Friday, May 30, 2008


in the making. Jake and Co are revealing a true love of geese and winged creatures. Interesting. Anyway, the big race is tomorrow. Wilson has been in secluded isolation training away. Also, I think Mike Wardian is running from Reston to G-town after his morning race to speak at the pre-race event and then do the race, Luke Merkel will be leading the race via bike with a whistle in his mouth and baton in hand to keep the path clear, Peter plans to capture the race live via video and Chuck Moeser promises to participate in the pre-race talk naked, or at least almost so. There will be lots of cheerleaders as well as a post race party to boot. All that aside, I will be praying to the weather gods this eve for the potential thunder storms(predicted for tomorrow) to be held at bay until the race is over.

Tonight is a big night for the mighty Celtics. This reminds me of the days when Bird and Co would battle it out with Isiah, Dennis Rodman and the Detroit Bad Boys of yesteryear. Celtics take it in double OT on a Ray Allen corner jumper.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunday @ Brookmont Lock

This route does not have as much adventure as Patapsco (besides the ornery geese that try to attack you) but it is good for a long run. I am looking to go 15-16 miles at 6:50-7:00 min pace. I have posted a start time of 8am, but I may begin at 7am due to a busy Sunday afternoon. Is there interest on anyone else's part to start this early or should I just start at 7am and meet other people at lock 5 at 8am?

Sunday @ Patapsco

I am heading up to Baltimore on Sunday and plan to stop and run along the way at Patapsco State Park. I've been running in the park for years (ran all my runs in college here) and it's always a hoot. I plan to arrive and run at 9am...the park resembles a tropical jungle this time of year so getting the run out of the way earlier is best. The parking lot is at the beginning of I-195...about 25 mins from where I-95 meets the beltway.

Bain, the "Silent Thunder", has expressed interest. Anyone else?

Landmarks we are sure to encounter mid-run:
- the infamous haunted house
- the half mile long train tunnel (which we run thru!)
- the dam and waterfall
- the mysterious swinging bridge

FYI - I'll be running fairly slow per the 8k the previous evening.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tickets anybody? 2008 Olympic Team Trials in Eugene

Hi all, Geir here (the Norwegian that just have started running with you ), I am planning to go to Eugene to watch the Olympic Trials, since it last for more than one week I thought of going at the end, i.e. Thursday/Friday (3 or 4. July) and back again to DC 6 or 7th of July. It depends on airline tickets, getting a place to stay etc.
Anybody interested?

Someone with knowlegde to get a hold of one pair of day passes for last three days I would be thankful. Tried to order online without luck.

All the best
Geir Lie

entries into 8k

people who are running the 8k, and are on the GRC team, need to send me via e-mail, their info tonight or tomorrow as we want to download it into the system within the next few days.

If you have a specific question, e-mail me directly at

thanks Max

Monday, May 26, 2008


Anyone not running and who wants to give a hand with some race management work, please let me or Chris Lombardi from the store know, asap. Also, on the off chance anyone is connected to some sort of eatery and thinks they can get some food for the post race event, please contact me right away.

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day. I ran out at Difficult Run today with Moeser and some others. Beautiful out there.

take care,


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Race Report: Bayshore Marathon, Traverse City MI

It was the most painful three hours I’ve ever endured. I think my nerves got the best of me before the gun went off. I usually go into competitions pretty cocky – almost arrogant – knowing what I can accomplish and what I’m aiming for. Doesn’t mean I win much, it just means I know what I’m capable of doing especially when I set my mind to it. This time I didn’t feel so sexy. I felt like a lamb facing an angry butcher with a large sharpened clever. We lined up behind the starting line with the other steeds and BOOM! the gun went off (picture above courtesy of Traverse City Record Eagle). Within a hundred yards an indescribable sensation crept over me, one I hope I never feel again. My legs weren’t turning over with the same fluidity I’ve grown accustomed to. In fact, by mile 2, my ankles were killing me and my right shin felt like it had been ripped out of my scrawny pencil leg.

About that time my marathon partner Rick and I had formed a small pack of five that joined the women’s leader Marybeth Reader and her two pacers. Reader and the rest of us were setting to break 2:50 so we joined forces. She would eventually go on to dominate the course by setting a course record of 2:46:23. The pack splintered around mile 7 when Reader started pushing the pace. Four of us stuck together and all my pain subsided slightly at mile 9. My best miles would be miles 9-12.8. Those miles felt like my legs had awoken and things were firing.

