLINGTON VA 37:37 37:34 6:03 19:01
46 15/134 2549 Anthony Guy 21 ANNAPOLIS MD 37:50 37:39 6:04 19:03
47 13/297 1827 Alemayehu Tamirat 26 WASHINGTON DC 37:59 37:54 6:06 18:48
48 14/297 2834 James Olsen 27 WASHINGTON DC 38:07 37:56 6:07 19:25
49 1/48 21 Richard Adams Jr 57 HERNDON VA 38:04 38:03 6:08 18:40
50 10/257 882 Brian Young 30 WASHINGTON DC 38:09 38:04 6:08 19:03
51 3/143 4065 Matt Anderson 42 FAIRFAX VA 38:07 38:06 6:08 19:08
52 11/257 3861 Gary Williams 30 ALEXANDRIA VA 38:42 38:17 6:10 19:34
53 4/143 4058 Bryan Mikesh 44 FAIRFAX VA 38:23 38:22 6:11 18:54
54 6/232 3286 Miguel Penella 39 ARLINGTON VA 38:26 38:23 6:11 19:22
55 15/297 3336 Jim Cardosi 29 ALEXANDRIA VA 38:44 38:24 6:11 19:58
56 12/257 4368 Bryan Ruff 31 MOYOCK NC 38:35 38:30 6:12 19:22
57 13/257 3942 Brian Beary 33 WASHINGTON DC 38:42 38:36 6:13 19:48
58 7/232 22 Adrian Fenty 38 WASHINGTON DC 38:44 38:43 6:14 19:58
59 2/108 4313 Bryan Speey 45 LITTLETON CO 38:53 38:52 6:16 19:35
60 14/257 3632 Richard Greene 30 WASHINGTON DC 38:55 38:53 6:16 19:44
61 16/297 1129 Dave Fontaine 29 WASHINGTON DC 39:02 38:55 6:16 19:42
62 16/134 4072 Justin Sinichko 20 BURKE VA 39:06 39:04 6:18 19:10
63 17/297 2542 Joshua Carnes 26 WASHINGTON DC 39:25 39:17 6:20 19:23
64 15/257 18 Jonathan Amato 34 ARLINGTON VA 39:20 39:18 6:20
65 18/297 2816 Daniel Coogan 27 HYATTSVILLE MD 41:43 39:23 6:21 22:11


I know we face tough times. Recently watched the Martha Stuart cooking show while working out on something called the ARC TRAINER.

Martha's story reminds us that all is possible.


PS. know this is not directly running related but I a firm backer of the 6-degrees of separation theory.


Shots from Today's Jingle All the Way 10K...

The GRC was out in force competing at the Jingle All the Way 10K held this morning on Haines Point.

My entire roll of pictures can be found here (they're still loading as of this post). Some of my favorites are on my blog which can be found here. I know Towpath is preparing some great footage and Dylan Nietzsche was also on hand with his bazooka.

Don't know who the gentleman is pictured below but we should recruit him for the team.



Greetings from Hong Kong!

Hello everyone!
I'm visiting this amazing city for the first time to celebrate the wedding
of my college roommate Edwin, whom some of you met last summer at a party I organized when he was visiting the US. It's been a BLAST to take part of the wedding (my first chinese wedding) and I haven't
been able to run much, but I thought I'd share some of the views of the few
times I did get out to run around here.

I'm staying in the district of Sai Kung, which is located in the New Territories region of Hong Kong, north east from Hong Kong island (click for map). This is a great area to run and it is a great contrast to downtown Hong Kong with its skyscrapers (see above pic) and streets bustling with activity at all times of the day (think Times Square in NYC). Sai Kung is very green and the coast can be easily accessed, thus making it very scenic and pleasant to run in, so long you don't mind the hills :) For instance, on my way to Kowloon, I found a hill which I estimate is about 2 miles long (see link to pictures below)!

