Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm happy to announce a few prestigious additions to the Georgetown 8k field.
First, we have Nick MacFalls, a 3:41 1500m runner in his heyday (and my brother-in-law).
Next, we have Heather (Tanner) MacFalls a 2:44 marathoner (she'll probably run but is battling a minor injury so it's not a definite).
Finally, Jim Tanner, who recently ran his first half-marathon at 62 ( I forced him to wear this shirt against his will).
Can they compete for the GRC team or is this against the rules (since they live in CA)?


Peter said...

Did your brother in law go to the Air Force academy and if so, is he still active duty?

Melissa said...

He did but is not still active duty.

MAX said...

sure they can run. all of them must win their respective categories, though!

kidding. anything for the Tanner Clan.

LTO said...

I'll vouch for Heather (my former teammate). Looks like the Tanner family has talent!