Wednesday, January 31, 2007


In order to make a team for the Army ten miler and have a competition with the Army team we need to create a legit squad of 5-7 deep with guys who will run 53 minutes and faster with at least 2 capable of doing under 50. We can use the Cherry Blossom as a test to see if this is feasable. On a public relations front, having a team defend home turf for the Army would be a big feather in the cap as the Army is recognized as the "peoples" race and will bring us recognition among the non-running nerds out there. Think it over. M

Rock Creek Park Run on Saturday

I plan on hitting up RCP Saturday at 9:00am for 12 miles of trails. I am going to "hit up" another (less hilly) trail which should make for good fun. Who is in?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I saw a photo in the army ten miler calendar of the old "Reebok Enclave" team with guys like Pete Sherry and Chris Graff, battling Dan Browne and the Army team back in the day. The race was marketed as local DC team defends home turf against Army's best! Anyway, I want to know what others think about the possibility of getting a G-town running company team of 7 or 8 solid to great runners to go up against the army teams at the ten miler? I threw the idea out there to George Banker and we can see what he has to say and what might be arranged. Let me know. M


Check out the story about the Great American Race Horse Barbaro. Fame and fortune can be shortlived. Don't take your ability to run for granted. Max

Monday, January 29, 2007


any way to "bump up" the posts so that the most recent response, not just topic, presides on top of the page?



there is a race this Sunday put on by the Montgomery County Road Runners. Its in Olney, MD, not far from the District or Bethesda, or Northern, VA, for that matter. Bottom line, some buddies are racing it so I am throwing my hat in the ring. Its a rolling hill 5 miler. Nothing too terrible.

If you are able and have the fire to do it, let me know. M

Week Wrap - 1/28

Monday - 6 easy in am
Tuesday am - 5 easy
Tuesday pm - 1600/800/800/1600 w/400m rest - 4:56, 2:25, 2:27, 4:55
Wednesday - 8 easy in am w/Christiam
Thursday/Friday - unexpected days off
Saturday - 14 w/GRC folks...out in 52, back in 41
Sunday - just shy of 15 with Christiam...exploring trails of Great Falls, VA

Week Total - around 55...not so good, but took two days off to avoid injury/give body a break.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

For Those of You Not Running the National Marathon...

I'm doing this 5k race on March 24th if anyone is interested.

Dwyer runs 15:17 PR at Indoor Meet

GRC's Jason Dwyer, the unassuming Latin teacher from Bethesda, boasted a 10-second (!) personal best yesterday (1/27) at the Seamus McElligott Invitational in Haverford, PA. Reports indicate he ran even splits (4:55, 9:49). A sure sign of the good things that will come.


1 Kopnicki, Brian Tcnj 15:08.97
2 Miller, Zach Widener 15:10.75
3 Sargrad, Scott Unattached 15:16.21
4 Dwyer, Jason Unattached 15:17.24
5 Jablin, James Haverford 15:23.07
6 Iannacone, John Unattached 15:25.89
7 Lanham, Andrew Haverford 15:29.13
8 Muller, Bernie Unattached 15:38.72
9 Jablin, Michael Haverford 15:40.72
10 Rodkewitz, Brandon Tcnj 15:45.37
11 Guilfoyle, Daniel Haverford 16:10.08
12 Holowka, Thomas Haverford 16:12.36
13 Costigan-Humes, Reilly Haverford 16:15.16
14 Fritz-Mauer, Jossi Unattached 16:19.88
15 Matula, Jeremy Elizabethtown 16:20.51
16 Walker, Benjamin Haverford 16:23.63
17 Pike, Dan Johns Hopkins 16:40.33
18 Potestio, Greg Haverford 16:53.08
19 Koh, Travis Johns Hopkins 16:53.15

FILE PHOTO - (2007 DCRRC Al Lewis 10 Mile)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Deena & Paul

From Max...

"I am glad that because I chose to focus on a personal goal, pursued passionately and today I bear testimony of what it can yield, even beyond my wildest expectations. I hope that this will somehow encourage someone here today as well, to pursue his dream and vision...Usually, I get quite enriched whenever I have an opportunity to positively touch the life of someone. Such opportunities to show concern enable me, and indeed all of us, to share what God has placed into our hands."

- Paul Tergat


Thursday, January 25, 2007



Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Saturday Run

It sounds like we'll be meeting at Georgetown Running Company on Saturday morning for a run with Wilson. Are we meeting at 8:30am? Who is coming? How far?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Run Wednesday 6:15pm from the Store

Just wondering who can make it this week. Pretty sure that I will be there.

C&O Canal

Some of you have asked about the C& are two great sites. You can go to GoogleMaps and figure out ways to make loops (instead of out-and-backs) from some of these desolate mile markers.

Monday, January 22, 2007

George Washington B-Day 10K

I want to get a team together for the George Washington 10k on the 17th of Feb. This can be worked into our long run. Two mile warm up and 4 mile cool down with a 6.2 mile tempo in between. I need four people for the team. Max

Austin Half Marathon

I plan on running the Austin Half Marathon February 18th. If you're interested or plan on running the half or marathon, I booked a room using points, so no charge if you need a room. I'm flying out Saturday morning from BWI.

Edwards Ferry - Whites Ferry loop

I often like to mix a bit of exploration with my Sunday long run...yesterday was just one of those days. I ran a great 10 mile loop along the C&O Canal from Edwards Ferry to Whites Ferry (Poolesville, Md) and back along River Road (a desolate dirt road that somewhat parallels the tow path). As soon as I started my run, the snow started to fall. It was quite beautiful being out on the middle of nowhere as the snow fell around me. I didn't see a soul until I reached Whites Ferry; the only ferry that crosses the Potomac. When I reached Whites, I turned on to River Road (the same River Road that ends in Tenleytown) and ran back. I only saw one car on my way back to my car. The loop is 10 miles almost to the hundredth and I plan to come back and do a twenty miler sometime after April. I added 3 more miles before calling it quits and driving home in the snow.

Overall, it was another good week of training for a total of 65 miles:
Monday - 5 easy (tired/soar)
Tuesday - 1600/1600/800/800/1600/800/800 with 400m rest. 1600s were 4:58-5:01 and the 800s were 2:23-2:27.
Wednesday - 7 miles easy in am
Thursday - 9 in the Cabin John trails in am
Friday - 10 miles in am
Saturday - 12 miles with Georgetown folks
Sunday - 13 (not as long as I would have liked)