Monday, May 19, 2008


I just thought this was a good picture of GRC representin' at Boston circa 15K, so I am sharing.

Below is a rough transcription of what was said around the 15k mark.

Reaves: "look up they're going to take our picture"

Murphy: "everyone smile"

Bain: (silent)

Klim: "this will be great, all four of us will be stride for stride in one photo. This is a sure bet for a good blog post"

Bain: (silent)


MAX said...

that is a great photo. we can enlarge it and put it up in the store.

Scott said...

Is that your shadow? Wait, did you actually even run the race?

JARRIN said...

Hold on - is that Lance Armstrong behind you guys? Oh that's right...he's significantly SLOWER.

bain said...