Monday, December 29, 2008


I have purchased a new red shirt and red tights to run with.

As for running, I want to do a new year's day run. I am willing to meet at the g-town store, great falls, etc. Please post a comment if interested.

As for whether Jarrin should run Boston, that is a hard question to answer. I have read some of his blog posts over the last few months and something deep inside his inner soul is or has made him borderline obsessive compulsive about working out and overcoming his injuries.

Though i have made reference to my injuries and battles with them, I am not nearly as diligent as Mr. Robert in terms of doing the PT and going to the gym for hrs upon hrs. If this work has indeed paid off, then it shall serve as a model for all.

RUN BOSTON JARRIN---I will run it with you and we can suffer together.

take care and happy holidays


Peter said...

How fast/far will this New Year's Day run be?

MAX said...

I will run no longer than 10 miles and no fewer than 7. 7 minute conversation pace is fine with me. I ran a nice run a few weeks back from the store. we ran up rock creek and then hit the zoo and then ran back via the trails. we can have some coco and or coffee and food back at the store. If others have suggestions, throw them out there.

Matias said...

entries are over 15,000 at this point for BOS. If you plan to race and are not yet registered, sign up very soon.

Melissa said...

I'd be in for a New Year's Day run, as long as it's not before 10.

bain said...

I'm probably running the 10K in Leesburg on 1/1 if anyone else is interested. Start time is 10:40.

BTW, thanks Matias, I just signed up for BOSTON.

MAX said...

i do not sleep much nor do i need much sleep. i will pull all nighter and run with the sun as it rises and brings on the new year. running in such a state, though daunting as it might seem, is surreal and takes the control and predictability away from the run.

JARRIN said...

Jeeeez...not sure where to begin.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Maxy. Although I started my recovery with the commitment of an injured Deena Castor, the past month or so have been rough on me due to time constraints. Regardless, I do have a great base and feel like I'm in great shape.

I signed up for Boston the minute the field opened up way back when. I actually think I was still running or had just gotten injured thinking this would take a month or two and "Pooof! - Magic!!" it would be gone. Truth be told this has been the worst fucking injury I've ever had.

But things have changed. For five out of the past six nights I've run 1.5 miles as prescribed by my PT Stacy. 1.5 at 8:30 pace. Until last night the plantar was noticeably better, but this morning it was hell again. So I'm not out of the woods yet. I think the best answer I can offer everyone is I'll just have to wait and see.

But unlike just a few months ago when I thought I would never run again (yes - that bad), I now feel otherwise. If it's not Boston, it will be NYC and a bunch of little local things come spring and summer.

Changing topics, last year I ran the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run in Central Park New York right at the stroke of midnight. It's a quirky fun run where they serve champagne at mile 2. I finished the four mile course and proceeded to run another 8 miles "home" to the Village. Except that I had to run through a giant mass of drunk/high humanity that was simultaneously exiting Times Square.

It was surreal. People cheered, ran with me, threw beer at me, chased me, condemned me, cops tried to stop me and a few drunkards even tried to hug me.

This year I'm spending New Year's Eve with family in Dupont Circle. I'm planning on running - 1.5 miles - from the house right at midnight. Consider this a new tradition (even if a personal one) that I want everyone to feel invited to: JARRIN's Midnight Run from Dupont Circle. Let's just hope next year it will be longer than 1.5 miles.

Have a happy New Year everyone,


bain said...

I agree with Max that running after an all-nighter is a great experience. Everyone should try it. You really feel ALIVE. hard to explain.

JARRIN, stop blogging, get your work done, and go run your 1.5 miles.