But suddenly everything went to shit. At mile 12.8 I felt a sharp jab – so potent and severe it made me flinch and blurt out “F**k!” I swore someone had taken a sailors awl and stabbed me in the right calf with the precision of a surgeon. Rick encouraged me to keep going, run through the pain and not quit, as any good partner would do.

Miles 12.8 through 26.2 were brutal. Nothing went well and I was in pain the entire time. The calf seemed to be a hydration issue which subsided slightly after drinking two mouthfuls of pickle juice at mile 15 (this is a long story that I’ll explain upon request). But I had altered my stride so much that my hip, thighs, ankles and breathing were simply out of control. Our group of four finally splintered to three when we dropped Rick around mile 17. I backed off to pick up my partner, and after another 1.5 miles together he waived me off and ordered me to leave him. I was alone, in pain and catatonic. At mile 21 began the ceremonial “cramping of the ribs with nausea” the invitation of which my right side and stomach decided to partake in gleefully. My splits had started to fluctuate wildly until the end as I compensated for the pain and misery.

Mile after mile, pretty much since mile 5, I was constantly thinking of quitting. I was so obsessed with the idea that I was beset with a repertoire of excuses I would use to explain why I had quit…and how to best describe my first failure as a runner. Mile after mile the pain tormented me, ebbing and flowing to meticulously create an inner discord that seemed to intensify with every jagged stride. Every mile I would say to myself “This is it buddy. We end it at the next one.”

But I never did quit. I pushed through it. I pushed through trying to keep some semblance of pace and control. Trying anxiously not to submit to the temptation of quitting because by nature I am not a quitter. None of us are. I would rather destroy myself than stop prematurely. Exhausting all options, I changed strides, tweaked tempo and tried everything possible before letting go…I think that’s what defines a competitive runner.

I had set out to run a sub 2:49:59 and in the end I hobbled in at 2:49:18. I literally hobbled in, stopping a few feet ahead of the finish line to awkwardly stagger in. I was elated that it was over and I had “surrendered” on my terms.

In the end I not only finished, but won my age group and came in 17th overall. I had convinced myself so much that I wasn’t going to make it, that I still can’t believe I did finish. My partner Rick finished 2:50:44, fourth in his age group and 20th overall.

I’d like to thank pretty much everyone on this board with whom I’ve trained with since November 2007 when I joined GRC. This is a big accomplishment for me and the GRC is a special family that has taken me in and molded me for the better. Special thanks also go out to Klim and Bain who in the last month hammered me weekly and kept me honest.

About the city and the race: Traverse City is the largest city in northern Michigan. It sits at the head of the Grand Traverse Bay, a long body of water best described as a giant inlet of Lake Michigan. The city sits at the base of the large Old Mission Peninsula. Traverse City is known for its cherries and likes to call itself the “Cherry Capital of the World”, holding an annual week-long Cherry Festival during the first week of July to celebrate. Besides cherries, it’s also known for its grape production and vineyards. Apparently Traverse City sits at the same longitude as Bordeaux France.

This was the 26th Anniversary of the Traverse City State Bank Bayshore Marathon. The field was capped at a little more than 1,700 and filled and closed in February. I picked this marathon as my good friend Rick Ganzi whose run every marathon with me, lives in MI. For two years he’s pestered me to run Bayshore in hopes of setting a new PR. I had set my previous PR of 2:58:40 at my second marathon back in Chicago 2006…back when I wasn’t even a runner and a scrappy cyclist living in Miami. It was 42 degrees at gun time without a cloud in the sky. The course is beautiful. It follows the eastern shore of the Old Mission Peninsula offering soaring views of the East Arm Grand Traverse Bay under a lush canopy of deciduous trees lining most of the route.

Difficult Run on Monday at 9am

For those who have tomorrow off, there is a group of us meeting at Difficult Run Parking lot at 9am on Memorial Day. Easy 90-100 minute run on trails and starbucks after.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Running in Holland, MI

Holland Michigan is known for its Big Red Lighthouse, the A. C. VanRaalte Institute located on the campus of Hope College, the Cappon House & Settlers House (the 19th century home of a Dutch immigrant who became filthy rich) and it’s annual tulip festival. The city is situated on the western region of Michigan, near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan with Lake Macatawa running through it (pictured above). Holland is a pretty city with tons of trails and great dunes for hill workouts. Today’s mileage = Zero (just one of my stops on my way to Traverse City, MI).


