Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year in Review

As 2008 comes to a close, here is a look back at some of the many successes the GRC has had this year. With the help of a few others, I’ve listed the accolades below in (roughly) sequential order.

CHERRY BLOSSOM - Caroline White, Jake Klim, Laura Turner and Melissa Tanner all finish in the top 25. PRs by Patrick Reaves, Patrick Murphy, Billy Askey and others. GRC Men finish second in team competition.

BOSTON MARATHON - GRC Men (Reaves, Bain, Klim) place 4th out of 45 as a team at the "Boston Marathon". Top 5 (also including Patrick Murphy, Jason Dwyer) all run 2:36 or better. GRC the only team with three (let alone five) runners to finish within five minutes of each other. Solid performances by Jarrin, Max, and Ernst as well.

FREDERICK MARATHON - Melissa Tanner wins with a time of 2:56:17

The success of the inaugural GEORGETOWN CLASSIC 8K ~ 356 finishers.

GRANDMA’S MARATHON - Chris Raabe is the 13th fastest men's marathoner in 2008 with a 2:17:35

BAYSHORE MARATHON - a sub 2:50 marathon, and PR, by Robert JARRIN (2:49:19)

ANNAPOLIS 10 MILER - Patrick Reaves repeats as the Champion

Peter "Towpath" Silverman wins inaugural RUN GEEK RUN 8K and the SOMERSET 8K. Patrick Murphy and Dyaln Keith follow up in second and third at Run Geek Run, Caroline White second (?) female as GRC wins team title.

- the return of Wilson Komen! 2:22:40!

MARINE CORPS MARATHON - Melisa Tanner wins bronze at "Marine Corps Marathon" running a 5 minute PR of 2:51. GRC Team (Reaves, Timm, Tanner) wins top honors

PHILADELPHIA MARATHON - Matt Ernst PRs with a 3:07

Philippe Rolly wins the NORTH FACE CHALLENE 50 MILER

Domination of GRC at the JINGLE ALL THE WAY 10K. Two teams sweep team awards, Five GRC women in top six.

The first GRC Christmas Party!

The success of the “GRC Media Team” ~ Peter Silverman (camera/editing), Dylan Keith (correspondent) and Robert Jarrin (photos)

The arrival of the NEW singlets!

Last, but not least, the addition of the following new members:
Chris Bain, Patrick Hughes, Alex Eversmeyer, Caroline White, Lindsey Jerdonik, Robert JARRIN, Sam Blasiak, Sheena Dahlke, Johnathan Amato, Diego Miralles, Geir Sølve Sande Lie, Shannon O’Neill…like an acceptance speech, I am likely forgetting a few. If I've forgotten you, I do apologize.

How did YOU do this year? Please feel free to add additional attributes AND please list off your personal 2008 bests along with races where you PR’d.

Thanks Ben, Max, Allen, Sheena, Zach, Chris, Gene and everyone else at both GRC stores for your support!

Auld Lang Syne. Here is to 2009!


KLIM said...

3180 miles in 2008. Divide that by 52.5 weeks = 60.5 miles per week.

One week was "0".

A few weeks had just two runs due to injuries.

PRs in 5k, 10 miles and marathon.

bain said...

My total mileage was 3148, and I ran PRs in 5K, 10K, 20K, and marathon. All in all, a vast improvement over 2007, when I totaled 1700 miles and PR'ed only in the 10K, even though I raced just as much. I attribute my success this year to joining the GRC--thanks everyone!

And Happy New Year!

Matias said...

Great post.

It was great tracking you guys online at Boston, when the group went through in 1:16 we knew you guys were putting together a good one. Looking back it seems so obvious now - the group trained together, keeping everyone honest and it paid huge dividends on raceday.

"Best Race of the Year" award goes to PReaves for his Boston performance. He slammed down a 17:35 5k split at the end over some of the toughest sections of the race enroute to a 2:31. Something tells me he'd like to go 78 seconds faster the next time around. Plus the inspiration behind it all... AWESOME.

"Grin & Bear It" award goes to CBain for his support role at Marine Corps marathon. Guy ran on one leg, unbelievable.

And the "Et tu, Brute?" award goes to... :)

PR said...

I finished 2008 with 4,500 miles on the dot. Thanks largely to training and racing with the GRC crew, I was able to:

1.) Keep my sanity my not running all 4,500 of those miles solo. Enjoying running comes before PRs in my book.

2.) Run PRs at 2 miles, 5k, 8k, 10k, 10 miles, half marathon, and the marathon.

All in all a good year. Thanks for the kind words, Matias. In addition to being my favorite race of 2008, Boston was an incredible experience that will go down as one of the most memorable races of my life. The atmosphere there is intense.

Happy New Year, everyone...2009 should bring good times for GRC.

Matias said...

For you slackers, I know a special someone who SWAM 858 miles in 2008, far off her record 1,048 miles in 2007. Just over 20 miles per week... SWIMMING.

Get out there and run