Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wednesday Night Workout

WHERE: Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

WHEN: Wednesday night of course...6:30pm

WHAT: 3 x Mile with 400m rest - with goal times of 5:00, 5:00 and then a bit faster

WHO: Bain, Reaves, Christiam and I all plan on being there. If you don't wish to do THIS specific workout, feel free to do another/modified version. Sometimes it's simply good to have other people on the track when you're working out. Any takers?


MAX said...

That workout sounds grand. I wish I could join but I am still getting used to orthotics and have a slew of nonsense to worry about and take care of.

You guys should all do great at the 8k.

PR said...

I only will come if you dye your hair like the Spanish guy in the photo (far left), and if Bain agrees to run the workout in a Czech speedsuit (far right).

bain said...

If you have one, I'll wear it. But you must provide the glasses too.

DaveO said...

Hey guys how did that workout go? I didn't go last night because I'm still trying to recover from Cap Hill 10K but if you make it a stapple I will go. Right now all my workouts for 2K down are at or under 5:00 pace so that would be great for me. I have been working out by myself for the last two months and it sucks.

PR said...


The Tuesday/Wednesday nights at B-CC were a staple this winter/spring, so I'd like to keep at them. You would have been right at home last night. We all between 4:55-5:05 pace, and Klim even blasted the last one in 4:46, leaving Bain, Christiam and I drowing in lactic acid several meters behind.

I'm still shaking off Boston rust, but that's exactly what it was for. Definitely come out if you can; I almost always find that it's much easier to run a good effort if you can share the work.

I should be game to go next week.