We are meeting at the store. Wilson insists that we must leave promptly at 8:30! Therefor, be there on the dot or be left to fend for yourself.

I suggest we do an out and back on the Capital Crescent trail. I want to check out the race course, as well. 10-12 miles.

PS. Maybe Bert will come out and run with us:)

Google Analytics

Anyone use it before? I've heard great things about it, would be interesting to use w/ the GRC blog.


Who else is around this weekend? Anyone up for a run tomorrow morning, 10-12 mi., from the store at 9?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wash Lee HS

Found BRod at Wash Lee HS last night...

"Hey man how's it going?" - MP

"Pretty good, what are you up to?" - BR

"Oh, you know, the usual. Plan to hit some thousands, like 10 of them w/ 200m rest" - MP

"Damn, that's a lot of thousands" - BR

"I see you have spikes on, what's on your menu?" - MP

"800... looking to go sub 2" - BR

"Damn that sounds fast" - MP

I think he went 2:00, going through in 58. Not bad for an evil Pacers.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Who wants to run the Lawyers have some love(a heart)?

So far I have Rolly, Dave O', Klim, and ...........................

Also, please consider the Riley's Rumble Half M in July. Its a Montgomery County Road Runner's deal that starts at Jake's favorite spot. It costs 5 bucks and whoever wins, gets to slice watermelon for the runners. The last time I ran it some guy got bulldozed by a deer.

I think you all must run it as a tribute to the Lock. Run it as a Saturday tempo run?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



I have recently been in a debate with fellow runners over the benefits of SPEED WORK. Some out there believe that hard work and hard runs followed by more of the same will translate into serious success. I am living proof that this is not to be.

I can and have run hard and lots ofmiles and have and make no real gain. The only time I really made some progress with my running is when I was young and ambitious enough to follow Big Wilson and others out on the fabled C&O canal speed workouts. I went from running 36-38 10ks to 33 minutes for the 10K and a 2:33 marathon in one year. This is after years of doing non-systematic random running.

Since I have fallen from grace and have not focused on a more regimented training schedule, which includes quality speed work, my running has suffered. I make no excuses as other things in life sometimes take precedence over running times.

However, I am curious what others think about the benefits of quality and well planned speed work.


OH...............The celts will be the first team in NBA history to win 4 consecutive 7 game series and emerge the champs.

Wednesday Night Workout

WHERE: Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

WHEN: Wednesday night of course...6:30pm

WHAT: 3 x Mile with 400m rest - with goal times of 5:00, 5:00 and then a bit faster

WHO: Bain, Reaves, Christiam and I all plan on being there. If you don't wish to do THIS specific workout, feel free to do another/modified version. Sometimes it's simply good to have other people on the track when you're working out. Any takers?

Capital Hill Race Recap

Well it was quite a contrast going from Pikes Peak to Capital Hill. I knew the the course was not easy but besides the house hill it looked flat. I came to find out that East Capital Street is a slight incline the whole way back from RFK. To be honest I ran the best I could that day but my best really sucked ass. It didn't help that I got out in 5:06 for my first mile. I'm know to get out quick but 5:06 on a hard course is plain stupid. I was in fifth at the two mile about ten seconds behind Phillip and then my wheels came off. I got passed by two Pacers guys like I was standing still right after the two mile mark and then got passed again by a South County Strider guy, I think, at mile 4 and half. Anyways my biggest regret is not getting hammered at Jason's party on Saturday. I wish I had a DAI short for Dump Ass Indicator, so I know weather or not to stay out all night and drink or rest up at home for a race. So I ran 34:36 $$#%$@!%#$^@.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I just thought this was a good picture of GRC representin' at Boston circa 15K, so I am sharing.

Below is a rough transcription of what was said around the 15k mark.

Reaves: "look up they're going to take our picture"

Murphy: "everyone smile"

Bain: (silent)

Klim: "this will be great, all four of us will be stride for stride in one photo. This is a sure bet for a good blog post"

Bain: (silent)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Running in Tulum...

