Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Nature must be left undisturbed in ever-widening circles, so that she can heal the wounds of civilization and re-create the wonders of God's wilderness"

William O. Douglas


Peter said...

Interesting historical footnote: It was the efforts of Douglas that prevented the C&O canal from becoming paved over by an extension of Whitehurst freeway all the way from DC to Cumberland, MD. What a tragedy that would have been

MAX said...

I was a National Park Service Ranger in my youth. Yes, this is before I sold out to the man. Some of the most dedicated and passionte people, focused on protecting our public treasures, work in these remote places, getting paid peanuts. Despite the low pay, its one of the best jobs I ever had. Jake, if you ever want to give up running and be a ranger or biologist or something in the Everglades, let me know.