Sunday, January 31, 2010


I posted this somewhere else. here is a cut and paste. though not as fast as Dusen, I felt good and am gearing up

FYI--when you all get to be 40 years young, you too will appreciate running a 60 minute-ish ten-miler.....

This morning I woke up to the cold. My plan was to wake up at 6am, eat breakfast, drink coffee and then drive to Kensington to run the DC Road Runners Al Lewis 10miler, I have run this race many times over the years. Some years I am slow, some I am fast and sometimes in the middle. Today, post breakast and coffee, I ventured over to pick up my friend Colin Fishwick, a local star runner who still shines with youthful running ambition.

As we drove to the race, we talked about various topics including who is the best runner of all time. For some reason, my favorite comes out to be Bill Rodgers. Perhaps its because I am from Boston and used to watch him running races in weird wool hats and beat up old shoes. He would always win.

None the less, we got to the race in ample time to complain about the cold, do a warm up and say hello to the regular local champion runners. In attendance was Lou Shapiro, James(knows all) Moreland, Scarborough, Betty Blank, Karl(the winner) Dusen and more. As we toed the line, I knew I would not run a fast race as my legs are tired from some 75 mile weeks. None the less, I was there to throw down and get the heart rate going. For those that do not know, DC Road Runners is now using chip timing for $5 road races. Look out Capital Running Co.

For this race, I skipped the chip and decided to Bandit it(sorry). I was reprimanded by my old colleagues at the club but was given one grace bandit run for old times sake. Once the word go was shouted, I along with the rest were off. What fun. I went out too fast and hit the first mile in 5:50. Not in that shape yet for 10 miles. By mile three, my legs were taxed though my heart and lungs were OK. So, with this said, I decided to use my wisdom and simply slow way down and wait for the pack to catch me. Soon enough I was running with some young stallions. They were huffing and puffing and looking at their Garmins every two minutes. We ran in unison and gave each other support needed to run a smart and controlled run.

As we approached the mid-point, the snow began to come down with some level of authority. I felt like a kid bounding around in the snow with my friends. We ran as a group until mile 8ish or so. At this juncture, i found myself pulling away. Not because I was going faster but because they were slowing down. I beckoned for them to keep up as we would run this to the finish together. Alas, their legs and lungs began to fail them. When I sensed they would not come with me, I continued along and meandered on the zig zaggy-like path along Rock Creek.

As I approached the finish line, I marveled at the snow covered beautiful woods surrounding me. I crossed the finish and was thoroughly happy to have hit my goal time of 103.00.

I have the base and now need the track work to get the legs moving faster.

What lies in store is a mystery.

Have fun in the snow


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Millrose Games

The 103rd Millrose Games will be on ESPN2 LIVE from 8pm to 10pm TONIGHT.

If anyone wants to watch and drink Jake Marren's beer with me at my place, let me know.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


For those doing the AL LEWIS RACE this Sat, please let me know if you would be willing to do a little store promo post race. You guys are the star runners of the town and certainly have the admiration of the other clubs and runners. Would you be willing to hang out post run and staff a little table and simply talk about the team and the store a bit.

This is your chance to serve as star athletes and so on.

PS. My friend Colin Fishwick is running and he is my favorite to WIN



Sunday - Old Angler's Inn

I propose meeting at Old Angler's Inn on Sunday for the long run. We haven't run here in a very long time and it is relatively close by for all of us (just off the beltway). There are some solid trails we can run up above Great Falls before venturing out to the Towpath. Additionally, I use to see a red fox quite often in these trails and I kind of want to see him again...

Possible route - run 5 in the trails above Great Falls (scan to the left and see "Gold Miners Trail" in map), then run north from Great Falls for 4-5 miles, then turn around and head back to our cars. This would be around 15 miles. Those who wish to tack on can keep running south-and-back once we get back to the bridge opposite Old Angler's Inn.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I once met a very good runner who trained by time and overall feeling vs distance run(miles run). In other words, he would take off on a run in one direction or on a trail and his goal would be to run for a certain amount of time rather than a certain amount of miles. Now, with this said, we all know we must run a certain amount of miles when training for a particular distance.

