Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunday @ Patapsco

I am heading up to Baltimore on Sunday and plan to stop and run along the way at Patapsco State Park. I've been running in the park for years (ran all my runs in college here) and it's always a hoot. I plan to arrive and run at 9am...the park resembles a tropical jungle this time of year so getting the run out of the way earlier is best. The parking lot is at the beginning of I-195...about 25 mins from where I-95 meets the beltway.

Bain, the "Silent Thunder", has expressed interest. Anyone else?

Landmarks we are sure to encounter mid-run:
- the infamous haunted house
- the half mile long train tunnel (which we run thru!)
- the dam and waterfall
- the mysterious swinging bridge

FYI - I'll be running fairly slow per the 8k the previous evening.


PR said...

I should be game for 16-17.

P Murph said...

I'm a sucker for pictures. I'm in.

KLIM said...

There should be a few of my old teammates there too.

Anonymous said...

I'd be game if someone could give me directions. The earlier the better (like 7 would be great)... I would like to go to mass & can't quite handle the heat yet.

KLIM said...


7 is damn early friend.

Here is where we'll be meeting (see link below).

Take 95 to 195 and head towards UMBC/Catonsville. Vear towards the commuter parking lot at the end of 195 and then make a left on Rolling Rd. You will see a bunch of cars parked on the right hand side of the road. Or simply park in the commuter lot and walk across the street.,-76.719026&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=18&sll=39.244635,-76.718178&sspn=0.001828,0.005&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=18

P Murph said...

Justin/Patrick: Call me in the morning or just look for me when I come to pick you up. I'll be driving a silver 2000 Toyota Camry.

Anonymous said...

p murph- I'm getting off at Columbia Heights - I'm leaving now - I don't have your number, but give me a call or text at 419-513-0973