The weather around this time of the year is fairly nice by the DC area standards in December (50s-70s F) and I found myself running in shorts and t-shirt :), but the air feels a bit polluted at times, specially as one approaches the city. I've posted a few pictures here, I hope you enjoy them, cheers!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I happened upon the LetsRun website and noticed Michelle Sykes is mentioned. For those that do not know her, we were lucky to have Michelle visit us here last year. Michelle is certainly the most famous runner I have run with. She was the NCAA champion a few years back for the 5k and is a Rhodes Scholar.

I was fortunate enough to have been a training partner with her for a bit and got to know the low down on elite running(not really).

She is sponsored by Nike and talent-wise, is the real deal.

As per my custom, I encouraged her to pursue the Rhodes Scholarship route in terms of attainment of a long term career.

I am sure she has a bright future and will do the world a lot of good once she focuses on what she wants to do.

On a somewhat funny note, she had JARRIN pegged after spending less than 1 hr. with him. Either she is really smart or Jarrin reveals too much. Jarrin, above all else, she truly adores you.

Quote of the eve

"You can choose to do great things for the world or you can choose not to, which will it be"?

Rileys at 11am

Late Breaking...

Bain and I are meeting at Riley's Lock at 11am TODAY for 13 miles. Let me know if you plan to come.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Race Day!

I plan on getting to Haines Point on Sunday around 6:45am in an effort to get my number/swank and get myself organized under one of those trees on the edge of the field.

It'd be great to do a group warm-up (15 mins) at 7:15am. If you're interested, meet near the finish line a little after 7:00 so we can all get going 15 minutes later. That allows for 30 minutes of extra warm-up, bathroom, stretching and warm-up tossing. The gun will go off at 8:00am sharp.

GRC's incredible media division, second only to the Associated Press here in DC, will be in full force with JARRIN snapping hi-rez pictures and Towpath shooting DV tape. Remember to smile.

Please don't forget to wear your GRC singlet and any GRC warm-ups/clothing you might have. Assuming it doesn't storm, I'll have on my blue top/black pants and black GRC cap. If anyone on the list (Ben, Max, Allen etc) has an extra singlet, please bring that to the race. I know some people have singlets that are too big/small and we can do a swap.

Sunday Weather: Times of sun and clouds. Highs in the mid 40s and lows in the upper 30s.

See you at 7:15am for the warm-up! Do it. Below is our team:


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Georgetown Running Company @ Chevy Chase Presents...

Ladies’ Night on Saturday, December 20, 2008, 5-7pm

Join the Georgetown Running Company at Chevy Chase for a night of fashion, food, fittings,
and friends. Experience the latest in winter running clothes while getting fitted for the perfect sports bra and running shoes. Talk with experienced runners, massage therapists, and nutritionists – even learn the importance of yoga for runners.

Ladies’ Night at the Georgetown Running Company at Chevy Chase is also a meet and greet for the Friendship Heights community. Enjoy delicious food and drinks from local restaurants, pamper yourself with samples from area salons, gain information on local gyms, and more!

A special thanks to our partners...

Terrel Hale, Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer (301) 943-8738
Rebecca Scritchfield, Sports Nutritionist, MA, RD, LD (202) 375-8942
Be You Bi Yu, Wellness Center & Spa in Bethesda (301) 493-4911
Down Dog Yoga, featuring “Yoga for Runners” (301) 654-9644
Chipotle of Chevy Chase: Gourmet Burritos and Tacos (301) 654-6661
Girls Gotta Run Foundation, volunteer organization for Ethiopian girls
Julia Rudd, sports bra fitting specialist
Perfect Organics, makeup session with Amanda Chawansky

and more!!

Ladies’ Night at Georgetown Running Company at Chevy Chase
December 20, 2008 5-7pm
4461 Willard Avenue

Chevy Chase, MD 20815
(301) 215-6355
Please RSVP

Arrive early! Free shirts for first 20 fashionistas! Door prizes! FREE gift wrapping!
20% off all running shoes and apparel! Swag! Meet other runners in your area!

Attention Men: Stop by to find a gift for that special someone just in time for the holidays!

Attention GRC Men (and ladies): Post below if you're available to come to Ladies' Night and act as a server, model, videographer, etc...

