Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Capital Hill Race Recap

Well it was quite a contrast going from Pikes Peak to Capital Hill. I knew the the course was not easy but besides the house hill it looked flat. I came to find out that East Capital Street is a slight incline the whole way back from RFK. To be honest I ran the best I could that day but my best really sucked ass. It didn't help that I got out in 5:06 for my first mile. I'm know to get out quick but 5:06 on a hard course is plain stupid. I was in fifth at the two mile about ten seconds behind Phillip and then my wheels came off. I got passed by two Pacers guys like I was standing still right after the two mile mark and then got passed again by a South County Strider guy, I think, at mile 4 and half. Anyways my biggest regret is not getting hammered at Jason's party on Saturday. I wish I had a DAI short for Dump Ass Indicator, so I know weather or not to stay out all night and drink or rest up at home for a race. So I ran 34:36 $$#%$@!%#$^@.

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KLIM said...

Not too shabby for a "bad race". Take out your anger on May 31!!