Tulum is the site of a Pre-Columbian Mayan city that served as a port for what is now the Mexican Riviera. The ruins are located on cliffs along the east coast of the Yucat√°n Peninsula south of Cancun and along the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Pictured above, the site is gorgeous with slopping cliffs that end abruptly into a pristine cerulean sea. I arrived there this morning after taking a 7am ferry back from Cozumel where I had been reef diving yesterday. Upon arrival I went on a 5 miler in and around the site. The trails are a little eerie because of how desolate they are with occasional partially excavated ruins that jut out haphazardly. It was 87 degrees with 98% humidity - perfect running weather for a tapper. I came here hoping to channel some energy from our ancestors and bring me good luck one week from today. Right about now half of you guys are inebriated with Dwyer...wish I was there. Below is a picture of Xel-Ha natural water park; ran off a 15 foot cliff into the lagoon (pictured below) to make sure the Mayan's are looking out for me.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If anyone is running the Germantown 5 miler or the Capital Hill Classic this Sat and Sun, let me know today or tomorrow

love Max

PS......................Please continue to spread the word about the 8k. We have a solid cast but we want more. Providing the weather cooperates, this race will be awesome.

PS2...................Also, please note that prior to the race, from 4-5:30PM, Michael Wardian, Susannah K, John Piggot and Alisa Harvey will be talking about the secrets of their success at the Water Street Gym(next to the strart).


I'm happy to announce a few prestigious additions to the Georgetown 8k field.
First, we have Nick MacFalls, a 3:41 1500m runner in his heyday (and my brother-in-law).
Next, we have Heather (Tanner) MacFalls a 2:44 marathoner (she'll probably run but is battling a minor injury so it's not a definite).
Finally, Jim Tanner, who recently ran his first half-marathon at 62 ( I forced him to wear this shirt against his will).
Can they compete for the GRC team or is this against the rules (since they live in CA)?

Monday, May 12, 2008


Arrived in Cancun Mexico earlier today for a three day conference. I'm planning on running the "cyclopista" or bike path starting tomorrow morning. They've expanded it since I was here last year and it allegedly now runs the length of the Cancun outer bank. After things wrap up on Thursday, a colleague of mine and I are planning on heading to the island of Cozumel for some scuba diving on reefs and then boat wrecks. Hoping to then head south on the mainland to run through the Mayan ruins of Tulum. The picture is taken from the resort I am staying at - Le Meridien. I stayed here last year and it's as spectacular as it looks. Hope the picture brings you all some sunshine during the miserable weather...


Larry Noel Greenbelt 15K for Charitable Cause

Entry fees for this year's race go to support a running charity called Girls Gotta Run. I have volunteered video services to this charity in the past and they support a worthy cause.

"The Girls Gotta Run Foundation (GGRF) is a volunteer organization created to raise money to buy athletic shoes for Ethiopian girls who are training to become professional runners. Training to be athletes allows them to stay in school, avoid early marriage, and gain personal independence. Founded in 2006, the organization already supports two pilot programs, Team Tesfa in Addis Ababa and the Simien Mountain Girls Running Team in rural Ethiopia. Besides athletic shoes, GGRF is providing money for training clothes, “calorie money” for extra food and subsidies for coaches. By providing money for athletic shoes, Girls Gotta Run gives Ethiopian girls the chance to improve not only their lives, but also their families and communities."

The race itself should be interesting as it goes through Greenbelt, MD and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Center.

(Link to registration info)

Weekend Run

It seems like it's never too early to talk about weekend runs. My suggestions:

Saturday, GRC at 8:30am 10-12 miles

Sunday, Riley's Lock at 9:30am 10-15 miles

Anyone game?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Camp Trek

Bain, me and some other fools are heading to ST. MARY'S WILDERNESS in Virginia over Memorial Day Weekend for a two night camp trek. It's an 18-mile "P-shaped" trek and a chance to get away from civilization for a couple days. You'll need a solid pack, a tent and a mighty heart. There'll be waterfalls, rattlesnakes, pirates and all sorts of adventure.

Leaving WDC on Saturday morning...returning circa noon on Monday.

