Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ogden Marathon Recap

Another marathon and (luckily) another PR!

Thought I would kill the suspense for ya.


MAX said...

good job. Dane, you have run 10million marathons at or around the same speed. at this point i suggest hire a coach and just focus on speedwork. Long fartlek runs of 15 miles. do this for 2 months and you will break your PR again.

case in point, i can run 2:47 every marathon i do on running junk miles. its boring and useless and I am only damaging my legs.

In order for me to get faster i have to run intense workouts(which I have not done in 2years due to injuries).

i rarely listen to my own advice but there it is.

Melissa said...

Great job, Dane!

Dane said...


How exactly have I run multiple (or in your words "10 million") marathons at or around the same speed? Besides the last marathon PR of a few seconds here (and the reasons for it being so "small" were well stated), my last few PRs have been by, in reverse order, 4 minutes, 2 minutes and 4 minutes. All in less than a year.

I appreciate the advice. Really. But unfortunately, your good intentions are often undone by not knowing of which you speak.

I needn't hire a coach or wait 2 months to have a large PR again. I just need to not run it in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at 6,000' of elevation.

Dane said...


Thank you so much. Your own PR was great inspiration.

Melissa said...

Same to you. It wasn't too long ago that you were running around the 3 hr mark and now you're about to break 2:50! Keep the PRs coming!

MAX said...

I will not relent on the speedwork and coaching aspect. The best runners I know all do the speed and quality over running lots of miles. When i was running lots of races and miles I pretty much stayed flat(as I am now) sure I could improve a little but I was not hitting my potential.

If you really want to see improvement you need to be religious about the long fartlek runs and doing them with people who are faster and who will push you.

If I was not injured and a bit of a slacker now a days, I would be out chasing Wilson and sucking air and lowering my times considerably.

Ditto for you Melissa.

Dane said...


Again, you ignore the facts of nearly 10 minutes of improvement without doing any of the things you mention. It is not me asking you to relnet on giving it, but rather, realize you have given it, many times, and I have heard it.

When or if I hit a plateau, I will consider the advice you (and countless others) have given me. Until such time, I would assume the fact that I have run "10million" marathons would mean you do not automatically know more about my body than I.

I am sorry about your injury and hope for a quick recovery for you.

MAX said...

Dane, maybe you just like to run lots of marathpns.

as for speedwork and performance, every pro road racer does it. They need to to optimize their potential and beat the competition. Even Michael Wardian does track workouts and very focused speed sessions. I remember when that guy was running 3 hr. marathons.

As for injuries and such, that is part of the business of sport.

We all suffer and live to play another day.

Next time I am in Salt Lake you will have to take me on one of your training runs.

Dane said...

Your initial and repeated comments assume I am not doing fartleks and track workouts. And the last time I checked, I am not a pro road racer or even close to it.

As for Wardian, the man has run (and I could be incorrect) ONE marathon over 3 hours. So if you can remember when he was running "3 hour Marathons" with the emphasis on the plural, than you know more than I.