However, there are some days that I prefer to just run for say 50 minutes in the morning and 60 in the eve. I do not have an accurate assessment of miles or distance run, but run according to how my body feels and simply run for an hr, etc.

Upon the conclusion of the run, I am satisfied simply because I have put in the time I planned to keep my legs moving faster than normal.

I am not looking for a definitive answer here but rather some thoughts/opinions on this matter.

Mighty Max

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wednesday Workout

I will be there. Suggestions? I may do something light IF I get into the 5k.


I am experimenting with running two times a day all week(5days). Typcially I wake up and run 6 miles and then run 4 or 5 in the evening. All of the runs are fairly easy. I am doing this to get my miliage up without breaking my leg muscles down. My goal is to run 75-80 miles per week without much bother.

Even though my legs feel tired I can do the runs pretty easily.

I often run into different characters as well. For example, as I was running home from work about 9pm last night, I ran into Jim Hage who was doing Hill Repeats up Porter street.

Anyway. thoughts and or analysis is always welcome.

State of the Union Drinking Game

Whereas, the State of the Union Address will be aired on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 9:00 PM.

Whereas, beer makes all political banter more tolerable, coherent and pleasant to our American way of life.

Whereas, Jake Klim possess twenty-nine Miller Light beers rightfully purchased by Jake Marren.

Whereas, all references to Stimulus shall henceforth be struck and replaced with the words "spending freeze."

NOW THEREFORE, let it be known that this post and all comments contained herein shall be the official discussion board for the determination of location, procedure and all other sundries necessary and proper for the undertaking of a State of the Union drinking party.


J. Cochran, Commander and Thief

Monday, January 25, 2010

Workout tomorrow

Since I'm racing Friday night, I am going to workout tomorrow instead of Wednesday. I'm planning on running at Tilden Middle School (Grosvenor metro stop) but could be convinced to go elsewhere. I am either going to do 12 x 400m or some of those 600-300-150 sets. Let me know if you're interested.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


For those who check this compulsively. There will be socialization at Atomic in Cleveland Park this evening around 9. Billiards and shuffleboard. Come one, come all.


I added a work in progress spread sheet in the 2010 Calendar link.

Please take a look and pick something to tackle. Or add something to the list that I might have forgot.

I understand I need to lay the foundation (mainly - race date, race name, location permission) of this down first, but it would be good to have a running start on these items once we have the green light a date picked.

Friday, January 22, 2010



Though running is important there are indeed greater callings. In an effort to support those misfortunate souls who have been stricken by disaster in Haiti, we are holding a RUN FOR HAITI from the Chevy Chase store on Saturday morning the 6th of Feb at our CC store. Its going to be a 6 mile run for all paces and abilities. The goal is to raise lots of money for Haiti. We are asking attendees to donate $5 or more. All of the funds will go to the Red Cross. Please try and come and tell all of your friends. If you want to help or have some ideas on how this might be even more fruitfull, your insights are always appreciated.

Bagels and drinks will be served at the store post run.




there is a 10mile DCROADRUNNERS race next Sat the 30th in Kensington. I am inviting some good runners to run it as a tempo. Its a hilly but pleasant course.

Bagels and cheerleaders are the incentive for showing.

if interested, give me a shout via the comment method.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunday Run

Who is up for doing the Sunday long run at Greenbelt? 9:30 AM?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fast Indoor 5k?

I am looking for an indoor 5k to run between late January and late February. I am hoping to find a college race so that I can get dragged through in a good time ~ ideally a banked track around 3 hours away. This doesn't leave too many options, but many of you ran in area colleges and maybe your alma mater has a race that permits open athletes? I have a few feelers out already, but would love to hear some more. You can hit me up at . Thanks.

Wednesday Workout at B-CC

Mile repeats has been thrown out as a workout this Wednesday that "everyone can get behind".

