Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fast Indoor 5k?

I am looking for an indoor 5k to run between late January and late February. I am hoping to find a college race so that I can get dragged through in a good time ~ ideally a banked track around 3 hours away. This doesn't leave too many options, but many of you ran in area colleges and maybe your alma mater has a race that permits open athletes? I have a few feelers out already, but would love to hear some more. You can hit me up at jklim007@yahoo.com . Thanks.


DM said...

Look into the Armory in New York City.

dirkdeheer said...

Jake, a bit of a crazy suggestion and quite a bit further than 3 hours (maybe 8hrs), but I'd be in for going to the (amazing 321m) track at Notre Dame in South Bend. Ran my indoor PB 5k there in 2004 and very good shot for a PB for anyone who comes. They should have a few meets there.

Joe Wiggy said...

Would you want to come out to PSU with me next weekend? You will have a place to stay at my coaches place... only problem is race is friday night... date is january 29th (Penn State National Open). They hold an invitational 5k and a regular 5k heat. you could get into the invite. I could get you in but probably need to know by thursday or friday. Let me know. You will have a ride up there if you decided to do it

KLIM said...

Wiggy - do you know what time on Friday night?

Thanks, this is a good lead.

KLIM said...

DM - yes, I am looking into the Armory.

Dirk - if I was in moster shape or if it was later in the season, I would entertain Notre Dame, but that's a beast of a trip now and I'm not sure I could get the time off from work. Good suggestion though.

Joe Wiggy said...

Mens 5000: 5:45
Mens INVITATIONAL 5000: 8:30
i have to talk to my college coach about it because I just read on the meet info PDF that unattached entries needed to be in on 1/18/10... sometimes they will let people slide in. You could be competitive in the invite. here are the results from last year:

FYI: Look who holds the meet record of 14:02.64 set in 2002!

dirkdeheer said...

Klim, I think they have meets middle of february and they have a last chance meet usually first week of March also.

RM said...

Look into Bucknell, they hold some decent meets.

If the "Frontrunners" of New York are putting on a meet at the Armory this year you should go to it without investigating what a "Frontrunners" meet is. I promise you there will be lots of cheering/support, the meet will be super clean, on time and will have great music.

Matias said...

Good call R. Mick G.

www.directathletics.com to sign up for the 5k in Bucknell.

Matias said...

Some digging on Wiggy's comment:

Men 5000 Meter Run
1 Cooke, Ben Georgetown TC 14:02.64#
2 Fasulo, Jon SO Villanova 14:07.07#
3 Nickerson, Geoff Villanova TC 14:07.83#
4 Doyle, Kevin SR St. Francis 14:13.57#
5 Smits, Kyle GR Georgetown 14:16.53#
6 Catton, Andrew SR St. Francis 14:16.91#
7 Kelly, Sean SR Duke 14:19.21
8 Kubarsi, Rod Georgetown TC 14:23.55
9 Witzelben, Todd JR LaSalle 14:26.74
10 Smith, Mike JR Georgetown

EPIC performance