Saturday, December 6, 2008

I miss Dwyer

Something was missing this morning, couldn't figure out what it was, then it dawned on me. I miss Dwyer. I really really do.

Two years ago I met Dwyer, Klim and Max at the Line. Towards the end of the run Max darted off in his Brooks Running Company singlet/red shorts and Dwyer reeled him in. A month later, Dwyer helped pace me to a PR at the Al Lewis 10 miler.


MAX said...

I remember those early days well. Its reminds me of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Jason is our one malcontent who has gone off on his own in order to find his purpose/soul and calling in the running world.

He is always welcome to come back and run and feel the love.

KLIM said...

Actually, he will not be coming back...

When he joined PACERS I gave him an ultimatum...come back to GRC or die.

Unfortunately for Mr Dwyer, he chose poorly and so I tossed his still breathing body off the Billy Goat Trail (along C&O canal/Potomac)and laughed as he tumbled down into the alligator infested rapids below. Muhahahaha, I laughed.

Too dark? A little too dark...sorry.