Thursday, December 18, 2008


Even though I was sort of injured at a Thanksgiving day race I have been able to run on the Treadmill for long periods with relative ease and comfort. Not sure why

Ran for 2hrs on the Mill and discussed macro economics with a buddy who works at an investment firm on K st. He is ultra smart and is convinced horrific things will happen before our country rights itself. He is already buying a house in the country to retreat to.

None the less, I hope he is wrong as I love running on the Mill. Its borderline surreal. I feel sort of like a caged in animal with lots of creature comforts around me.

Upon conclusion of the run, i stretched and did some interesting hip strengthening work that has really helped the hamstring and glute muscles. I can even touch the toes with ease now.

When all else seems out of whack there is always the run to retreat to.

peace out

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devin said...

i believe i just took my final for ap micro economics.

wanna discuss it with me?