For those of you who are new, we meet at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School (see "Where We Run" link on sidebar for directions) in the parking lot next to the tennis courts at 6:30pm. It's 2-3 blocks from the Bethesda Metro Station. We then head out for a warm-up and generally start the actual workout at 7pm. If you need to change, bathrooms are available, but come 5-10 minutes early as we like to get going at 6:30. If you're late, warm-up around the track and we'll all meet after the warm-up.

I am iffy due to an unpredictable work week. As of now, I have every intention of making the workout.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Rather than re-write a race report I am cutting and pasting. Bottom line is the legs are finally starting to feel better after years of aggravation. Research Graston technique for those looking for some help with injuries involving scar tissue.

Upon waking up yesterday, I glanced over email and saw that my friend Colin emailed me about a race that very same morning. It was a 20k to down in Gtown along the Capital Crescent Trail called the JFK 20k. I ran it years back and upon reading Colin's email, thought it over. I mulled a bit and since the spirit was high, I decided to run downtown and jump in it. Now mind you, the race ready legs are not conditioned yet to throw down with reckless abandon but I was eager to see running friends and be part of the cause.

On the way to the race, I stopped at 7 Eleven for a cup of coffee and a quick read of the paper. Of course, the news is all about Haiti and the terrible misfortune that has riddled that nation. May they heal quickly, After some stooping, I jogged over to the Capital Crescent trail to see hundreds of runners. It reminded me of the old days. In attendance was the legendary Jay Wind, Bob Trost, Jerry Ives, Chan Robbins, Jame, the stat machine Moreland, along with young guns Pat Hughes, Colin Fishwick and then people like me, sort of tweeners. I evn saw Joe Racine, who i have been battling for years. Some years he gets me and then there are some, where I am the ruler.

So many familiar faces is and was a good sight. As per the custom, i was so caught up with talking to people that i did not bother to sign up. Soon the director was calling for people to toe the line. With this said, I figured I am entitled to bandit a DC Road Runner race now and again. I went to the start with no idea how I might run. I decided to try and run 6:10 pace for the entire 20K. Soon there was the blow of the whistle and we were off. As I jogged along, a young gent, who I have raced for years came up to me and started complaining about this or that with his running. I listened for a bit and then urged him to suck it up and enjoy the moment. At this instance, he produced a scowl and took off ahead of me. As we moved along, I began to get into a rhythm and i settled into 6:10sh zone. We ran and ran and various people I have run against for years ran with me, ahead of me or dropped way behind me.

Sometime at the halfway point, I heard a huffing and puffing and up comes old Rob Wolfe. For those that do not know Rob, he is a trooper and has run races in the area for eons. We are both older now and when he came up to me I grabbed him and said, "Rob, for old times sake, lets run this together". Rob grinned and we began talking about life, careers, how time has flown by and so on. It reminded me of the many training runs we have done over the years. At mile 9 or so, a young gent sneaks up on us and his face is all so familiar. Is this a guy I recently sold a Garmin to, I say to myself. In any case, the guy begins running with us and calling out our time per mile via Garmin read outs. He is hooked on the thing. At some point he pulls ahead and we all sort of spread out a bit.

Throughout all of this, i am having a great run. the legs are moving in unison, the breathing is easy and the air is all so cool.

As I coast along towards the finish, I start to hear the voices of young men. Then, I hear the pitter patter of feet. And then to my shock, I hear "that's Max, lets get him" I cannot believe this. I take a quick look behind me and see three young guys bearing down on me, hard! I look ahead and smile and say, "Not on this day" What a race and what fun. Now its up to intelligent recovery and making sure the legs maintain their robust energy.


Saturday, January 16, 2010


Max sent an email and is not meeting at Difficult Run afterall.

