Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tom Kelly leads GRC team victory at Annapolis 10

Noted 10 mile expert Tom Kelly led a strong GRC team victory at the Annapolis 10 mile run this morning. The GRC contingent ran strong races on the more-than-fair Annapolis course. TK took almost a full minute off his time from last year to lead the team in 4th place overall, and he was joined in victory by veteran marathon teammates Outlaw, Zak, and Chris.

 1. 2:49:22 Georgetown Running Club  (  56:28)
  1    55:34  Thomas Kelly             
  2    56:10  Jerry Greenlaw           
  3    57:38  Zak Miller               
  4 (  58:24) Chris Van Es 

In the women's race, author and noted idiot Kieran O'Connor sees that Laura O'Hara grabbed what he thinks is a top-20 finish with 70:23, and Kerry was hot on her heels in 70:52. If he missed any other competitors, please send all complaints to Jerry Greenlaw.

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