Monday, December 8, 2008


1. If you're running the JAW 10k, please send in your form ASAP (ideally today). Below, according to the RunWash website (dated 12/6), are the folks currently signed up:



2. If you're going to the GRC Holiday Party on Friday night, please RSVP on the GRC Calendar to the right (look for the Xmas Party tab). And thanks for PMurph/Bain for bringing something to eat! Good God, I thought I might starve. In lieu of cognac, I may bring KFC of something. I will still bring egg nog.

3. If you're running the USATFXC Champs in Feb and you are NOT a member of USATF, you must sign up and become one. I need to do this too...

Monday Run

Meeting a friend at 6:30pm today - Thompson Boathouse next to the water fountain along the waterfront. Probably head out on the Key Bridge, Mt V trail, back around to either Arlington or 14th st bridge. Around 10 miles


duked it out in San Fran this past Sat. at the North Face 50 mile ultra championship race. When I first met these guys they were busting it up and down the streets of DC winning 5 and 10ks. Now they are making names for themselves on the National stage at the ultra distance.

Wardian is our generation's FOREST GUMP and Rolly is just plain methodical in his approach to running.

Wardian placed 9 and Rolly 12.

Congrats to both and rest well

Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Half-Marathon

I ran my first half-marathon today-the Gar Williams Half Marathon in Alexandria (A DCRRC race.) I ran 1:29.01 according to my watch, but the official race time was 1:28.43. I think that was off.

In any event, I achieved my primary goal of breaking 1:30 but I was hoping to run in the 1:25 range. Having never raced anything longer than a 10K, I found it to be a challenge to consistently stay focused for each and every mile. I didn't really blow up, but there were a couple of miles where I got complacent for a while. (I split 6:23, 6:46, 6:56, 6:40, 6:46, 6:48, 6:49, 6:35, 6:52, 7:01, 6:55, 6:42, and 6:44.)

I do feel pretty sore right now, especially in the thighs (The family Turkey Bowl did not help matters-I stopped feeling sore from that on Friday, and then ran 13.1 on Saturday.) Any thoughts as to recovery would be appreciated. I've done some stretching and will continue to do so.

I finished 12th out of 225 or so, although there were a couple of "unofficial" runners who would have beaten me if they had registered for the race. Like Allen. One of these days I will actually get into the top ten at one of these local races.

One other positive out of the the half is that Matt no longer can bug me because I have never done a long race, although I am sure that he will be starting in on me to do a marathon soon enough. :)

I miss Dwyer

Something was missing this morning, couldn't figure out what it was, then it dawned on me. I miss Dwyer. I really really do.

Two years ago I met Dwyer, Klim and Max at the Line. Towards the end of the run Max darted off in his Brooks Running Company singlet/red shorts and Dwyer reeled him in. A month later, Dwyer helped pace me to a PR at the Al Lewis 10 miler.

Sunday Difficult Run

Bain and I are planning to run about 10 miles at Difficult Run at 10AM Sunday. All are welcome to join us.

Here's the location in case anyone doesn't know where it is.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tough Running

This is tough stuff. A well written article that details a time trial last month by schoolboy Trevor Dunbar of Alaska. Think about this when you're on your 5th and 6th lap at USATFXC in February...

Gathering Storm
On November 8th, Trevor Dunbar ran a 9:01 3200 in a snowstorm which caught the attention of high school fans around the country. It only served to confirm something Alaskans have known for a while now: Dunbar is part of a renaissance in Alaskan prep distance running that the Lower 48 can no longer ignore.

The first thing you notice is the banality of the setting, the profound ordinariness of everything.A snow-dusted high school track on a frigid November day. A brushed-nickel sky that emanates light without providing warmth. An aging football scoreboard and a wind-whipped chainlink fence hard against a working class neighborhood. Bundled kids jogging around in mismatched outfits meant to keep the cold at bay. There is a siren wailing plaintively in the distance. An airplane humming on the horizon. This could be any athletic field at any high school in a thousand towns in America. It could be Shamokin, Pennsylvania or Goshen, Indiana or Ogden, Utah. It could be any number of places where high school runners routinely scratch out a few laps on half-frozen, 400-meter ovals in the interest of fitness. But it isn’t. This is an island 1500 miles northwest of Seattle, Washington.