Instead, come to Edward's Ferry (Duel Ferries)

UMD 3K Results

Men 3000 Meter Run

1 Brown, Craig American 8:26.13! 10
2 Viviani, Will Pacers Elite Rac 8:30.13
3 Dusen, Karl Georgetown Runni 8:31.25
4 Kimutai, Philemon Norfolk Stat 8:31.28 8
5 Rodriguez, Bert Pacers Elite Rac 8:36.97
6 Klim, Jake Georgetown Runni 8:41.47
7 Williams, Ryan American 8:44.93 6
8 McDevitt, Dan Loyola (Md.) 8:47.36 5
9 Leinenger, Mark American 8:48.40 4
10 Martucci, Garret American 8:50.50 3
11 Tessema, Josef Norfolk Stat 8:50.86 2
12 Duncan, Andrew Unattached 8:51.23
13 Allen, Mark American 8:54.27 1
14 Kiposqei, Amos Norfolk Stat 8:57.53
15 Tonn, Chris American 9:01.66
16 Reaves, Patrick Georgetown Runni 9:04.00
17 Morgan, Craig Maryland 9:06.33
18 centofonti, corey Hagerstown C 9:06.66
19 Smith, Mike Georgetown Runni 9:07.21
20 York, Chris Richmond 9:12.33
21 Marino, Chris Mary Washing 9:13.06
22 Jacobs, Patrick Lynchburg 9:13.61
23 Weinstein, Zach American 9:14.67
24 Smeiles, Jeff Messiah 9:18.01
25 Schwartz, Brett Johns Hopkin 9:18.04
26 Finkle, Joshua Maryland 9:18.23
27 Kelvey, Rob McDaniel 9:24.41
28 Yen, Andrew Johns Hopkin 9:25.76
29 Yuan, Michael Johns Hopkin 9:28.21
30 mauck, brandon Hagerstown C 9:28.25
31 Kuppalli, Sumanth Maryland 9:32.97
32 clark, nathanial Hagerstown C 9:38.84
33 Ringwood, David Johns Hopkin 9:42.33
34 Gamache, Raymond Christopher 9:45.27
35 Donnelly, Charlie Loyola (Md.) 9:46.55
36 Kirk, William Christopher 9:48.05
37 Turner, Blake Mary Washing 9:50.00
38 Guo, Yufeng Johns Hopkin 9:54.53
39 Zak, Will Christopher 9:55.30
40 Orndorff, William Lynchburg 9:57.97
41 Snyder, Tim Unat-McDanie 10:00.30
42 Kirlin, Ryan Johns Hopkin 10:02.46
43 Loose, Eric Loyola (Md.) 10:14.13
44 Lehmann, Torin McDaniel 10:14.74
45 Springer, Andrew Messiah 10:17.12
46 Carolus-Hager, Sam Mary Washing 10:29.31
47 Wallace, Michael Bowie State 10:34.79
48 Philpot, Josephe Bowie State 10:39.95
49 Mutai, Ezra Livingstone 11:18.89
-- Handy, Tim Livingstone DNF

Shooting Star Results

Dirk and Wade battle each other to come in second...


Dirk - 1st, 21:04
Chicken Tender Runner - 3rd, 22:15
PMurphy - 4th, 22:30

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yo, despite pain and love and all of the complexities of being a human, I spoke to Keith Dowling and Chuck Moeser the other day. they are game for meeting a posse of some young runners at D-Run at 83oam this Sunday. For those who do not know, Keith used to train here and was the first american at Boston a few years back. He is a multiple marathon trials guy and was a pro runner for adidas for over 10 years.

Chuck Moeser is just a wild Man

there is only LOVE



Sorry to hear about the foot pain brother Mercer. For good or for worse, unless you can afford the maintenance to combat such woes, pain and running are lovers never to part.

Don't fret as you will learn to live with and then be at one, with some tender loving pain.

ran 10 miles on rolling hills with some slight, but none the less, faint pain.

love and kisses from the RunCO

Foot pain

I am experiencing this odd tenderness/pain on the bottom of my foot just south of the small toe. It is pretty concentrated and when I walk around it feels like there should be a lump there, but then it's just swollen and pink. First noticed it yesterday but I did not feel it much last night during a tempo run on the treadmill, though I think it started with irritation via the Luna Racers which seem to be, well, rubbing my feet the wrong way. Anyway, I got through 9 this morning but it was pretty unpleasant, as it took 30-40 minutes to dull it. This is not Plantar, as that is mainly in the heel and arch, right? Suggestions?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wednesday, Saturday 4 miler

Hey Guys,

I know that the guys who are running this weekend may or may not go on the track, but I'll definitely be at B-CC on Wednesday. Something like 2x 1600-1200-800-400? But I'll be open to anything (like 20x200 if the indoor track runners are there and prefer that).

