Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Who wants to run the Lawyers have some love(a heart)?

So far I have Rolly, Dave O', Klim, and ...........................

Also, please consider the Riley's Rumble Half M in July. Its a Montgomery County Road Runner's deal that starts at Jake's favorite spot. It costs 5 bucks and whoever wins, gets to slice watermelon for the runners. The last time I ran it some guy got bulldozed by a deer.

I think you all must run it as a tribute to the Lock. Run it as a Saturday tempo run?


PR said...

"That guy" who was bulldozed was my roommate for two years in college, Nick. The deer cracked his skull, and they had to airlift him out!

KLIM said...

I am 75% sure I will do LAWYERS HAVE HEART. I will wait until post-GTOWN 8K before giving the final okay.