If anyone else is interested let me know.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Nature must be left undisturbed in ever-widening circles, so that she can heal the wounds of civilization and re-create the wonders of God's wilderness"

William O. Douglas

Friday, May 9, 2008


For those on the GRC team running the race on the 31st, you must do the following. Please go to the site(on runwashington site) and print out a registration form. Fill out and bring to the race and give to me or someone at the store on race day.

that is all

oh, one more item..................... Celtics sweep Lebron and Cavs and go onto beat the Lakers in 7.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blog of the Week

Wardian has been the blog of the week...for about 4 weeks. If anyone has any interesting training (b)logs, please let me know and I'll update accordingly.

Running Film Festival

I've told some of you in private, but I am now making it public...

I (along with my friend/former teammate) am organizing the first annual RUNNING FILM FESTIVAL. The festival will last the course of 3 days during the USATF Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene, OR during the July 4th weekend.

We have a spectacular line up of films and guest speakers we intend to announce over the course of the next two months.

Please bookmark our website and sign up on the FaceBook/MySpace page. Check back occasionally as the site will be updated with lots of new news in the coming weeks.

You're the FIRST to see this website. A press release should be sent out early next week to the running news wire. Please do NOT post the url on any running forums (eg - LetsRun). We'll be doing this the "official" way next week.

Take a look -

First Boston, now Facebook?

Pretty friekin awesome to see GRC taking over Facebook.

So a few things that I learned on there...

Allen Carr is friends w/ Adam Ostott - I think they went to JMU together, Adam raced at Ironman Louisville last year, came in ahead of me but previously signed up for Duathlon Champs in Richmond (which was too close to triathlon champs), so passed his Hawaii slot down to me. Thank you Ostott

Billy Askey went to NC State - I ran w/ Eric Furst in college, his younger brother Steve Furst went to NC State and recently became ACC champ in the 5K.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weekend Runs

The plan was to meet at the store early on Saturday (8:30am) per the heat...there are also some people who have some things to do later in the day. Will there be anyone around to open the store this early? If not, we'll leave gear in one of our cars.

I may end up running at Patapsco State Park on Sunday morning because I'll be in Towson the previous evening. PSP has loads of trails and some nice hilly roads, but it's approx 35 mins north of DC. If there is any interest, please let me know and I can determine time/meeting location.

There may be interest in setting something up more local.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Draper Invitational 5k "Last Man Standing"

Frederick Race Report

Why Frederick? I guess I should start here. When I didn’t register for Boston in time my criteria for a spring marathon were primarily financial; as a graduate student, I was looking to win some money without having to pay an exorbitant entry fee or travel expenses. This didn’t leave me with many options. This race also has sentimental value for me. My first marathon was the 2006 Frederick Marathon, which was an overwhelmingly positive experience. Also, my mom’s side of the family is from Frederick County. I remember going on many a run with my sister down the country roads near my grandmother’s house. Afterwards we would pick fresh apples from her yard, bake pies from scratch, and all sing “Kumbaya” by the fire. Not really, but I do have a nice history with the city and race. Plus, the Catoctin Mountains make for a beautiful backdrop.

My strategy going into the race was to try to run a PR and to do so in the most pleasant way possible: through even splits. This has proven to be easier said than done for me, probably because my goal pace has been a little ambitious in the past. I eventually want to run 2:46:59 (the current Olympic trials standard), but I’ve learned that setting out to do so before I’m ready only leads to run-ins with “The Wall.” I estimated that I was in 2:55 shape, so I planned to run 1:27 for the first half (6:38 pace). I knew that the second half of the course was hilly, but I decided not to try to “bank” time at the beginning to make up for the hills at the end. That strategy didn’t work out so well for me at Steamtown.

When I got to the Frederick Fairgrounds, where the race starts, I realized that I had an hour to kill and not much warming up to do. Jake was able to calm my nerves by telling jokes and doing somersaults. Eventually it was time to make my way to the starting line. I saw Chris Bain and Robert Jarrin, which gave me a little extra motivation. I thought to myself, if these guys got up at 5 on a Sunday morning to watch me, I better run well. During the national anthem I found my mind wandering to all the lessons I’ve learned about marathoning over the past 2 years and again reminded myself to be conservative with the pace.