For those of us not quite ready to hit the indoor track, there is a low key MCRRC (approximately) 4 miler in silver spring on saturday that Andy and I plan to run, start 8 a.m. After the race, if anyone else is interested, a light swim or bike (maybe after a well-deserved visit to the bagel shop).

1-16-2010; 8:00am 4mi. "The race starts on the Sligo trail behind the Rec Center and parallels Sligo Parkway to University Ave. The race is part of our low-key club race series and is free for MCRRC members, $10 for non-members 18 and over."

Location & Directions
Sligo Recreation Center
location map:,-77.029272+(Shooting%20Starr)&iwloc=A&hl=en

Take I-495 to Georgia Ave/MD-97 North. Proceed north 0.9 miles on Georgia Ave. Turn right on Denis Avenue and proceed east 0.9 miles, then turn left on Sligo Parkway. The Recreation Center on the left about 500 feet north of that intersection.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

DOUBLE: 4:18 & 8:44!

GRCer Murat Kayali ran a solid double at his alma mater, Yale, on Saturday finishing 4th in the mile (4:18) and 5th in the 3k (8:44).

Indoor action continues next weekend when GRC sends a squad to the Terrapin Invite in Landover, Md. Murat, Mike Smith, Karl Dusen, Patrick Reaves and Jake Klim are seeded at 8:35 in the 3k. Kitten killer Bert Rodriguez seeded at 8:36.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A little help from my GRC friends...

I beg a small amount of your time for something not related to running, but related to something that should just make you feel good.

As some of you know, I recently lost a dear friend of mine in Kentucky to Leukemia. My friends life was extended by over seven years because he was able to find a Bone Marrow donor through the National Bone Donor Program. What I'm asking you all is to take a few minutes and please join the National Bone Marrow Registry. It's free, they send you a mouth swab and you send it back. It's that easy to be a life saver!

Here is the link:

No pressure...instead of posting any other comment to this post, I ask for you all to simply post a comment saying..."I registered"

Thanks for your time...Matt.


A RECORD (fact check needed) 20 runners showed up for the Saturday Store run. To celebrate we're heading to the Four Fields/Four Ps Irish Bar right at the Cleveland Park metro station. Yes, this is simply an excuse to go out and have fun. I am sure the game will be on and live Irish music (no cover) starts at 9:30.

3412 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008

Who wants some Guinness?



While gleening YouTube for videos of foxes, I came across this SLAM DUNK video that shows Raabe's finish at Grandma's Marathon - "USA, USA, USA..." Pretty Awesome!!

Late Notice: Anybody want to go for an Aqua Run at Germantown Rec Pool. Meet 3pm at front entrance. Start Pool run at 3:15. Fee is 6 bucks.

Comment by 2:30 or call cell: 215-913-3481. I will be going for 1 hour. Helps to have company for sure...

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Line on Sunday

Since most of the trails are still beaten up, I was thinking of running from THE LINE Sunday morning at 9:30am. I need to run 18, so maybe an extended "Zoo Loop"...or something like that. I am open...just need to get in the miles. Who is in?

I'm heading to the Store tomorrow morning at 9:00am.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Long run tonight

Is anyone interested in running a distance run in NW DC tonight. I will be starting from Cleveland Park around 6:00 and likely running out towards the track guys like last week. Looking to go 14 miles.

Company always appreciated.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wednesday Workout

Karl suggested the following. I am game too.

600-300-150 x 4-5 sets

Rest is 200-200-150.

It's about 4-5 miles on the track including rest.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Morning runs in upper NW DC?