The rest of the article (including pix and video) can be found here:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I spent 90 minutes on the Elliptical Trainer. Back and forth swinging the arms and dying of boredom. At some point, I turned on the TV and found some documentary about Britney Spears. I tried like madd to get into her life story, her beauty, music, etc. NO GO. Totally flat. In between her songs and video shoots she kept talking about her life and how hard it has been and how she gets upset when people call her short--------whoa.

I am sorry if she represents the 20something generation as a music icon, that's no good. In my day there was the Material Girl, vintage Michael Jackson, LL Cool J. (before he was on some tv show), the Beasty Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Cure, Natalie Merchant, the Clash and so on.

Needless to say, the Eliptical is a strange device. I am not sure if it does much. People sign up for it at the gym and go back and forth with their arms and seem to dig it.

time will tell___________

A day in the life of an injured runner.

GRC Holiday Party Reminder

Please remember to RSVP for the fiesta on the GRC Calendar and indicate what you'd like to bring. It would be a damn shame for Max to buy TOO much beer as a result of overestimating the party's attendance.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I do not pretend to understand the mindset of NFL wide receivers or any pro football player, for that matter. So perhaps, this is a useless post. Who knows.

As it is..........

Last night I watched all kinds of sports analysis of the Plaxico Burress mess. Here is a guy making millions of dollars and sitting on the bench and still, manages to constantly get in trouble. As most of you know, he accidentally shot himself at a night club over the weekend. Not only does he ruin his leg from the gunshot wound, but he is facing jail time for carrying a gun without a license and other charges.

Bottom line: The guy was not using much intelligence. The question I ask, is why? Its not just him, its lots of football players. For some reason, its not enough that they get paid a lot to hurt themselves and others, but they still need to go out into the world and screw around. I do not understand this.

I have not observed this sort of behavior among runners.

I guess the closest we have to such behavior here in the running community, is Jake Klim, Towpath, Jarrin and others going off into the mountains in the dead of winter pretending to be rambo.

Monday, December 1, 2008


is in abundance. However, intelligence without discipline is useless and can be destructive.

Discipline is the key to making intelligence work to its potential. I was speaking to Ed Burke today about training, taking time off, cross training for running and the overall mental approach to making and maintaining a successful running career.

First and foremost, for those who do not know, Edmund Burke is almost 40 and has been running at a very high level here in DC for 15 years. In fact, over those 15 years, his times for 5 and 10k have not really gotten slower. I remember when he and Philippe Rolly would battle it out at the St Patrick's day 10k years and years ago. He ran 31 minutes then and he runs 31 minutes now. He is the Assistant track coach at AU and is one of the nicest guys around.

I saw him at the Turkey Trot where we chatted about training and such.

At every race he runs, he is always a threat to win and or place very high. He does not race much, but when he does, its for real.

Upon asking him about his tricks to maintaining a long and positive running life, he simply applies a very basic and simple formula.

Follow a basic training program, don't overdue it, don't race or run hard on weary legs and always take time off from hard exercise to allow the legs to properly heal.

After some hard headedness, i am following that advice.

When I asked him about cross training, he said he does some yoga and aqua jogging. Not much, though.

A holistic approach to sport is what i gathered from his description. It keeps the mind, the body and soul whole and complete.

Saturday Long Run

I won't be around on Sunday. Instead of trying to muscle my way through a long run while away in a distant land, I'm going to get it out of the way on Saturday. I plan to run from the store at 8:30am with the group...head up Glover Arch to Van Ness (the end) and cut back up through Rock Creek Park...but ending at the Canal rather than worming my way up through Georgetown (like we usually do). I will add on along the Canal and possibly open the stride a bit there. I am looking for companionship. The goal is 14-15. Easy for the first 7...then a gradual pick-up once we leave the trails and hit RCP. Do it!