Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekend Runs

As the "Great Compromiser" I listed the Saturday run start time for 8:44am...okay Max? This is actually one minute in your favor. Will someone be at the store that early?

I am waking up at 3:59am on Sunday to head to Frederick for the marathon with Melissa. There is actually talk of others coming up (later?) to meet for an adventure run at/near Frederick. Bain, the Esquire and the Peruvian Wonder all discussed options last of them might have an update?


Peter said...

I have some work on Sunday afternoon so I will not be able to make it up to Frederick, though the adventure run sounds fun. Anyone up for 9am @ "The Line"

JARRIN said...

About the adventure run....the verdict is: No. Instead Bain and I are biting the bullet to wake up early and run part of the course bandit. Peruvian Wonder is out; racing elsewhere. I'll run 2 hours, Bain something shorter. We'll join Tanner somewhere around mile 1 (if she wants) and keep her company for while. At some point I'll have to slow it down and do my own thing. Bain will stick with Tanner until he feels inclined. We'll all re-group near the finish to welcome home the new PR. Can you join us for part of this?

KLIM said...

I will do part of this...I guess.

Do you want to carpool up there? We're leaving at 4:30am.

MAX said...

As a race director type i caution against running a race bandit. Not that I am trying to be anal but I know too many of the local race directors who are current and former runners in/from the area. Despite the fact that I adore Melissa and all of you, this is the stance I must take.

the local directors usual try hard to keep the race open to those who paid and keep it fair and sqaure.

Melissa will do fine whether you pace her or not.

sorry to be a grump.

as for the group run on Sat, I am meeting Wilson at the store at 830We will wait until 845 and then go.

love max:)

JARRIN said...

Max - Love you too but we wont be running the entire race with Melissa - not even half of it. Furthermore, she hasn't even agreed to our joining her and this is her day not ours to decide.

Klim - Let's discuss carpooling offline.

Thanks all,


P Murph said...

Peter - I'm up for a run at The LINE at 9 Sunday morning. I have to work Sunday so I won't be able to help cheer Melissa. Anyone else interested?

bain said...

Not sure I agreed to try to keep up with Melissa....

I wouldn't mind doing an Adventure Run to appease the race director types (and for the adrenaline), but I also don't want to force Melissa to wait around after her race. How can I please everyone? It so so hard.

PR said...

I'm good for Sunday at the Line as well.

MAX said...

whatever you guys do, I highly recommend that you do not jump into the race half way. I used to be torn on the issue but have come full swing and would not do it myself unless i registered to run it and simply ran along to help someone out for the whole race(which I have done). You are representing the G-town Running Company so we want to keep a tight/positive rep regarding race protocol, etc. That's all I have to say. love me or hate me as it don't matter on this one.

i am done and will be quiet from now on.

PS. Melissa will win it, regardless.

peace out


Melissa said...

I don't know. I'd really like to run with people (thanks so much for offering, Robert), but don't want to be dq'ed (if this is a risk?). If the consensus is to do the adventure run, I will bring a crossword or sudoku to pass the time.

JARRIN said...

Hey no worries - I like Bain's comment that we don't want you waiting around afterwards for us. We can figure something out with Jake I'm sure. The important thing is that you kick ass, PR and don't get DQ'd!