The gun went off, and it was really tough to let the other women go. I knew that some of them were in the relay or the half- and some were going out too fast- but it was a struggle to hold myself back. I came through mile 1 in 6:36, which I was very happy with. At that point I looked around and recognized a guy from Bethesda who I’ve seen running workouts at the B-CC track. We said hello and from that point on we were never more than 2 seconds apart, which was helpful considering how desolate the latter half of the course is. I stuck to 6:36 pace (on-the-nose) for the first 4 miles. I unintentionally picked it up for the 5th mile, dropping to 6:24. People were very chatty in those first few miles. One guy running near me kept trying to do fancy, behind-the-back shots with his water cups to get them in the trash cans. He never made a single one (that I saw anyway- he died off after about 7), but it was entertaining nonetheless.

I settled into 6:40 pace for the next 5, coming through 10 in 66:06. I passed the girl who was in the lead for the marathon at mile 6. I could tell that she had gone out way too fast because her breathing was already labored. At that point I was pretty sure I was winning, but it was hard to tell because there were a few half-marathoners ahead of me. At one point 3 different spectators called out, “You’re in first!,” “Way to go, third woman!,” and “Here comes number 4!” within a block. I joked to the guys around me, “4th??? A second ago I was winning!”

I continued on at 6:40 pace, coming through the half in 1:26:46- right on schedule! At that point Jake gave me a gu and I introduced him to my racing partner, a possible addition to our running group. He said later that he knew that I must have been feeling good because when I don’t feel good in a race not only do I not want to talk, but I also don’t want to be spoken to or cheered for. It seems counter-intuitive, but the noise actually makes me feel nauseated.

From there on out the numbers are a little fuzzier. I kept trying to calculate my pace, but I don’t think my brain was getting enough oxygen. I was having a hard time holding the splits in my head to do the math. It occurred to me that if I had to take an intelligence test at that point I might have scored an 80, tops. I stayed at 6:40-5 pace through 17 when I got to the hills. It seemed like the wind picked up at that point too. Dun dun dun. My pace didn’t slow too much over the first hill, and my 18th mile was a 6:53. I was surprised to see that my next mile was a 6:30, but it concerned me because my racing partner commented that it was probably because that mile had such a steep downhill. “What downhill?” I asked him. I honestly thought that mile was uphill too- not a good sign. That was my last sub-6:40 mile of the race.

I think I hit a few 7 minute miles between 19 and 23, when the ground finally flattened out. Somewhere in there I stopped worrying so much about time and concerned myself with finishing and maintaining my lead. I was getting updates from the guys, so I knew I had a several minute buffer zone.

From 23 on was basically a count-down. 21 minutes to go, 20 minutes to go, 19 minutes and 30 seconds to go, etc. I felt like I might vomit at one point but managed to hold it back. When I got about a half-mile from the finish Jake caught up with me again and tried to offer encouragement, but by that point I was not able to tolerate noise. I shh’ed him and he seemed to understand. I proceeded to the line and even managed a bit of a kick. When I crossed it I actually got to break the tape for the first time in my life. What an amazing experience! Reporters from the local papers immediately surrounded me and I struggled to offer coherent answers. I was even filmed for a local website (why is it that my 15 minutes of fame came when I was a disaster both physically and mentally?). After all the hoopla I met up with my parents, Jake, Chris, and Robert to enjoy the festivities. Robert took some great pictures, which was much-appreciated. I ended up running a PR (2:56:14) and taking away the top prize ($500).What else can you ask for?

The day ended, after many flip cup victories, with me drinking a Blue Moon out of my victory chalice, as it should be.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Melissa wins Frederick Marathon

Melissa won the Frederick Marathon in a PR of 2:56:14. Great job!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sunday afternoon

After the race on Sunday we're going to celebrate by putting Jake's leftovers to good use in a beer pong (and maybe flip cup) tournament. All GRC folks are welcome to join in! It'll be at 4 at my place. Email me ( or Jake for directions.

Weekend Runs

As the "Great Compromiser" I listed the Saturday run start time for 8:44am...okay Max? This is actually one minute in your favor. Will someone be at the store that early?

I am waking up at 3:59am on Sunday to head to Frederick for the marathon with Melissa. There is actually talk of others coming up (later?) to meet for an adventure run at/near Frederick. Bain, the Esquire and the Peruvian Wonder all discussed options last of them might have an update?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Off-topic: Skydiving

I'm organizing a skydiving trip late this spring/summer, details are still in the works, but I was wondering if any of you adventure loving runners would be interested in joining. If so, drop me a line (christiam at hotmail-dot-com) or post a comment.