At Friday's run, Dirk mentioned that March is only 8 weeks away. Suddenly I realized I'm not doing enough to be ready for the races I'd like to run in 2010.

I can feel my training falling by the wayside as I'm getting busier with work. It's unacceptable.

I want to recommit myself to this running enterprise. So morning runs it will have to be. Anyone interested in joining me in the upper northwest DC area (Van Ness/Tenleytown/Cleveland Park)? The runs could start anytime between 7AM and 8 AM, a few days a week? Distances: 5-11 miles.


Let me start this off by making the well acknowledged assertion that perhaps I can be a bit pushy/opinionated and direct with my thoughts. So be it as most if it is intentional for the sake of sparking some thought and or debate. Sometimes I do it with the intention of throwing a curve ball at convention.

With this said, as the new year has started, my mind takes me back to when I first met a tall red head named Jake Klim as the Kentlands 5k several years ago. I was at the race with a young Kenyan, Hillary Kipchumba, whom Jay Wind was trying to save by getting him some sort of permit to stay in this country. Some time after Jake made inquiries about running with others and the rest is history. During this time, others joined the group such as Chris Bain, courtesy of Chuck Moeser, Jarrin, who conacted me out of the blue regarding running with others in order not to run like an asshole, Matt Ernst, who I met through Terrel Hale at a massage, Pat Murphy, who I met through Scott Munro(I think) and countless others who have made their way to the club/team through the blog, word of mouth and so on.

During the last few years, the team has won numerous team race awards, traveled to races, trained together, bonded on hiking trips and more.

It is a great thing.

One noticeable flaw is the lack of women runners, of course. For some reason, they have not been drawn to this flock. How can this be altered? Do we need a coach?

So, if you rap your minds around the last few years and analyze the events and subsequent results, you might smile, you might question and you might decide what you all want for the next year.

I am only a messenger from this point on and seek only to see something continue to evolve that stands the further test of time and can be worthy of a LetsRun atricle and more.


Jan 16 Indoor Track Race

Maryland University is hosting an indoor track race at the PG center in Landover, MD on January 16th. They are having a mile and a 3K, but no 5K. I am not exactly sure what the competition will be like, but I think it will be only college kids and us. If you are interested, please e-mail me this week with which event you want to do and your seed time. The cost will be $20 payable at the meet.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

GRC Race

The GRC is looking to put on a race to benefit the GRC Race Team...and we need YOUR help. The GRC Race Team is defined as anyone who dons the GRC singlet in any race (local or national). There are currently approximately 35 members of the GRC Race Team. I would like to put together an ad hoc committee to help get this thing off the ground. Duties will include logistics, finding sponsors and of course all day-of-race work. We have a general idea of where we want to do this, but there is plenty of fine tuning to do. The more bodies we have involved in this, the easier it will be to execute. It'd be great to pool together our professional skills and resources for this cause. Some of the funds accrued from this race could help pay for Chicago Marathon travel/hotel, USATFXC Club Champs next December and uniforms for those who don't have them...however these details are some of the items that can be nailed down by the ad hoc committee. The race will likely take place in May or June (ie - after the majority of our spring seasons are behind us).
Please contact me if you would like to help. Thank you.

Saturday, January 2, 2010 Marathon Rankings - 2009

LRC #10 Chris Raabe • 2:15:13 • 1st, Grandma's Marathon

Chris Raabe won "Grandma's" by over three minutes in 2:15:13, an impressive performance that might go unnoticed by many. We think Hartmann's win in Twin Cities and Raabe's win at Grandma's were the two highest quality non-major marathon performances by Americans in '09 (and Cox's 2nd-place finish by 9 seconds at CIM was in there for the top non-major performance as well).

Sunday Long Run-Riley's Lock

The group is running from Riley's Lock Sunday at 9:30am. If you need a lift out there, comment with your contact # and we'll find you a ride.

Dress warm. The forecast calls for 23 degrees, 7 degrees with windchill. The more the merrier.





Diego Runs 31:45 for 10K in Europe...